Blue Bond

“Camping Out”  original oil by Blue Bond.


About the artist: Blue Bond has an Art Studio and Gallery located in the Historic Gilbert District.  In addition, he shows themed art at Fairweather House and Gallery, selecting a work of art that complements the ever-changing month-long exhibitions.

About Blue Bond Art Studio and Gallery:


Amazing paintings by artist Blue Bond done in oil on canvas.  Animals, people, still life, and wonderful scenery pictures delight guests.  Blue  Bond is also a teacher, and enjoys passing on his vast knowledge to novices and experienced painters alike.


Private classes in oil or acrylic are available, reasonably priced.   Stop by the Blue Bond Art Studio  and Gallery at 417 S Holladay Drive in beautiful Seaside, Oregon for a marvelous experience.

And, do not fret…although there is a “for sale” sign in front of the gallery, Blue Bond  is staying in the area…just needing for more room for classes and a fenced yard new pets.


Photo collage by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.

Since 2006 Fairweather House and Gallery has worked jointly with fellow artists to provide a unique exhibition each and every month.


Images by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall and Scott Saulsbury, fellow photographers and friends,  who work together for the good of the Historic Gilbert District’s special events.





Linda and Scott each attended Seaside High School and had Neal Maine as a teacher.


Neal Maine lecture.  Photo by Scott Saulsbury.

“Mr. Maine… still teaching, just not to high school students anymore,  Fairweather’s Art Walk in Seaside.” Scott


Linda Fenton-Mendenhall grew up in a family that had a major nursery. Linda has an antique business and does estate sales in the county.

And, too, Scott grew up in a family who had a nursery that was a friendly competitor (Scott’s family had the RainTree Nursery in Seaside).  Scott is the founder of Gardenware Nursery Labeling.





Thank you Coast Weekend and reporter Katherine Lacaze for supporting the arts.

Art pictured:

On the ledge pair of abstracts by Diane Copenhaver, seascape by Lisa Sofia Robinson, oil by Blue Bond and fresco by Agnes Field.

On the wall photographs by Dale Veith and Russell J. Young, watercolors by Mary Burgess, oils by Phil Juttlestad, Judy Horning Shaw and Karen E. Lewis, abstract by Leah Kohlenberg, mixed media by Sandy Visse, glass art by Bob Heath, seed mosaics by Gayle H. Seely and acrylic by Nick Brakel.



R.J. Marx performed LIVE on May 4.  Art by Lisa Sofia Robinson and Barbara Rosbe Felisky; calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson and Brenda Gordon.


Art walk hostesses staged a photo for the opening reception of Portraiture, Fairweather’s May exhibition.

Carolyn Macpherson painted LIVE during a gallery event. Segmented wood vases and shells by Mike Brown; pottery by Suzy Holland; painting by James Waterman and wood boxes by Ray Noregaard.


Blue Bond painted en plein air  outside on Broadway at Fairweather’s.


Neal Maine lectured during Fairweather’s ‘Portraiture’ opening reception.  Photographs by Neal Maine and Michael Wing; glass are by Bob and Rox Heath.


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Photos and collages by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall for the opening reception of Portraiture.


Photographer Scott Saulsbury stepped up to the plate to fill-in for Linda Fenton-Mendenhall, Faiweather’s after hours event photographer.

Fun Fact: Linda selected Scott and they both had Neal Maine as a teacher at Seaside High.


Guy and Karen Rainsberger poured for Parrett Mountain Cellars at Fairweather’s Wine Walk.  Art by Britney Drumheller, Diane Copenhaver and Emily Miller.


Shirley 88 played  LIVE during the SDDA Spring Wine Walk at Fairweather’s.  Fused glass by Mike Fox.


More than 800 tid-bits were consumed during four hours of the SDDA Spring Wine Walk at Fairweather’s.  In addition, back up “In the Mist” books by Russell J. Young and stored Odes to the Tides flyers, Fairweather’s JUNE exhibition.


Seaside First Saturday Art Walk hostesses served as SDDA Spring Wine Walk hostesses on May 18 at Fairweather’s.   And, yes, the ladies  dressed to complement each other.

Hundreds of  guests came to the SDDA Spring Wine Walk at Fairweather’s. Art by Paul Brent;  Chanel jewelry by Reneé Hafeman and photographs on bamboo by Don Frank.


Late in the month of May, Blue Bond made the announcement that he sold his painting  of “Willie Nelson” to the country music legend Willie Nelson!!!


For more about the gallery, please visit


“Lady in Orange” original oil on canvas by Blue Bond.

‘Portraiture’ exhibition on view at Fairweather’s through May 29.




“The secret of mastering the portrait, look no further than the eyes.”  Blue Bond


“Portraiture” exhibition now on view through May 29 at Fairweather’s.


Blue Bond self-portrait. On the ledge above:  “Sunbather” original oil on wood panel by Blue Bond;  “Lady” by Susan Romersa, “Jay and Mr. D.” watercolor by Carolynn Wagler  and “Wine Bottle Still Life” by Barbara Rosbe Felisky.

Blue Bond, artist, with self-portrait.


Blue Bond painting en plein air at Faiweather’s.

Would you like to discover your hidden artistic talents or simply improve your current abilities in oil painting? Blue Bond offers private classes in his studio located on 417 South Holladay Drive in Seaside.  He can be reached by phone at (503) 739-0660.

Blue Bond has learned that his painting of “Willie Nelson”, previously introduced at Fairweather’s is being considered by (drum roll…) by Willie Nelson!!!

Saturday, May 18

 Blue Bond offered a Seaside Painting LIVE ™ event during the Wine Walk at Fairweather’s!!!

The Spring Downtown Wine Walk is when Seaside opens its doors – and its bottles – to welcome wine enthusiasts during this wine tasting event. Over twenty participating wineries will sell unopened bottles, allowing visitors to take home their favorite new find. The event will also include live music in several venues, complimentary appetizers, and a prize drawing. Wineries will charge nominal tasting fees.

Spring Downtown Wine Walk – Seaside Oregon

The Spring Downtown Wine Walk is when Seaside opens its doors – and its bottles – to welcome wine enthusiasts during this wine tasting event. Over twenty …

Fairweather House and Gallery hosts Parrett Mountain Cellars (#16) during the Spring Wine Walk!  




LIVE music by Shirley 88.



Seaside Downtown Wine Walk review:

“Fairweather House & Gallery is where the beautiful pieces of art and live music always add joy to this stop on the Wine Walk.”

Back wall display featuring acrylics  by Jan Shield, landscapes by Judy Horning Shaw, cabbage by Sandy Caghill, and vintage Hunt Slohem bunny art.

On the trestle table display: floral oil by Blue Bond, Landscape by Jan Shield, art glass by Mike Fox, calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson, handmade journal by Christine Trexel, segmented vase by Mike Brown, bracelets by Barbara Walker, floral cards by Mike Mason,  sand blasted beverage glasses by Bob Heath, hand-made candles and mouth blown glass.

Pillar wall display features oils by Melissa Jander.



Cabinet top featuring bamboo basket art by Charles Schweigert,  watercolor by Carolyn Macpherson and vintage Chanel necklaces by Reneé Hafeman.

Cabinet interior featuring beaded mosaic box by Gayle H. Seely, rice paper art by Zifen Qian, dragonfly book matched box by Ray Noregaard, oak spoons by Mike Morris, wood bowl by Mike Brown, encaustic poppy by Kimberly Kent, floral oil by Melissa Jander and wood canisters by Fred Lukens.


Floral oil by Paul Brent, wood canister by Fred Lukens and mouth blown art glass.


Art by James Waterman, laser cut bronze bowls, wood bowl by Mike Brown with wire garden follies.


Calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson, portrait oil by Blue Bond,  impasto floral by Melissa Jander, mouth blown glass vase with mercury glass candlesticks, hand-made ribbed candles and one-of-a-kind asymmetrical necklaces by Mary Truhler.


Floral art  by Barbara Bacon Folawn, art glass by Bob Heath, handmade paper box by Christine Trexel, knitted shawl by Karen Johnson, jewelry boxes by Ray Noregaard,  wood shells by Mike Brown, bracelets by Mary Boitta and abstract watercolor by Jo Pomeroy-Crockett.


Fused glass by Mike Fox, floral art by Bev Drew-Kindley,  yupo art by Carolyn Macpherson, glass platter by Sandy and Bob Lercari with floral teapot set by Kate Caryle.



“Displaying for ‘Life Abundant’  Fairweather’s April exhibition, was a delight working with selected regional artists.”  D. Fairweather, gallerist and allied member, A.S.I.D., American Society of Interior Designers.


For more about the gallery, please go to

Nature- the garden that we all inhabit, called Mother Earth. It is our safe haven.” 

Photos by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall

Copyright © 2019

“First Snow” original oil on board by Blue Bond


“Winter visitors” original oil on canvas by Blue Bond

Fairweather House and Gallery exhibits selected oil paintings by Blue Bond, a well-known Northwest artist and fellow Seaside gallerist.



“Blue Bond paints with bold swaths of color, showing inner emotion and incredible talent.”


About the artist:

Blue was born in Kentucky and comes by his southern charm with grace and dignity. His father was a lifelong military man, so the family moved frequently, even to Panama. Blue has always loved to travel, see new and exciting places, and has based much of his art on the vibrancy of life itself.

Art has played an extremely important role in his life, from designing and painting signs, doing window displays, to producing thousands  of oil paintings over the span of fifty years. Blue is a self-taught artist.

Blue’s bold, colorful paintings can be found in art collections throughout the United States and Canada. He is best known for his Western art and portraits.


“In 2017, Blue and his wife Karen opened the Blue Bond Studio and Gallery in Seaside, Oregon.  He began teaching art to novices as well as accomplished painters. His ability to teach students to paint what they see is at the heart of his lessons.  They learn to view the world through the eyes of a painter, and gain real appreciation for all forms of art.  Accomplished artists learn from Blue how to paint fast, and wet on wet. Blue also teaches painting in oil and acrylic to students from 12 years old and up, in private or group classes.”  copyright Blue Bond Art Studio and Gallery.



Blue Bond self portrait

Blue Bond and Lou, a colorful local photographer, at a Fairweather Gallery event. Blue painted Lou’s portrait.


Blue Bond  excels at portraits, with the subject’s eyes being the gateway to their inner soul.



 “Thank you Fairweather’s for the glowing verbiage! Yes, Blue is an incredible artist, and definitely excels in portraits of people and animals.” Karen Bond


Since 2018, Blue Bond has selected original art to be sponsored at the Fairweather Gallery.

Blue Bond’s selected art is on display on our wall for the entire duration of an exhibit.

 Fairweather House and Gallery has 2,500 sq. ft. of exhibition space and features regional artists.

We rotate art monthly.



Celebrating 15 years in 2019.

 Seaside First Saturday Art Walk dates:

There are no Art Walks scheduled in January or February

March 2

April 6

May 4

June 1

July 6

August 3

September 7

October 5

November 2

December 7

Visitors meet artists, snag appetizers by favorite restaurants or personal chefs, view artist demonstrations and, oftentimes, enjoy live performances in music.

The event is free and is open to the public. The Art Walk is all about seeing art in the galleries and boutiques located between Holladay and Broadway in the historic district of downtown Seaside.

We participate in Seaside First Saturday Art Walk almost every month, which draws hundreds of people.

“Those that live for the arts, support the arts.”






Mercury glass lamps with silk shades, convex carved star mirror, vintage (circa 1906) atlas book, recycled wood console table and cast plaster decorative picture frame.



Close up detail of vintage atlas, opened to the North Pole.


Fairweather’s grand piano dressed for the winter.   Hand forged  bronze candelabra, fused glass bowl by Mike Fox, handmade paper box by Christine Trexel, sea glass and silver earrings by Mary Boitta, suede and chenille throw, silk and linen decorative throw pillow, chiseled glass and seeded glass vases and hand-made pottery by Suzy Holland.

Oil pastels in gold frames by Joanne Donaca, dichroic glass platter by Mike Fox, oil on canvas, by Blue Bond, cashmere plaid throw, aubergine silk tufted pillows with down insert, chenille and silk leopard print decorative pillows,  mouth blown amethyst plate by Rinee Merritt,  lazer cut wood snow flakes, handmade birch branch pedestals, handmade twig runner and hand-thrown pottery by Suzy Holland.

Photographs by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.



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