Carolynn Wagler

“Lady in Orange” original oil on canvas by Blue Bond.

‘Portraiture’ exhibition on view at Fairweather’s through May 29.




“The secret of mastering the portrait, look no further than the eyes.”  Blue Bond


“Portraiture” exhibition now on view through May 29 at Fairweather’s.


Blue Bond self-portrait. On the ledge above:  “Sunbather” original oil on wood panel by Blue Bond;  “Lady” by Susan Romersa, “Jay and Mr. D.” watercolor by Carolynn Wagler  and “Wine Bottle Still Life” by Barbara Rosbe Felisky.

Blue Bond, artist, with self-portrait.


Blue Bond painting en plein air at Faiweather’s.

Would you like to discover your hidden artistic talents or simply improve your current abilities in oil painting? Blue Bond offers private classes in his studio located on 417 South Holladay Drive in Seaside.  He can be reached by phone at (503) 739-0660.

Blue Bond has learned that his painting of “Willie Nelson”, previously introduced at Fairweather’s is being considered by (drum roll…) by Willie Nelson!!!

Saturday, May 18

 Blue Bond offered a Seaside Painting LIVE ™ event during the Wine Walk at Fairweather’s!!!

The Spring Downtown Wine Walk is when Seaside opens its doors – and its bottles – to welcome wine enthusiasts during this wine tasting event. Over twenty participating wineries will sell unopened bottles, allowing visitors to take home their favorite new find. The event will also include live music in several venues, complimentary appetizers, and a prize drawing. Wineries will charge nominal tasting fees.

Spring Downtown Wine Walk – Seaside Oregon

The Spring Downtown Wine Walk is when Seaside opens its doors – and its bottles – to welcome wine enthusiasts during this wine tasting event. Over twenty …

Fairweather House and Gallery hosts Parrett Mountain Cellars (#16) during the Spring Wine Walk!  




LIVE music by Shirley 88.



Seaside Downtown Wine Walk review:

“Fairweather House & Gallery is where the beautiful pieces of art and live music always add joy to this stop on the Wine Walk.”



“We Thought We Were Babes” original watercolor by Carolynn Wagler

Painting back story:

“We were in Southern California visiting on vacation. It was very hot, so we wore ball caps to shade our faces and both of us had pony tails that came out of the back of the hat.   My husband took a snap shot with his camera. Later, I thought “we were babes” and I painted it. The art seemed to resonate with viewers because it received three ‘judges’ awards and even spent a couple of weeks for viewing at the Capitol in Salem.”  Carolynn Wagler


2015 “Barack” watercolor by Carolynn Wagler.


Carolynn Wagler specializes in portraits.




Carolynn Wagler has taught in Portland for many years and has won many awards. She is an art instructor for Portland Parks and Recreation and a member of the Portland Fine Arts Guild.


To learn more about the artist, teacher and instructor Carolynn Wagler, go to:…/article_d2863386-5174-11e9-80c1-77445bcfa6…/welcoming-carolynn-wagler-wat..


The artist’s sketchbook is a place to plan, to start an idea and to place value on a future painting.



Seaside Art Walk hostess Saundra, “We Thought We Were Babes” mother-daughter art, with Carolynn Wagler, artist and daughter at Fairweather’s.
Photo by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.


On view through May 29.


Carolynn Wagler, watercolor artist


Carolynn Wagler’s entire history in art has been here in the Northwest. She and a friend took an oil painting class at the community college in Astoria. She is a college graduate from Northwest Christian University, but never took any art classes until her first class in Astoria.

Later she took watercolor, drawing, and figure drawing classes at Mount Hood Community College. Her art is noted for bright colors, form and shadow, emphasizing lights and darks, and vivid landscapes and portraits.


Carolynn Wagler, watercolor artist


“I just finished teaching at the Portland Fine Art Guild on birds featuring the watercolors I selected for Fairweather’s.” Carolynn




Carolynn was juried into the Watercolor Society of Oregon.  She was also juried into Portland Find Arts Guild. She has taught at the Guild for several years: pastel, portraiture, watercolor and the classics.




Carolynn  Wagler has taken instruction from watercolor artists through Art in the Mountains in Bend, including John Lovett and Alvaro Castagnet. She also has studied under Paul Jackson, Bev Jozwiak, Vicky Nelson, Brenda Boylan, Scott Johnson, Marla Baggetta, and Jean Haines [from the United Kingdom], Chris Stubbs and Angela Grainger. Carolynn makes a point to take classes from an outstanding artist at least once a year. Currently she is taking Watercolor Society of Oregon classes at Menucha on the Columbia Gorge.

For the last decade, Carolynn has been teaching both pastel and watercolor at Portland Parks and Recreation. Carolynn has been teaching for more than fifteen years and  has experience with acrylics  as well. She says watercolor is her favorite because of its fluidity. She says she finds it “a thrill to see what you come up with through the nature of the water and pigment together.” 



Carolynn Wagler’s awards include Honorable Mention at the Portland Rose Festival, seven first place awards from the Portland Fine Art Guild, four Judges Choice in the Leading Age Oregon contest, Best of Show at the Portland Fine Art Guild with “We Thought We Were Babes’, which also won at the Leading Age contest and was accepted into the Watercolor Society of Oregon’s 2015 show. This painting was displayed in the Capitol Building in Salem.




Question and Answer


Q:  What are Carolynn Wagler’s favorite colors to paint, you ask?

A: Crimsons, golden oranges, and bluish purples. Carolynn uses a test palette of watercolor paper painted with her original colors to see how each new hue would appear layered on the last. On a recent tiny watercolor laboratory the artist discovered, through trial, error, and inquisitive patience how to coax her perfect purple from a neutralizing yellow background.


And, too, read more about birds… just about perfect timing to complement Carolynn’s blog article, don’t you agree?


A multiyear monitoring effort is encouraging

By Katie Frankowicz, The Daily Astorian  Apr 2, 2019