Cindy braiding
I enjoyed doing a demo of the art of Kumihimo Braid – two hands & two elements.  Ancient Japanese art of the braid.-Power of Two. –Cindy Bricca



Photo: Art Walk hostess Joan S. models work by Cindy Bricca. The latest stunning necklace features blue opal Swarvoski one-of-a-kind crystals. Each necklace  hand signed by the artist.

And, too, the artist Cindy Bricca spoke at the Power of Two opening exhibition, as well as demonstrated the art of the Kumihimo braid.


Q: What is Kumihimo braiding, you ask?

A: Kumihimo is a braiding technique that is used in the making of long decorative strands. Samurai warriors used to decorate their armor and to hold it together using kumihimo cords. Kumihimo is a part of Japanese heritage.


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