Diane Klausner


Image captured by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall, photographer/artist.

“I started taking pictures in 2012. I edit some of them, (cropping, lightening/darkening, enhancing details) using the program, Smart Photo Editor. I’m not a professional . I do this because I love the area and being able to share it through my photos.” –Linda

Fun fact: Linda Fenton-Mendenhall is the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk photographer.
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Original watercolor by Paul Brent.  ‘Acorn with Leaf ‘

Painted as a 2016 fall finale in Seaside. Paul Brent is an artist whose work has become internationally known to represent the coastal lifestyle.From his watercolors to his recent oil paintings he captures nature in its best and most idyllic form.While being best known for his beach subjects, he has painted landscapes that are equally indicative of his talent to recreate all aspects of nature. He especially enjoys painting local scenes and beachscapes that he views near his two home studios in Panama City, Florida and Seaside, Oregon.

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X Marks le Spot


‘X marks le Spot’  by  Don Frank, photographer. Photo on bamboo.

This work by Don Frank was shown at the Fairweather House and Gallery and is on display in the Inn at Seaside. In addition, regional artists Victoria Brooks, Paul Brent, Neal Maine and Micheal Wing have art work selected from the Fairweather Gallery on display in the Inn at Seaside and The River Inn at Seaside.
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“The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach.” – Henry Beston

Don Frank is a professional photographer who lives and works on the Oregon Coast. The unusual has always held a special place in Don’s artistic vision. The combination of his professional commercial experience coupled with a sardonic worldview has helped him create imagery that has found homes in galleries and collections across the country, including the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago and the Center for Fine Art Photography in Colorado. Don’s work is creative and colorful, showcasing the eye he has crafted over his many years pointing his camera at something, at anything. His personal shooting style was described once at an event, “Don is very discreet except when he is up in your face.” Many photographers simply observe, Don likes to participate.

Please visit http://www.fairweatherhouseangallery.com/blog August 30, 2016… AGAINST THE CURRENT: printmaker Sarah Lippold, painter Agnes Field and photographer Don Frank…


‘Solitude’ by  Diane Klausner. Watercolor, ink, pearl powder on gold Shikishi.

Please visit https://fairweatherhouseandgallery.wordpress.com/…/introducing-diane-klausner-artist…Aug 23, 2016/ blog post…Artist Diane Klaunser Artist Statement “I don’t paint with my eyes, I paint with …


Fun Fact: David Frei, veteran voice Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, is a good friend of Diane Klausner. David and his Cherilyn visited the gallery recently to view Diane’s art and signed a copy of David’s book “Angel on a Leash”.  Cherilyn is the new chaplain at Seaside Providence. David  champions working with therapy dogs  on the North coast.


Fairweather House and Gallery has represented a collection of fine art created by an exceptional group of regional artists for over ten years.

Soon we will be moving the display tables into the next season.  We embrace change.


Art walk hostesses amidst fall foliages.

We help one another.  We live for the moment.  


Gary Pearlman, Sherrie Stahl,  Jo Pomeroy-Crockett, Sarah Lippold, Penelope Culbertson, Mary Boitta and Diane Klausner featured works on display.

We do what others are not willing to do. We feature original work by regional artists.

We accept social responsibility.  We give generously. We honor our artists, our community and our causes to the utmost of our abilities.

We do the right things.

We have hosted more than 100 art events in more than 10 years!!!

We take pride in discovering and promoting the many, many creative minds who shape our beloved community.

We are grateful.  We are thankful.  We are hopeful.

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Photos courtesy of Linda Fenton-Mendenhall Photography.


Diane Klausner

Artist Diane Klaunser

                 Artist Statement                    


“I don’t paint with my eyes, I paint with my heart.” (Chang Dai Chien)                


I fell in love with Chinese Brush Painting the moment I dipped the bamboo-handle brush into Chinese ink. I loved the simplicity, discipline, honesty, symbolism and self-expression of the ancient art.                   


For over forty years, I yearned to paint. Finally, after retiring as a landscape architect, I was able to realize my dream.                        


Over the years, my work has evolved from the more traditional technique of Chinese brush painting to another ancient technique called P’o Mo. Translated as “Splash Ink”, this technique involves pouring or brushing ink and watercolor paint onto rice paper or Shikishi boards and letting the medium bleed and blend. Then, I continue with brushwork using Chinese brushes to reveal more recognizable images such as mountains, streams, trees etc. At times, I do not add anything and the work is more abstract as in my new painting, “Got the Blues.”                      


Mainly, I paint nature subjects. I am an avid hiker and world traveler with a continued love affair with the mountains. Whether it’s a new mountain peak, flower unfurling or the sighting of a songbird, they all reach out to me and I paint the love that they inspire in my heart. –Diane Klausner



 Throughout September Diane Klaunser’s watercolor art on Shikishi  boards and rice paper will be on display as DRAMA IN ART.

Q: What is Shikishi, you ask?

A: Shikishi is an art form between poetry and painting. Poems were used as the subject of paintings, and calligraphers often wrote poems on shikishi boards of tinted paper.

And, too, save the date and time!

September 3rd 5-7:pm opening reception for the exhibit AGAINST THE GRAIN, a show curated by Agnes Field for the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk at Fairweather’s.