Lori Wallace-Lloyd. artist

Lori Wallace-Lloyd, artist

Lori Wallace-Lloyd was born in Austin, Texas. Wallace-Lloyd joined the Navy at 17, becoming the first female helicopter aircrew member in 1977.

Later, after becoming an officer, she became fascinated by Italian painting, having been stationed for 3 years in Sicily.

Though she had a family and career she began the long road of classical art training, eventually studying in the Bay area with several renowned portraitists including Virgil Elliott. The rigorous atelier training built the skills needed to produce the realist figurative work, for which she has won many awards, including Grand prize at the Portland Rose Festival and Best of Show with the St. Louis Artist’s Guild.

Hello Denise,

Your artist Linda Trexler contacted me recently about your fabulous gallery in Seaside. It was so serendipitous for Linda to call, because I was beginning to look around for a venue on the coast to promote my wildlife series, namely seabirds and sea creatures.

I am currently showing wildlife drawings in commemoration of David Douglas, the explorer. I am really anxious to do coastal critters and have started some birds in anticipation of having a selection to promote on the coast.

All of my birds sell pretty well whether oils or drawings and so far the mammals have as well.

I’m planning to attend art walk Saturday night at 5 PM. Thank you again for your support! I am so excited to be part of Fairweather gallery!”
Take care, Lori

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