One-of-a kind over the shoulder purse featuring  Angora, Swarovski crystals and conchos by Luan, new Fairweather  Gallery leather artist.


High end classy  leather deliciously trimmed in conchos, antique spots and rich Swarovski crystals.

One-of-a-kind purse by Luan, new Fairweather Gallery leather artist.



One-of-a-kind over the shoulder purse by Luan, new Fairweather Gallery leather artist.

“My favorite design is the confetti pattern with Swarovski crystals and rimset crystals onto the hide. I like the look of all the different sizes and textures.” –Luan


Also available:  Crystal, hide, concho and turquoise gemstone key chains by Luan. Crafted by Luan’s hand. Each one-of-a-kind.


And, too, cuffs, bracelets and more!  Crafted one-of-a-kind leather art by Luan.


Q:  What are chonchos, you ask?

A:  Conchos are decorative additions to leathercraft products. Traditional conchos are flat and silver in color. The original conchos were created by Spanish-influenced Native Americans in the West.


Q:  What are Swarovski crystals, you ask?
A:  Swarovski crystals  are crystals precision glass-cut in a unique technique,  pioneered in 1895 to provide, as founder Daniel Swarovski said, “A diamond for everyone.” This crystal is now synonymous with undeniable quality and luxury in creations the world over. Selections range from a dazzling array of shapes, colors, finishes and sizes of beads.  Swarovski crystals are considered the finest products of their kind.


Indeed. Deliciously trimmed. One-of-a-kind leather art by Luan.

Mar. 1 2017 Reflector

Lifestyles Horse Corral & Horse Expo

Clark County leatherworker sharp as a tack





About Luan LaLonde, leather artist

LaLonde’s loyal clientele stretches to the far reaches of the world, with riders in Australia being some of her biggest tack buyers. Her work has been featured in a number of local and national magazines. 

Although having international reach and countless accolades, LaLonde has kept her craftsmanship sharp and her business approach simple. She describes her tack making, and the business that was born of it, as an “overgrown craft project” and is content keeping it that way. Spurred on by curiosity and a self-admitted inability to “just sit around” during her free time, LaLonde honed her skill through “trial by error” by working on various projects for her daughters, both who showed horses in their youth. 

Along the way, others in the equestrian community began to notice and would complement her daughters — her eldest daughter was Rodeo Queen of Clark County — on their horses’ tack and inquire as to where they got it.

When she retired from over 30 years in the dental field –she still uses some of her trusted teeth cleaning tools, but now for tack making — LaLonde had already made up her mind to start a business and applied for a business license.

Why people love her work LaLonde’s path to success can be described as attention to detail. She treats leather with a conditioner and oil of her own design. She only uses stainless steel because of how well it handles the ever-fluctuating elements of the Pacific Northwest and only uses Austrian, Swarovski Glass Crystals because the high lead content makes them durable and maintains their sparkle. 

LaLonde’s work is featured on purses, bracelets and key rings  at Fairweather’s.  Each one, unique and one-of-a-kind.

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Fun Fact! Luan is the sister-in-law of Denise Fairweawther, and founder of Fairweather House and Gallery.

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