2015 Sea Gull


Coastal Kindred, an exhibition, opens March 7th to reveal a new series of wildlife portraits featureing mixed-media illustrations of birds and other animals of the Pacific Northwest by this talented Willamette Valley artist.

Lori Wallace-Lloyd. artist

About Lori Wallace-Lloyd:


Lori Wallace-Lloyd was born in Austin, Texas. Wallace-Lloyd joined the Navy at 17, becoming the first female helicopter aircrew member in 1977. Later, after becoming an officer, she became fascinated by Italian painting, having been stationed for 3 years in Sicily.

Though she had a family and career she began the long road of classical art training, eventually studying in the Bay area with several renowned portraitists including Virgil Elliott. The rigorous atelier training built the skills needed to produce the realist portrait work, for which she has won many awards, including Grand prize at the Portland Rose Festival and Best of Show with the St. Louis Artist’s Guild.

“I strive to develop a luminous quality of light within my paintings, while attempting to capture the unique spirit of each subject. Through explorations of chiaroscuro—the use of strong contrasts between light and dark—and bold color in a classical manner, each painting becomes a journey. Using timeless themes and archetypes, I am constantly inspired by history as well as my contemporaries”.


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Lori Wallace-Lloyd will appear for a Painting Seaside LIVE(tm) demonstration during the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk at Fairweather’s March 7th, 5-7:pm.


Fun fact:

The artist teaches classes to young and adult artists.

Kids seeing light and shadow in a Lori Wallace-Lloyd class



“Having never oil painted and barely able to draw, I gathered my guts and signed up to take Lori’s classes.  I loved her paintings and knew this was a rare opportunity to learn from such an accomplished artist.  I literally jump up and down when I look at anything I’ve painted in Lori’s classes.  This has turned a lifelong dream of “someday I’ll try” into a reality that brings me such JOY!”  ~Linda T.