Bev Drew Kindley

Roseway by Gretha Lindwood,  pastel

“Thus in art, does nature work through the will of a man filled with the beauty of her first works,” wrote the 19th-century poet Ralph Waldo Emerson. And so it does. Emerson’s simple musing captures the spirit of  painters, who sing nature’s praises with their brushes and palette knives.

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Please visit …artists… Gretha Lindwood for more about the artist.


“The use of vibrant color and strong design are hallmarks of my work which I developed during my career as an illustrator and graphic designer. As a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, I cherish our unique landscapes honed by water and time and delight in capturing their beauty in the lush colors of pastels or oils to share with the viewer.” —Gretha Lindwood, featured artist for BLOOM, an exhibition at Fairweather’s throughout April, 2017.



Bev Drew Kindley “Cyclamen

Cyclamen by Bev Drew Kindley.  Please visit …artists …Bev Drew Kindley for more info

best bev painting

And, too, on April 1st, Bev Drew Kindley offered a Painting Seaside LIVE ™ event at the opening of BLOOM, an exhibition throughout April at Fairweather’s.

In addition, the artist, Bev Drew Kindley, with dual degrees in art and philosophy, offered a lecture of being in the moment while painting nature  during the opening reception of BLOOM at Fairweather’s on April 1st.

  “Thanks, Denise, I am proud to be part of your artistically designed BLOOM show and enjoy seeing how you fit all our paintings in among the other unique treasures.      BLOOM to me is about the time after this year’s dark  season when plants reawaken and we feel like celebrating each hopeful victory–the first faint coloring of new leaves and branches, (like my painting “Awakening Wetlands “), the first crocus, daffodils, tulips and wildflowers for  “The Joy of Spring “.        Sometimes we need a bouquet of flowers to keep our spirits up–or a pot of bright cyclamen –or photos of flowers to remind us there is more to come. Soon the steady rhythm of blooming begins, each flower in its own time, and then on to fields of lavender, crimson clover and more!  Flowers do make us happy!”



Quote in original calligraphy by artist Penelope Culbertson.  Please visit …artists …Penelope Culbertson for more info

Bouquet by Gretha Lindwood

Please visit …artists …Gretha Lindwood for more info

gretha lecturing

Artist Gretha Lindwood lectured about the art of flowers during the opening reception of BLOOM, at  Fairweather’s on April 1st.  In the background on display are original pastels by the artist.  And, too, note the wardrobe selection chosen by the artist to complement her art!


In addition, large encaustic (painting with beeswax)  portrait by artist Rebecca Gore. Please visit…/a-decade-of-emerging-artist-bac… Jan 7, 2017 – For more information about each of Fairweather’s emerging artists please the links following their individual … Rebecca Gore, emerging artist.

In the background and in the far left is an original oil, “Garden Party” by artist Melissa Jander.  For more info go to  …artists… Melissa Jander .




The language of flowers…

A team of researchers explored the link between flowers and life satisfaction in a study of participants’ behavioral and emotional responses to seeing flowers, either in a bouquet or in nature. The results show that flowers are a natural and healthful moderator of moods.

“What’s most exciting about this study is that it challenges established scientific beliefs about how people can manage their day-to-day moods in a healthy and natural way,” said Jeannette Haviland-Jones, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at Rutgers and lead researcher on the study.

Growing flowers, handling flowers, seeing flowers in art have an immediate impact on happiness. All study participants expressed smiles upon being near flowers, demonstrating extraordinary delight and gratitude. The language of flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods.
Flowers and nature make intimate connections. The presence of flowers led to increased contact with family and friends.

“Common sense tells us that flowers make us happy,” said Dr. Haviland-Jones. “Now, science shows that not only do flowers and nature make us happier than we know, they have strong positive effects on our emotional well-being.”


And, too, a favorite quote in art by Penelope Culbertson, calligrapher for BLOOM, an exhibition at Fairweather’s through April.

BLOOM grace note received:

“Thank you for inviting me to participate in this fun event in your beautiful gallery. I had a wonderful time visiting with the gallery visitors as I created my pastel painting in a live painting demonstration.” Best regards, Gretha Lindwood, artist

“I’m working on new pieces for June. Thanks for the sweet and supportive card you sent.
It was the nicest card I’ve ever gotten from a gallery!”
Penelope Culbertson

Save the date. April 1st.  5-7:pm.

Seaside First Saturday Art Walk

Opening reception for BLOOM, featuring artists Bev Drew Kindley, Gretha Lindwood with special guest appearance by Diana Moulder and  ecology  lecture  by naturalist Neal Maine.  

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway

Seaside, Or.



Calligraphy quote for BLOOM by Penelope Culbertson. Please visit …artists… Penelope Culbertson for more info

For BLOOM, original art by Bev Drew Kindley

“We celebrate spring even more after a particularly dark season, when signs of renewal have appeared much later than usual.  Sometimes we need a bouquet of flowers  to keep our spirits up, to remind us of the joy.”  –artist Bev Drew Kindley


Bev Drew Kindley, a native Oregonian, with dual degrees in art and philosophy,  paints to understand  the inspiration of unique moments of light with impressionistic works of art that are to viewed as visual celebrations. “It’s my way of communicating with the world. My hope is to encourage appreciate and protection of our heritage and world.”

Please visit  …artists… Bev Drew Kindley for more about the artist.



Gretha Lindwood uses vibrant color and strong design, hallmarks of art work, developed during a career as an illustrator and graphic designer. Another lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, the artist cherishes landscapes honed by water and time and delight in capturing their beauty in the lush colors of pastels or oils to share with the viewer.


For BLOOM, original pastel by Gretha Lindwood

Recent honors:
Superintendent’s Award and Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge
“Into the Light: Plein Air Invitational Exhibition” Brea Art Gallery, Brea, CA
Northwest Pastel Society International Exhibit, Tacoma, WA
Los Gatos Plein Air 2015, Los Gatos, CA
Annual Carmel Art Festival, Carmel-by-the-sea, CA

Please visit … artists… Gretha Lindwood for more info




Special BLOOM program by Diana Moulder, owner/designer at Dirt Flirt, celebrated locally as the go to window box and “pot lady”, is an artist gardener, whose containers are renowned for their surprise elements.   For nearly 20 years, through Diana’s eye, her company, Beach Blossoms, has featured plants capes that “paint with flowers”


  And, too, Diana for the opening reception has offered a lovely door prize featuring her unique designed seasonal color container, selected fresh from her hands for BLOOM!

 Trademark installations  have included the Post Office, the sidewalk planter containers and the Gearhart City Hall, in addition to many, many clients throughout the coastal communities–all epitomize her stunning style and use of unforgettable combinations.   

Please “like” … Diana Moulder for more about the garden artist or call the garden artist (503) 739-0898



Baltimore Oriole by Neal Maine/PacificLight Images.

After a thirty-year career as an award-winning biology teacher at Seaside High School, Neal Maine became the first executive director of North Coast Land Conservancy, which he co-founded in 1986. Since his retirement from the land trust in 2010, he has pursued his passion for nature photography through PacificLight Images,  “dedicated to raising awareness of coastal ecology and the wildlife with whom we share the region’s estuaries, freshwater wetlands and forests.” Photography centers around coastal and Columbia River landscape, ecology and the rich estuary habitat with the surrounding wetlands and forest systems. Proceeds in support of North Coast Land Conservancy, NCLC. Please visit for more about the land trust.


For BLOOM, naturalist Neal Maine will speak about the ecology of the local habitats at 6: pm  on April 1st at Fairweather’s.

Please visit … artists… Neal Maine for more information.


And, too,  three Painting Seaside LIVE episodes, painting demonstrations at Fairweather’s , will be offered  by Bev Drew Kindley and Gretha Lindwood on April 1st, from 5-7:pm.  Free and open to the public.

No foolin’  April 1st!  NW artists, art program, guest lectures, art demonstrations, adult beverages, light refreshments and flowers for everyone! 

BLOOM,  Fairweather House and Gallery opening reception.  April 1st. See and be seen.

Please visit Seaside First Saturday Art Walk for more information.

“For BLOOM, Fairweather’s April exhibition, most of my art will be about the joy of spring, all Oregon inspired. I’m including one I especially like: “Awakening Wetlands” , 8×10 acrylic on canvas, $365, begun outdoors on a chilly but misty bright day and finished in my studio later.” …Bev Drew Kindley, NW artist

Save the date and time.
April 1st. 5-7:pm.

Bev Drew Kindley will offer a Seaside Painting LIVE episode during the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk at Fairweather’s!!!

Please visit Seaside First Saturday Art Walk for more about the 5-7:pm Art Walks.

Please visit artists tab/ Bev Drew Kindley for more info about the artist.


Please visit Seaside First Saturday Art Walk for more about the 5-7:pm Art Walks.

“Crisp and refreshing are words that have been used to describe my paintings. I delight in capturing flowers in the lush colors of pastels.”  …Gretha Lindwood, NW artist

Please visit Seaside First Saturday Art Walk for more about the 5-7:pm Art Walks.

Please visit …artists tab …Gretha Lindwood for more info about the artist.

No  foolin’   on April 1st two  NW artists will  offer three Seaside Painting LIVE episodes during the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk at Fairweather’s !!!

Bev Drew Kindley and Gretha Lindwood.  

As 2016 ends, we take a moment to reflect on the past. 

We  look forward to the future.

We honor those who have demonstrated the transformative power of art.

Top ten 2016  Fairweather Seaside First Saturday Art Walk moments.

Enjoy!  Thank you!!!


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“Ultimately, the success of an image being selected a top ten moment is finding a personalized, very local, one-on-one connection that brings back a Faiweather House and Gallery feeling. It’s all about building that great experience, which leads to a place that is loved, which leads to building a great community.”–Denise Fairweather, gallerist.

For more information about the artists and images please visit and

Upcoming 2017 Fairweather House and Gallery Seaside First Saturday Art Walk dates.

Feb 4th

Mar 4th

Apr 1st

May 6th

Jun 3rd

Jul 1st

Aug 5th

Sep 2nd

Oct 7th

Nov 4th

Dec 2nd

Residents and visitors alike enjoy an evening of community and culture as various art venues within walking distance of each other host art exhibits and refreshments, between 5-7 p.m. with the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk.

The art walk, celebrating 13 years in 2017, is in the historic Gilbert District. The Gilbert District, established in 1914, celebrated 100 years of rich history and timeless tradition in 2014. Awarded the 2004 Oregon Main Street Downtown Gateway Award, the area is now home to shops, restaurants, galleries and boutiques. Dedicated parking is located one block West off the Pacific Coast Highway 101, on the corner of Holladay and Broadway.

Motto: “Those that live for the arts, support the arts.” All rights reserved.

For more information please visit First Saturday Art Walk

Bev lecturing

Bev Drew Kindley lectured during the opening reception for MOMENTS LIKE THIS, an exhibition featuring art mesmerized by the sparkling ocean and fiery sunsets, “in light so soft and tender, despite its brilliance” as artist Henri Matisse said.

“It takes nearly as many revisions as a painting to find the best words to explain how or why. I paint because I see something that resonates within me–special moments like a cheering color, a dramatic light, a flowing design–or some idea that I need in my life. Often I’m not aware of the reason until later. Struggling and experimenting to find ways to express the perfection I find takes time and attention yet the mindful appreciation is very calming and satisfying. I feel happy when someone else understands and enjoys my painting. It’s fun to find special moments and special places in Seaside, the beauty that we may not notice unless we stop to really look. I remind people that it is really there!”Bev Drew Kindley


The artist, with dual degrees in Art and Philosophy, strives to encourage appreciation and protection of our heritage and world through her art.


close up Bev painting

Bev Drew Kindley painting Seaside LIVE ™ @ Fairweather’s.

For a live video of the art demonstration go to:


At the Seaside Painting LIVE ™ event, Bev Drew Kindley  asked an art patron: “What do you see in my painting?”  And, the answer…a mermaid reclining between two gulls.  The artist offered her art inspiration taken from a photo as an explanation.  See! The mermaid captured in the painting was actually a part of driftwood.

The artist, a native Oregonian, paints to understand the unique moments of light and weather.  All of her recent work begins with the experience of the real location, later finished in the studio. The artist, with dual degrees in Art and Philosophy, strives to encourage appreciation and protection of our heritage and world through her art.

For more info go to Drew Kindley


And, too, save the date and time.  What’s next?   September 3rd, 2016.  

Seaside First Saturday Art Walk 5-7:pm.  

Fairweather’s opening reception for AGAINST THE GRAIN.

For more info go to


Artist Paul Brent arrives to offer a Seaside Painting LIVE ™ episode at Fairweather’s.

For more info go to Paul Brent

Life Drink

“Life Drink” by nature photographer Neal Maine/ PacificLight Images.
Proceeds in support of NCLC.

Fairweather Gallery
612 Broadway

MOMENTS LIKE THIS opening reception

Seaside First Saturday Art Walk
August 6th


Plan on high and low notes, moments that are quiet and rousing. “MOMENTS LIKE THIS”, an exhibition through August 30th, is about selected art by regional artists mesmerized by the sparkling ocean and fiery sunsets, “in light so soft and tender, despite its brilliance” as artist Henri Matisse said.

On the agenda:
• Bev Drew Kindley
• Lori Wallace-Lloyd
• Lana Jane Brent for Paul Brent
• Seaside/ Gearhart nature photographer Neal Maine lectures*
• Shirley Smith-Yates
• Aliza Allen
• Special guests
• Visiting artists
And, too, Bev Drew Kindley, en plein air artist, and Lori Wallace-Lloyd, pastel artist, will be offering a Seaside Painting LIVE ™ event, two fine art demonstrations, throughout the evening! See and be seen.
Free and open to the public.

Need to know: Dedicated parking for the historic Gilbert Block is on the corner of Ocean way and Holladay.

*At 6:pm Neal Maine will speak about the ecology found in the coastal habitats.


A habitat is an ecological area that is inhabited by a particular species. The term typically refers to the zone in which the species lives and where it can find food, shelter, protection and mates for reproduction. The local vegetation ecological area type may be a coastal rain forest, grass land plains, or dunes. Fresh water habitats include marshes, streams, rivers, lakes, ponds and estuaries, and marine habitats include salt marshes, the coast and the intertidal zone. (From Wikipedia)

For more information please visit:…/blog…


Lori Wallace-Lloyd painting LIVE at Fairweather’s Fall 2015

Lori’s ENCORE  appearance!!!! Seaside Painting LIVE(tm) episode. Opening reception at Fairweather’s for MOMENTS LIKE THIS.

Q: Hey, there Lori: Would you be willing to offer a Seaside Painting LIVE ™ episode during the Moments Like This opening reception at Fairweather’s for the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk?  Another fav artist, Bev Drew Kindley will be demonstrating. We would make love to reserve a spot for you, as well. If so, will you also bring one your portraits in to show?

A: Oh wonderful! And yes to both questions. I would love to demonstrate. I will bring a soft pastel portrait. -Lori


Grand Prize Portland Rose Festival

Grand Prize Portland Rose Festival

“Turns out I am able to bring the 2 beach birds I was telling you about, the pelican and the spoonbill. They are both 16×20. Here are the images of them both. I can bring them Saturday morning. Thank you!” -Lori Wallace Lloyd

About Lori

Lori Wallace-Lloyd was born in Austin, Texas. Wallace-Lloyd joined the Navy at 17, becoming the first female helicopter aircrew member in 1977. Later, after becoming an officer, she became fascinated by Italian painting, having been stationed for 3 years in Sicily. Though she had a family and career she began the long road of classical art training, eventually studying in the Bay area with several renowned portraitists including Virgil Elliott. The rigorous atelier training built the skills needed to produce the realist figurative work, for which she has won many awards,
including Grand prize at the Portland Rose Festival and Best of Show with the St. Louis Artist’s Guild.

Wallace-Lloyd’s work is complicated and involves many aspects. She strives to convey emotion, yet not necessarily mainstream ideals of happiness. While still inviting, the paintings of adolescent girls and women stare at us with reality, almost daring us to question their femininity, their moodiness, their confidence. Sometimes their expressions are at odds within the allegorical situations, which have historical and modern context. Wallace-Lloyd frequently uses her daughters and their friends as models, and describes herself as “constantly surrounded by the feminine expression of life.” This gives her work the depth of intimacy and uses her art as a metaphor for exploring our strong, yet fragile humanness.

Wallace-Lloyd frequently works in still life, one of her favorite subjects being roses and other florals. She loves to combine flowers, pottery and other forms of nature and study the chiaroscuro effects.


Wallace-Lloyd’s master drawings convey a timeless sense of composition and draftsmanship. She works in mixed media with pastel pencils as her main medium, especially with another of her favorite subjects, birds of the world. She believes in bringing attention to the habitat and climate changes many of our winged friends are experiencing.

For more information please visit: Seaside First Saturday Art Walk

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