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Q: What is notable about Seaside Vino Van Gogh ™.com ?

A: Vino Van Gogh ™ is a premier paint and sip experience that is part of a movement that is sweeping the country. Art and wine is a natural pairing.

People who typically don’t “do art” get a special 2-hour opportunity with Vino Van Gogh ™ to play with color, brushes and canvas to produce a painting. The instruction is meant to come easily since most who participate in a VVG ™ are beginners. Students bring their favorite wine or beer to sip while painting, which helps to produce a lively, yet casual atmosphere where art-making is fun and stress-free. The results are wonderful and everyone has something meaningful to take home and maybe even frame.

VVG ™  is an excellent creative outlet for busy people who don’t often have opportunities for hands-on paint experiences. Sometimes it is a good way for a group of friends (or relatives) to spend quality time together doing something out of the ordinary. Sometimes it triggers a person to the degree that they start wanting to start painting more seriously.

Someone told me that Forbes magazine listed these paint and wine classes as one of the top 10 trends of 2014 … but this would need to be verified. Just hearsay.”Katherine Taylor