giclee Haystack

Remarked, signed and enchanced Three Feathers giclee by artist Michael Muldoon. Limited edition 50.

What is a giclee, you ask?

“Simply stated, a Giclee is a sharp and true representation of the colors and densities of an original piece of fine art, produced on the finest available canvas, then placed on lightweight, but durable ¼ inch card stock for framing. Giclee was invented in the early 1900’s as a very unique way to reproduce original art, retaining the color, values, and capturing the beautiful appearance of the original piece in an exquisite way, onto stretched canvas, to provide a lifetime of viewing pleasure, and to create an affordable, “original-like” alternative for art lovers and collectors. The Giclee Prints, on the rare occasion that I duplicate my work, are produced in a limited edition of 50, with pigmented ink technology which provides minimal fading and graceful aging (without color shifts) over a 100+ year lifespan.”



Haystack Rock history:

Haystack Rock, located in Cannon Beach, is a massive “sea stack” 235 feet tall. It is accessible during low tides, where people can view the many creatures found in its tide pools. The rock itself is home to many types of sea birds who use it for nesting, such as puffins and terns. As such, many artists and photographers as well as simple bird watchers are drawn to Haystack Rock in order to capture a glance or draw inspiration from the residing birds. Haystack Rock was formed by lava over 10 million years ago. The same lava also created many other dramatic, recognizable features near the Oregon coast line such as Tillamook Head, Arch Cape, and Saddle Mountain.

Thank you to Amy, summer art intern, for the research.