Whelpsy Whelp, Fairweather’s 2017 summertime emerging artist

Whelpsy is known for her detailed pen and ink drawings over watercolor collage backgrounds.

A Curious Discovery. Original art. Pen and ink, watercolor, mixed media.

A versatile artist with experience in media ranging from digital art to leatherwork, Whelpsy takes her inspiration from psychology, the natural world and the delicate beauty of life and death.


Her work often features a whimsical mix of animals and fantasy. Themes of recycling and rebirth of ideas can be frequently found throughout her art.

She is a firm believer in originality; “People seem to think there are no original ideas left. I do not think that could possibly be true; given there are so many wonderful combinations of concept and subject. I strive to find new and unique ways to surprise the viewer with every piece.”


With art, that pushes the boundaries of emotion and expression, Whelpsy is guided by her philosophy that there is no greater joy than bringing these ideas to life.




Fairweather House and Gallery, 612 Broadway

Launched emerging artist Whelpsy Whelp, selected through a regional audition process and who received intense gallery mentoring throughout the year, at the opening reception of  FINDINGS.  An exhibition through August 2017


 FINDINGS was the 11th (!) annual emerging artist exhibition in the gallery introducing current emerging artist Whelpsy Whelp.   Fairweather has launched NW emerging artists Britney Drumheller, Nick Brakel, Linda Trexler, Ashley Howarth, Diane Copenhaver, Ashley Howarth, Gayle H. Seely, Kristin Qian and Rebecca Gore throughout the years. Several of the talented artists were in attendance to discuss the development of their work and the ideas that drive their creativity.


In addition, at the opening reception for the exhibit FINDINGS,  featured the juxtaposing an array of art from artists found at the recent BEAVER TALES ART SHOW and EXHIBITION in Seaside. New art by Emily Miller, Mariana Mace,  JoAnn Pari-Mueller and  Chris Boyer was revealed, work created to depicting the pleasure of beach combing.

Renee Hafeman, vintage jewelry designer,  showed her summertime collection of master pieces from Louis Vuiton, Chanel and Dolce Gabbana.




For more about the Art Walk, please visit http://www.facebook.com/ Seaside First Saturday Art Walk.