Fairweather House and Gallery

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Opening reception of the exhibit titled FIRST LOOK, a highly anticipated jewelry truck show, featuring a dozen of local and regional designers– including a select group who have been represented by the gallery more than 11 years!


Cindy Bricca, designer, incorporates Kumihimo, the ancient Japanese seed braiding, in must-have creations.


Elaine Sawyer uses natural stone Cabochons, cut and polished by in lapidary by her husband, Mike, to create one-of-a-kind cuff bracelets.




Barbara Walker works in precious metal wire turning earrings into a wearable work of art.




Mary Hurst, born in raised in County Tipperary, Ireland, studied fashion design at the Grafton Academy in Dublin, integrates past and present Celtic designs in each piece.


Billie Johnstone, a former clinical practitioner, sparked her retirement into a means to support to the youth programs in Soweta, South Africa with the proceeds from the sales of her custom handcrafted jewelry doing good works that changes lives.




Alan Stockam  and Heather Rieder create one-of-a-kind silver rings, cuffs and necklaces; each signed and numbered, with stones from the Pacific Northwest and beyond.



Cher Flick, with a graduate degree from the Gemological Institute of America, creates jewelry doing good works, by giving back to a charitable foundation in honor of her mother, Joanie.



Karen Johnson, a natural-born artist, boldly  designs meticulously handcrafted multi-pearl statement necklaces that could – and should- be featured in magazines.




Mary Boitta experiments in druzy rock crystal designs, semi-precious stones,  that retain femininity and fineness.



Robyn Hall, with no art degree or formal training, creates stunning mouth blown lamp work bracelets and earrings.


Debra Beard, often featured as cruise ship event designer, offers pieces that are  a mini-exploration from travels around the world.


Fred Lukens crafts architecturally inspired jewelry featuring responsibly collected rare wood and Oregon myrtle wood.


Reneé Hafeman embraces a love of vintage jewelry and gives a them new life, redesigning  the antique pieces , she prays “whoever wears, please  be blessed in some way.”


Save the date and time.

Opening reception. FIRST LOOK. Nov. 4th, 5-7pm

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway


Seaside/ Gearhart naturalist, biologist and wildlife photographer Neal Maine will speak at 6: pm about the ecology of the local habitat.

Seaside Painting LIVE(tm)  episode by artist Carolyn Macpherson.

LIVE music by Shirley 88.

And, too, enter a raffle for a baker’s dozen of door prizes  of  jewelry by  fabulous Fairweather designers!


For more info go to Seaside First Saturday Art Walk

Chris Boyer, felt artist



“Growing up in my family meant playing artistically together with my four siblings. Both my parents were hobby artists, just for the joy of it. My mom went to art school and ended up being a life-long oil painter. My dad was a self-taught sculptor working in wood, metal and clay. One of the greatest gifts my parents gave their children were opportunities to be creative and to have fun doing it.

I am still exploring, playing with art and enjoying the magic of creating.

I had a goal to take as many art classes as I could throughout my adult life so that by the time I retired, I would be ready. I have now retired and interestingly enough, the art medium I fell madly in love with, and hadn’t even known existed until a few years ago, was felting. Taking soft combed or tangled wool and a simple barbed needle to coax it into something I can recognize and hold is fascinating to me. I found myself sculpting and painting with wool! I learned to felt by taking a few classes, learning how to use wire to form the armature of foxes or rabbits or lions and all the techniques that helped those animals take shape. I now have a plethora of roving and core wool in colors and textures and various needles and tools; a felter’s brushes and paints.

I continue to be captivated by new ideas and directions. The world of animals offers endless possibilities for another project.

I have taught a few felting classes and hope to do more. As a retired teacher, I automatically incorporated teaching as a part of my art. 

I love sharing this magic and seeing the enjoyment, it brings to others.” –Chris Boyer, felting artist





Fairweather House and Gallery welcomes Chris Boyer! 

Chris  is a very talented felting artist, and the medium brings a sense both of the rugged beauty of the subjects that she depicts, as well as something comforting.

Sacred.  Encaustic (beeswax) on wood panel by Gregory Bell.


During the opening reception of SHADOWS, Gregory Bell offered an artist talk about the encaustic works depicting the wildlife found in coastal habitat of the area.



And, too, during the SHADOWS reception,  the artist was  inspired by FLYNN,   “the handsomest Kestrel around and one of the  WCNC Ambassador Birds!”    I will paint FLYNN next! — Gregory Bell 


At the opening reception of  SHADOWS on October 7th there was an  auction  of selected Neal Maine images.  More than $300 was raised in less than five minutes to benefit the  WCNC!!!


Wildlife Center of the North Coast (WCNC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Oregon corporation, that specializes in wildlife rehabilitation of resident and migratory birds, mammals and other wild creatures naturally occurring in Oregon.

WCNC provides primary services to communities along 167 miles of coastline in Oregon and southwest Washington offering humane care and professional medical treatment to sick, injured, orphaned and displaced native wildlife with the goal of releasing healthy wild animals back into their appropriate habitat; offers quality conservation + environmental education programs concerning local wildlife, their ecosystems, and the human impact on these systems and individuals.




Heron by Ashley Howarth

2017 Fairweather Gallery emerging artist Ashley Howarth, an OSU graduate with a BA in Fine Arts, has had life experiences that  gives her a deep appreciation for the areas near the North Coast of the Pacific Ocean. “As an artist, I  push the boundaries of the mediums with art that draws in the viewer, as well as art that imagines a fantasy world where myths and legends come to life.”–Ashely


Lighted shadow box by Ashley Howarth for SHADOWS!


Hand carried into the gallery!  Just in time for the opening of the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk at Fairweather’s!

“Hey just wanted to give you a heads up that I am heading to the beach and  should arrive soon  to drop of the shadow box! Traffic is absolutely horrible! Wait for me!  Cars are at a complete stop.” –Ashley





Crab, Shell and Gull by Whelpsy Whelp

A versatile artist with experience in media ranging from digital art to leatherwork, Whelpsy Whelp takes her inspiration from psychology, the natural world and the delicate beauty of life and death. She is a firm believer in originality. “People seem to think there are no original ideas left. I do not think that could possibly be true; given there are so many wonderful combinations of concept and subject. I strive to find new and unique ways to surprise the viewer with every piece.” –Whelpsy


Barnacles by Whelpsy Whelp.Themes of recycling and rebirth of ideas can be frequently found throughout her art.

With art, that pushes the boundaries of emotion and expression, Whelpsy is guided by her philosophy that there is no greater joy than bringing these ideas to life.



Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway

October exhibition through the 31st

SHADOWS, an exhibition,   focuses on the interplay of light and dark through selected art that expresses time as the fall season progresses.


New artwork by Northwest artists Diane Copenhaver, Gregory Bell, Janet Hickox, Penelope Culbertson, Whelsey Whelp, Ashley Howarth, Lisa Wiser, Karen E. Lewis,  Tamara Johnson and Marga Stanley will be featured.



Fairweather’s emerging artists are selected through an audition process and receive gallery mentoring throughout one year.

Since 2006 Fairweather’s has selected emerging artists who take risks, embrace challenges and are rigorous in their approach to creation and production, indeed, all have yearned to further their professional achievement through the gallery’s exhibitions.

Fairweather’s emerging artists:   Britney Drumheller, Nick Brakel, Linda Trexler, Ashley Howarth, Diane Copenhaver, Ashley Howarth, Gayle H. Seely, Kristin Qian, Whelpsy Whelp and Rebecca Gore.



Foghorn Leghorn by Marga.


My art training comes from watching and experimenting and then doing it all over again, exposing a little more of me, Marga, with every attempt.

With each coat of paint, whether it’s watercolors, gouache, acrylics and oil comes depth and motion…it’s exciting and satisfying to see my work evolve from one layer to the next. I love using odd tools to paint with….for instance, the main images on my mini whimsy collection, were painted with a toothpick (I couldn’t find a small enough pallet knife).

I love the movement of things… whether it’s the hair or feather on a bird’s head or the drooping of a flower’s leaf…I want to make my painting live and breathe.

While living in the Caribbean I founded an annual fine arts fair, featuring over 20 very talented and diverse artists.

I draw on a regular basis with an exceptional group of local artists and am one of the founding members of Tempo Gallery, an arts collective, in Astoria.

My art has been shown in Canada, British West Indies, and the US, with collectors in OR, NY, NJ, MO, CA, FL, WA and Canada and Japan.– Hugs, Marga.

Comment received:

“Marga’s art blows me away. Dreamlike but not dreamy. More like a visionary kind of thing. Like the vestibule to an encounter with the inner workings of the being. Loved it. I really like the vision of this artist.” — David R.



SHADOWS, an exhibition throughout October,  focuses on the interplay of light and dark through selected art that expresses time as the fall season progresses. New artwork by Northwest artists Diane Copenhaver, Gregory Bell, Janet Hickox, Penelope Culbertson, Whelsey Whelp, Ashley Howarth, Lisa Wiser, Karen E. Lewis,  Tamara Johnson and Marga Stanley will be featured.






By request, cribbage board by Brownie’s work shop!

Oregon myrtlewood.

Signed and dated by the master craftsman Mike Brown.



Card deck storage compartment of the one-of-a-kind cribbage board.

Including hand turned wood pegs. 

Contact Fairweather House and Gallery NOW to select this amazing game. (503) 738-8899



And, too, just in!

Segmented salad bowls.

Food safe finish.

Three available.

Signed and dated.

NW wood artisan Mike Brown.

Brownie’s workshop action.


Welcoming Michael Gilbert, NW wood artisan.

Bolt action pens.

“It’s a one-man operation.”
Michael Gilbert.

This style pen comes in 24k Gold, gun-metal, chrome, and antique brass.

I have turned this pen in a number of different species of wood including ebony,  bird’s-eye maple, myrtlewood,   spalted maple root stabilized and claro walnut.

And, too, also available on special order…fountain pens!


Michael Gilbert

“I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer now dedicated to enjoying my golden years. One of the things I enjoy doing is crafting items in my woodshop for others to enjoy. Like any artist or craftsman, I am always looking to improve and expand my craft. It is my hope to provide Fairweather House and Gallery with an ever-expanding list of options to choose from. While I have been focusing on producing the finest pens in an array of styles, I plan to be producing other creations as well.” 

Michael Gilbert and Mike Brown.

Two wood craftsmen named Michael…a’visiting at Fairweather’s recently.


For SHADOWS original calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson.


Imagine quote by John Lennon created in calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson.



Shadows quote by Penelope Culbertson.


Penelope Culbertson began her art studies at the Portland Art Museum as a child, in the art department at Cleveland High School, at Reed College with calligraphy master Lloyd Reynolds, at Willamette University in Salem, at the San Francisco Art Institute, and the Institute de Bellas Artes in San Miguel, Mexico.

Penelope was the co-founder of the Art Academy of Kona and the West Hawaii Arts Guild where she served on the Executive Board. Penelope worked in the Hawaii State Artist-in-School program and showed as the Artist-in-Residence at the Hyatt Regency. Her work is in the permanent collection at the Royal Waikoloan Hotel.

Since her return to Portland, Penelope has had seventeen solo exhibits of her watercolors. She showed year round at the Hawthorne Arts Gallery and annually at the Buckman Art Show where she was the founding chairman of the Children’s Art Sale. She taught children’s art classes at the Buckman Arts Magnet Elementary and for the Portland Parks Dept. in their after-school program. In 1999 she helped produce a book of children’s watercolors about the Portland Water System. She was co-founder of The Hawthorne Arts Guild and showed in all their monthly group shows.



Penelope teaches weekly classes in calligraphy and watercolors for the disabled. She experiments in watercolors, oil pastels, collage, tapestry weaving and calligraphy. She is a member of the Portland Society of Calligraphy. She exhibits her art at Fairweather  Gallery in Seaside, Oregon.


Fun facts: 

In Penelope Culberston’s calligraphy class at Reed College there was a fellow student, Steve Jobs (Apple computer founder).

There is a theory that the computers today would not have the font choices without the learning seed  planted by Reed College calligraphy professor Lloyd Reynolds. 


Penelope Culbertson, at the opening reception of SHADOWS on October 7th, in addition to offering a scribing LIVE episode, will offer an artist’s talk  about  significant quotes that have made a difference in tilting the world to a better place!!!


Save the date and time!


Celebrating 13 years in 2017, the next Seaside First Saturday Art Walk, will be held on October 7, 5-7: pm.

Visitors meet artists, see original art, sip wine or snag appetizers by favorite restaurants or personal chefs, view artist demonstrations and, oftentimes, enjoy live performances in music.

The event is free and is all about seeing and selling art in the sponsoring galleries and boutiques located between Holladay and Broadway in the historic Gilbert District of downtown Seaside. Complimentary parking for the historic Gilbert District is on the corner of Holladay and Oceanway.

Fairweather House and Gallery, 612 Broadway

Opening reception for SHADOWS, an exhibition that focuses on the interplay of light and dark through selected art that expresses time as the fall season progresses.

New artwork by Northwest artists Diane Copenhaver, Penelope Culbertson, Gregory Bell, Janet Hickox,  Lisa Wiser , Ashley Howarth,  Whelsey Whelp, Karen E. Lewis, Tamara Johnson and Marga Stanley will be featured.

Artists will be in attendance to meet patrons and to speak about their art.

Take a note!

Calligrapher Penelope Culbertson will offer her annual Fairweather scribing LIVE episode!


Seaside/ Gearhart naturalist Neal Maine will speak at 6: pm about the autumn ecology of the local habitat.

LIVE music by Shirley 88.


Special guest of honor will be Flynn,  “the handsomest Kestrel around and one of the  WCNC Ambassador Birds”  will be on hand celebrating the opening of Fairweather’s new exhibition SHADOWS!


SHADOWS, the opening reception for Fairweather’s October exhibition, will be a benefit for Wildife Center of the North Coast!



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