Spring pink crane with feathers, crystals and pearls by Peggy.


“I received a huge order of Yuzen Washi Paper from Japan  (30 different designs) which inspired me.”


And, now, tickled pink to share a display table. So very timely for spring and so perfect for ‘Life Abundant’ on view through April 29.



Hand painted wine glasses in cherry blossom motif, pink platter by Emily Miller, sand-blasted hummingbird beverage glasses by Bob and Rox Heath, mouth blown art glass,  pink pearl necklace by Mary Boitta, hand-made silk blossom down filled  pillow, gold and pink speckled eggs decorated by hand,  rare pink sea glass and faux chocolate bunny.  “Tulips” oil painting by Melissa Jander with vintage bistro table and chairs.  In the background one-of-a-kind iron and twig garden folly and vase with Oregon myrtle wood eggs by Mike Brown. Hand wrapped silk cherry blossoms with mouth blown amethyst vase.


Silk cherry blossoms

And, now, the finales of more pink goodies…


Pink chocolate Easter bunny in grass by Fran’s Chocolates. Available exclusively at Fairweather’s.


Original calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson


“I was fortunate enough to study with the Master Professor of Calligraphy, Lloyd Reynolds, at Reed College. He really encouraged his students to “Pass it on” and I have been doing that for 50 years.” Penelope Culbertson


Q: What was Pablo Neruda, you ask?

A: Pablo Neruda, a Chilean poet, diplomat, and politician who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971. He was perhaps the most important Latin American poet of the 20th century.



To read more about the gallery, please visit  www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com



Watch LIVE.

March exhibition disassemble and April exhibition installation.

Video represents one section of the Fairweather Gallery showing four days of after hours work including spackling, painting, displaying, accessorizing and lighting the selected artworks for the upcoming exhibition ‘Life Abundant’, now on view through April 29.




In its thirteen year, Fairweather House and Gallery, located at 612 Broadway in downtown Seaside, Oregon, has established itself as the nexus of the north coast’s art climate with a new exhibition each month.  For the exhibition ‘Life Abundant’ eventually more than 145 new works of art  were displayed throughout the gallery.




Back wall display featuring acrylics  by Jan Shield, landscapes by Judy Horning Shaw, cabbage by Sandy Caghill, and vintage Hunt Slohem bunny art.

On the trestle table display: floral oil by Blue Bond, Landscape by Jan Shield, art glass by Mike Fox, calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson, handmade journal by Christine Trexel, segmented vase by Mike Brown, bracelets by Barbara Walker, floral cards by Mike Mason,  sand blasted beverage glasses by Bob Heath, hand-made candles and mouth blown glass.

Pillar wall display features oils by Melissa Jander.



Cabinet top featuring bamboo basket art by Charles Schweigert,  watercolor by Carolyn Macpherson and vintage Chanel necklaces by Reneé Hafeman.

Cabinet interior featuring beaded mosaic box by Gayle H. Seely, rice paper art by Zifen Qian, dragonfly book matched box by Ray Noregaard, oak spoons by Mike Morris, wood bowl by Mike Brown, encaustic poppy by Kimberly Kent, floral oil by Melissa Jander and wood canisters by Fred Lukens.


Floral oil by Paul Brent, wood canister by Fred Lukens and mouth blown art glass.


Art by James Waterman, laser cut bronze bowls, wood bowl by Mike Brown with wire garden follies.


Calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson, portrait oil by Blue Bond,  impasto floral by Melissa Jander, mouth blown glass vase with mercury glass candlesticks, hand-made ribbed candles and one-of-a-kind asymmetrical necklaces by Mary Truhler.


Floral art  by Barbara Bacon Folawn, art glass by Bob Heath, handmade paper box by Christine Trexel, knitted shawl by Karen Johnson, jewelry boxes by Ray Noregaard,  wood shells by Mike Brown, bracelets by Mary Boitta and abstract watercolor by Jo Pomeroy-Crockett.


Fused glass by Mike Fox, floral art by Bev Drew-Kindley,  yupo art by Carolyn Macpherson, glass platter by Sandy and Bob Lercari with floral teapot set by Kate Caryle.



“Displaying for ‘Life Abundant’  Fairweather’s April exhibition, was a delight working with selected regional artists.”  D. Fairweather, gallerist and allied member, A.S.I.D., American Society of Interior Designers.


For more about the gallery, please go to www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com

Nature- the garden that we all inhabit, called Mother Earth. It is our safe haven.” 

Photos by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall

Copyright © 2019

 “When We Were Young”

Bunny with friend

Original on panel by Marga Stanley


Fun Fact:

The Easter bunny has a long history, first appearing at least fifteen hundred years ago as the earthly representative of the Saxon fertility goddess “Eastre”.



“I feel like I should take some time and do some experimenting. Art is one of my great passions, giving me a lot of joy and sense of accomplishment. It’s also important for me to learn new techniques while studying ones of long ago. You have given me confidence and a sense of belonging that is truly invaluable.”  Marga




“Borage Botanical”” by Russell J. Young


“Rhododendron Botanical” by Russell J. Young



“Carnas Botanical”  by Russell J. Young



“Photographing a flower is an intimate conversation of mood and personality. Attention is paid to color, texture, the play of light and the lens and camera angle its is reveal its personality. I prefer to photograph flowers in my studio or in an environment where I can influence the light. To coax the shy mood or bold character that each revels I use combinations of natural light, studio light, and multiple reflective sources such as mirrors. The intention is to add the dappled light or the mood as you would see it in its natural environment.”  Russell J. Young


“I make all my prints using rag paper,  for me it allows the viewer to linger in the sensual touch of an intimate moment.” Russell J. Young.

Read more about photographer, artistic collaborator, and fine art printer Russell J. Young.










“Life in Bloom” by Diane Copenhaver


“The gallery theme for April, ‘Life Abundant’, is special to me.   Art is a part of the abundance in my life.   Whether creating my own works or viewing and appreciating the talents of other artists, art enlivens me and deeply touches my spirit.  When I think about a life of abundance, it is one filled with richness of spirit, diverse experiences, and cherished relationships.”   Diane Copenhaver


‘Wishes for Happiness’

Acrylic on Canvas, 36′ X 24′

Note received


“Sorry to have a bit of delay in getting this statement to you.  I  kept tinkering with it.  But, finally, here is the statement for the April Art Walk.  I have photographed the art in horizontal positions but I believe they will work equally well in a vertical  display for ‘Life Abundant’.   As we discussed, I focused on the idea of flowers, yellows, and purple.”




“As an abstract artist, my goal is to express the feeling of abundance.  Color and shape are the design elements selected to communicate a sense of abundance in my work. With the glory of spring emerging, I chose to use flowers as my inspiration.  May we all have an abundant life filled with the colors of spring and art that enriches our lives.”


Diane  Copenhaver is a resident of the northwest. She recently embarked on a journey of discovery to unleash her creative talents after a career in business with a major aerospace northwest company. Art classes at Bellevue College have provided foundational skills focused on the principles and elements of design, color theory and harmonies, and painting techniques and processes….


To read more about the artist, go to  …https://fairweatherhouseandgallery.wordpress.com/category/artists/diane-copenhaver/



 All In A Row (Peaches)   by Bill Baily

Watercolor with gold leaf


Bill Baily was a professional northwest pharmacist for many years and has been an artist for over fifty years.  His art is also shown at the Portland Art Museum.




And, too,

Pamplin Media Group – Bill Baily’s art named ‘Best of Show’


May 11, 2017 – BILL BAILY – The winners of the Lake Area Artists Show and Sale have been announced, based on the judging by the …


Bill Baily’s art on display.


For more about the gallery and special events, please visit www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com


Carolynn Wagler, watercolor artist


Carolynn Wagler’s entire history in art has been here in the Northwest. She and a friend took an oil painting class at the community college in Astoria. She is a college graduate from Northwest Christian University, but never took any art classes until her first class in Astoria.

Later she took watercolor, drawing, and figure drawing classes at Mount Hood Community College. Her art is noted for bright colors, form and shadow, emphasizing lights and darks, and vivid landscapes and portraits.


Carolynn Wagler, watercolor artist


“I just finished teaching at the Portland Fine Art Guild on birds featuring the watercolors I selected for Fairweather’s.” Carolynn




Carolynn was juried into the Watercolor Society of Oregon.  She was also juried into Portland Find Arts Guild. She has taught at the Guild for several years: pastel, portraiture, watercolor and the classics.




Carolynn  Wagler has taken instruction from watercolor artists through Art in the Mountains in Bend, including John Lovett and Alvaro Castagnet. She also has studied under Paul Jackson, Bev Jozwiak, Vicky Nelson, Brenda Boylan, Scott Johnson, Marla Baggetta, and Jean Haines [from the United Kingdom], Chris Stubbs and Angela Grainger. Carolynn makes a point to take classes from an outstanding artist at least once a year. Currently she is taking Watercolor Society of Oregon classes at Menucha on the Columbia Gorge.

For the last decade, Carolynn has been teaching both pastel and watercolor at Portland Parks and Recreation. Carolynn has been teaching for more than fifteen years and  has experience with acrylics  as well. She says watercolor is her favorite because of its fluidity. She says she finds it “a thrill to see what you come up with through the nature of the water and pigment together.” 



Carolynn Wagler’s awards include Honorable Mention at the Portland Rose Festival, seven first place awards from the Portland Fine Art Guild, four Judges Choice in the Leading Age Oregon contest, Best of Show at the Portland Fine Art Guild with “We Thought We Were Babes’, which also won at the Leading Age contest and was accepted into the Watercolor Society of Oregon’s 2015 show. This painting was displayed in the Capitol Building in Salem.




Question and Answer


Q:  What are Carolynn Wagler’s favorite colors to paint, you ask?

A: Crimsons, golden oranges, and bluish purples. Carolynn uses a test palette of watercolor paper painted with her original colors to see how each new hue would appear layered on the last. On a recent tiny watercolor laboratory the artist discovered, through trial, error, and inquisitive patience how to coax her perfect purple from a neutralizing yellow background.


And, too, read more about birds… just about perfect timing to complement Carolynn’s blog article, don’t you agree?




A multiyear monitoring effort is encouraging

By Katie Frankowicz, The Daily Astorian  Apr 2, 2019