“The Sacred” by Shelby Silver


On view through May 29

Medium: Mixed media, acrylic impasto and PMD (plastic marine debris)


Gallery display featuring Shelby Silver’s art “The Sacred.”  In addition, green and butter hand blown art glass, handmade journal and boxes by Christine Trexel.  In the back ground is portraits by Leah Kohlenberg.

Shelby Silver artist statement:

To quote Louise Doughty “Muscle has memory: the body knows things the mind will not admit.”

I agree with this concept whole heartedly*. It has only been through the process of painting and allowing myself to be a conduit that I have been able to tap into the message my body has been trying to convey for the past 35 years. I have opened myself to create portraiture from a place of ancestral memory, meaning I am not using a live model, and I am not operating from a photograph. I am recalling a memory, from a past I have not lived in this life, but one I have lived before.


Through blood lines long dusted now presenting themselves to me through meditative visualizations I am sharing this gift. I am sharing ancestral wisdom not only from my long forgotten historical background, but yours as well. You and I are unified, and eat from the same earth that those who’ve gone before us are now growing out of. It is only natural that together we feel connected and protective over our earth and this sacred right. As I open myself more completely to the nature of our familial totemic inheritance I am finding that my spirit is feeling fulfilled. My guardianship values are deepening in an innate yearning to reconnect mankind with the wild and essential beauties surrounding us.

There are untold gifts waiting to be received should we care for this planet in ways that symbiotically and ecologically allow it to care for us.

“Remembering our connection is remembering our responsibility to Earth, Sea, and All Living Beings.”



With “illumined gratitude” Shelby Silver  recently spoke about  “remembering our connection is remembering our responsibility to earth, sea, and all living beings” at Fairweather’s.


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*Q: What is the difference between heartedly and heartily, you ask?
Heartedly definition, having a specified kind of heart (now used only in … hearted. adj. now used only in combinations, meaning “at heart,” since c.1200, first … As adverbs the difference between heartily and heartedly is the heartily is in a hearty manner while heartedly is in a hearted manner.

Love and Mindfulness Advocate, & Steward of Earth and Sea, Shelby Silver, Pacific Northwest born and raised Ecological Artist couple’s self-taught impasto techniques, and her back ground in fiber art with plastic marine debris she collects along the Oregon Coast.

It is through this bold marriage of media she invites you to drop into your heart space and look ever more closely at the world we share as invaluable and sacred. ​Along with her evolving art career Shelby is a Writer, and Illustrator and is currently working on multiple books. One of specific interest may be her Educational Marine Alphabet, drawing awareness towards the declining conditions in which sea animals are living under.

End note:

“Just received the May 2019 edition of Southwest Art magazine.  There is an article about my  art.  Happy to bring extra copies for the opening artist reception to the Fairweather Gallery on May 4!”  


Shelby Silver

Environmental Artist

Love and Mindfulness Advocate

Steward of Earth and Sea


Portraiture opening reception collage; Top: Neal Maine habitat lecture and Carolyn Macpherson artist talk. Bottom:  Shelby Silver artist lecture and Blue Bond artist introduction.

Portraiture collage by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.