“First Hike of Spring” by Susan Mitchell

Original pastel on paper 9 x 9” with 3” white matt, Tru Vue nonglare glass, and 1” SM signature black frame
“Philosophy of Fishing” by Susan Mitchell

Original pastel on sanded paper 9 x 12” with a  3” white matt , Tru Vue nonglare glass, and SM signature 1” black frame

Susan Mitchell
Contemporary painter/ Abstracted reality
“Early on my course of study and career was in photography. I am also a hiker and with each outdoor adventure I came back with hundreds of photographs but to me, they seemed filled with too much distracting detail. With that in mind, my abstracted paintings became about taking the landscape apart and putting it back together. By controlling how much leave out of my paintings and how I use value and color, I can convey my personal view with simplicity.”

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

Art Show and Sale

May 1-25

ON YOUR MARKS, an exhibition, featuring NW artists Gayle H. Seely, Diane Copenhaver, Mary Burgess, and Lee Munsell.

Welcoming NW pastel artist Susan Mitchell. 

“On your marks”  a command given to runners at the beginning of a race in order to get them into the correct position to start. In the words of the Fairweather exhibition, it “ means to begin something, indicating the arts season is opening for the summertime”. 

The show offers a fresh and dynamic experience with new art specially created for the upcoming high season.   

“For by the coastal summer season, is that nothing is enjoyed without community, without creative collaboration, without pure joy, and resolute faith in living safely and sharing generously with friends, family, and visitors.”  FH&G

“The Pond” by Susan Michell
Original abstract pastel 8.5 x 8.5″ with white matt, Tru Vue nonglare glass, and SM signature 1” black frame.
ABSTRACT works are often mixed media pieces, usually, there is some drawing with a variety of pencils, crayons, charcoal or pastel. At some point, I switch to watermedia, often times transparent layers or veils that cover parts of the work, to establish composition, then several other steps are applied including more paint, ink, water, wax, scraping and whatever is the spontaneous choice at the moment.
The abstracts are always about the movement of the marks and the color palette. The goal for me is to find an elusive balance between light and dark, then an intriguing search to find a depth of layers under the surface.'”  Susan Mitchell

“Jane’s Garden” by Susan Mitchell
Original abstract pastel 9.5 x 9.5″ with white matt, Tru Vue nonglare glass, and SM signature 1” black frame.

“In addition to exhibiting my artwork in NW galleries since 1975, I also teach workshops and classes at my Long Beach Studio.”  SM

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