Nautilus shell, Kumihimo braided seed pearls, sterling silver pendant necklace by jeweler Cindy Bricca.

Q: What is Kumihimo braiding, you ask?

A: Kumihimo is a braiding technique that is used in the making of long decorative strands. Samurai warriors used to decorate their armor and to hold it together using kumihimo cords. Kumihimo is a part of Japanese heritage.

The literal meaning of the word kumihimo is “come together.” The name suits the braids, which are painstakingly connected by their makers. Kumihimo techniques later evolved to a degree that necessitated the use of large wooden stands that resembled the looms used to weave cloth.

Kumihimo is an integral part of traditional Japanese dress.

Artist Statement:

A designer at heart, my love for the art of jewelry arose many years ago while living and working amidst the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. Born in Oregon I moved to Hawaii after attending University of Oregon, living there for 35 years.

Moving back to the Pacific Northwest after retirement, I spend winters in the forested hills of SW Portland and summers in Gearhart. I attended the school of metals at the Oregon College of Arts & Crafts and developed an attraction to Kumihimo, the ancient Japanese braid technique.

I incorporate many of different techniques into each design so my collections are very unique. I draw inspiration from my travels and exposure to many wonderfully diverse cultures. Great attention to detail and care and love goes into everything I make.


Jasper pendant


Jasper pendant with seed pearls.

I work with wire, gemstones, crystals, beads, gold, silver, leather & fibers. My goal is to create high quality timeless unique “Art to Wear” that people will love and enjoy for many years to come. My designs  are ever-growing and evolving. –Cindy Bricca, jewelry designer.


sea urchin bracelets

Sea Urchin bracelets.