Bags I

Linda Ballard, textile artist

Just in! Timeless investment pieces that pack an aesthetic bag-it punch, richly hued leather and kilim duffels and weekenders from Pacific Northwest Carry!

“Since childhood I have been sewing and working with textiles. However, the crafter in me lay dormant for many years while raising a family and building a career. The opportunity to return to sewing and crafting has been an unexpected joy. Along the way I have become interested in up- cycling textiles. For the past few years I have been working with up-cycled fibers, notably wool, by felting and repurposing for clothing. Then I discovered leather and the potential for up-cycling horse tack and belts-now I am off to the races!

In order to explore the potential of working with heavier materials I purchased an industrial sewing machine which allows me to work with heavy wools, cotton canvas and leather.

Having lived in the west all my life I continue to travel the remote back roads of the western states exploring and gathering unique items to use in my creations. Each PNC bag is a one of a kind creation. Since I use up- cycled belts and horse tack and combine these with a variety of kilims or vintage textiles, the variety is endless. When I find kilims I’ll repurpose those, otherwise, I purchase new. The leather pockets are all made of new leather as is the canvas.

You may notice that many of my pieces are large, this is by design. Large, durable bags are hard to find and since creative types are often collecting and carrying around supplies I wanted to make sure I’ve addressed their needs. All bags are meant to be practical, beautiful and enduring.

One could say it has taken more than 57 years of practice to get to this point. I intend to keep practicing, exploring and creating….” Linda Ballard, Pacific Northwest Carry