Rectangle Concaved Bottle Shape Sea Glass & Sterling

Rectangle Concave & Rare Bottle Sea Glass & Sterling

Minty, pink, amber and marine blue rare sea glass earrings accented by hammered sterling silver designed by Debra Beard.

*NOTE All earring are on Sterling or gold with copper core *NO NICKEL

Artist statement:
“Born and raised in Vancouver, B. C. Canada. I have had the opportunity of living in many places which have included Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Germany, California, and Washington.

I have always been a lover of art, travel, interior design, jewelry, antiques and beautiful things in general. It just kind of happened in grade school when I was introduced to some beads off of my grandmother’s old lamp shade, then seed beads, wooden beads and wire work.
I found myself beading and creating unique pieces from nature & the environment that had inspired me during my travels. I found that I was attracted to semi-precious stones and creating original designs.
I work in my studio designing original handmade pieces using turquoise, lapis, agate, jasper, coral, pearls, and various other semi-precious stones. My jewelry may even include a re-purposed jewelry piece from the past. Some of my designs have traveled as far away from home as Europe.
You can find me at various artisan bazaars and events. You will also find my work on display at a Fairweather House & Gallery in Seaside Oregon and in Sparrows Gallery in Denison Texas!”


Debra Beard, Fairweather jewelry designer.

Grace Note received from Debra:
“Most importantly thank you to all the customers, wonderful people and new friendships I have been blessed with from attending so many great events.”

Questions and Answers:

Q: What events has Debra’s jewelry  been at, you may ask?
A: The designer placed her jewelry in the gift shop of a cruise ship!



Q: What is sea glass, you ask?
A: Sea glass is physically and chemically weathered glass found on beaches along bodies of salt water.  Sea glass takes 20 to 30 years, and sometimes as much as 50 years, to acquire its characteristic texture and shape.  Genuine sea glass, originates as pieces of glass from broken bottles, or even shipwrecks, have tumbled in the ocean for years.

Spring forecast:

Sea glass colors are trending in hues of new goodies in minty, calming green and ocean blues, in addition in jewelry!!!

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Sea glass is often called “Mermaid Tears.”

The legend of the mermaid tears:
One storm-ravaged night, a schooner fought to find safety in the San Juans. The ship was familiar to the mermaid who swam along its side. As the ship heeled in the violent wind, the captain lost his hold on the wheel, tumbling perilously close to the raging sea. In an instant, the mermaid calmed the wind and tamed the waves, changing the course of nature and saving the life of a man she had grown to love from afar.
For her impetuous act, Neptune banished the sobbing mermaid to the oceans depths, condemning her for eternity never to surface or swim with the ships again. To this day, her gleaming tears wash up on the beaches as sea glass, an eternal reminder of true love.


And, too,  showing a few of Fairweather’s favs of designs by Debra, using hand made glass, inlaid with gold, wrapped in sterling silver.