Donna Sanson

 Abstract watercolors by Donna Sanson, Oregon  myrtlewood cribbage board, segmented vase and nautilus sculptures by Mike Brown.

Crafted by NW hands.

Folded book art by Mary Boitta, en caustic art (aptly titled “Remembering Autumn”) by Peg Wells, origami by Peggy Evans, leather work by Luans Leathers, en caustic crows by Kathryn Delany and hand painted tiles by Sandy Applegate.

Abstracts by Diane Copenhaver and glass art by Bob Heath.


Handmade curly willow, mouth blown glass,  hand-made book and box by Christine Trexel.

Coral glass by Rinee Merritt, glass platters by Sandy and Bob Lecari and plein air oil by Lisa Wiser.


En caustic  art, ocean debris baskets, sea urchin bowls, moon platter by Emily Miller, mixed media stone art by Peggy Stein, abstract drip by Kimberly Reed and oil paintings by Sharon Kathleen Johnson.


Abstract miniatures by Tanya Gardner.


Calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson, watercolor by Bill Baily and pottery by Suzy Holland.


Abstract oil by Carmela Newstead.



Abstracts by Zifen Qian, maple bowls by Daniel Harris, watercolor by Paul Brent, landscape by Bill Baily and seascape  by Victoria Brooks.



For Shape and Color.

Art masks by Jorjett Strumme.

Paintings with pressed flowers on metal by Mike Mason. Anny Sears, model, with pressed foliages by Mike Mason.



Pastel landscape by Carmela Newstead, vintage jewelry necklace by Reneé Hafeman and en caustic blue abstract by Kimberly Kent.

Sunset oil paintings  by Nicholas Oberling, photograph by Neal Maine, pastels by Lynda Campbell and seascapes by Ron Nicolaides.


Mixed media diptych by Gary Pearlman, raw edged walnut bowl by Mike Brown and paper box sculpture by Christine Trexel.

Miniature oils by Barbara Rosbe Felisky.


Photos by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.

“Color and Shape” exhibition through September 30th.

The show covers every aspect of art, textures, materials and finishes, highlighting the quintessentially colorful fall season.

Grace note to the artists…


“Shape and Color, Fairweather’s September exhibition, would not be such a success without the beautiful work created by NW hands.  The selected artists provided new work to highlight the annual fall show.  We thank them all for the extraordinary opportunity to tell a seasonal story with their art.  Truly, the artists offered new exceptional work, and by doing so, they encourage those of us in the arts, to do more.”  Fairweather Gallery

Abstract series of three by Jan Rimmerman, seascape oil by Karen E. Lewis and pottery by Suzy Holland.  Shape and Color gallery hostesses Katie, Kemy Kay, Joan, Bonnie and Denise.


And, too, a grace note received from a gallery hostess to share.

“Thank you for the beautiful crystal I picked out for a gift.  Most, of all, thanks for bringing the utmost beauty to many, many people.  Most of all, thanks for inviting me to work in your stunning establishment.  It delights my eyes every time I come in.  Your artists are beyond comparison.” Kemy Kay

A grace note received from an artist.


“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs.  Ask yourself  what makes you come alive and then do that.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” –Howard Thurman, educator and theologian.
“Thank you for your encouragement and support in showing and growing my art.  You have created such a wonderful group of artists, and display our work in beautiful ways.  I am extremely grateful for your friendship and aliveness in out shared vision.”  Gayle H. Seely

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“Patterns” original  by Donna Sanson


Artist statement:

“I feel so fortunate to have art as a friend and companion throughout my life. I’ve been influenced by my aunt who was a professional artist; by special art classes at Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh PA during my elementary and high school years; by encouraging art instructors at Midwestern State University while living in Wichita Falls TX; by membership in the Fremont Art Association, Portola Art Gallery, and  Artists 7, and by teaching drawing and watercolor in private classes and through the Fremont Adult School while living in the Bay Area; by attending a painting workshop at La Romita School of Art in Umbria Italy; and by being a founding partner in Art On Broadway Gallery in Beaverton OR.”  Donna Sanson 


“No matter where I found myself, my connection to art has been instructive, challenging, supportive, and joyous!”

Donna Sanson’s favorite inspiration quote:

“He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.” – St Francis of Assisi



Copyright © Donna Sanson


“Pathways” by Donna Sanson

“The following set of paintings are all matted and framed identically and were painted as a series.” Donna



“Abstract With Lines” – original watercolor on paper, framed under glass by Donna Sanson


“Abstract With Circles” – original watercolor & gouache on paper, framed under glass  by Donna Sanson


“Abstract With Dots” – original watercolor on paper, framed under glass by Donna Sanson



Grace note received from the artist


“It was a pleasure to talk with you recently while visiting the coast.  I am following up about exhibiting my artwork in your upcoming show. As promised, I have selected abstract paintings that I feel would be appropriate for your September “Shapes & Colors” installation.”  Donna


End quotes:

“Creating and sharing my paintings is truly a pleasure, but my proudest artistic accomplishment is bringing together the extremely talented group of local artists. Together, we have given our community a gift – a  destination for the discovery, appreciation, and enjoyment of fine art.”  Donna Sanson


“Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.” George Bernard Shaw



Fairweather Gallery presentation of Donna Sanson’s abstract art.

Note the special photo image catching the mirror reflection of the Donna Sanson art presentation.
In appreciation to Linda Fenton-Mendenhall,  resident Fairweather photographer.