Self protrait, Zifen Qian

Self Portrait. Oil on Canvas. Zifen Qian.

Parrot tulips

Zifen has selected a series of watercolor florals for OPEN WINDOWS, an exhibit opening May 2nd at Fairweather’s. The artist, an Adjunct Professor, will offer a lecture on painting.

For more information, go to: Artist/ Zifen Qian Blog/ Kirsten Qian Blog/ Zifen Qian

“My main approaches are two: A/ modern romanticism oil and watercolor and B/ abstract expressionistic modern ink painting.” –Zifen Qian

For more information about the artist, go to: / tab “Youth Symbol” or “Pink Seduction” for aesthetic water colors from the romantic section or tab “Culture Merge” or “Red Again in the East”, which is a painting currently has been selected by China Minsheng Art Museum exhibition of 300 works of art. The painting has been selected a champion in the national China exhibition, receiving more than 40,000 votes as today and is the in top 30 list. On addition, the artist shows abstract pen and brush art works at Fairweather’s.