Fedor Zubanov and Irina Nazarkina

INTO THE BLUE vignette #1

INTO THE BLUE vignette #1: Abstract art by Diane Copenhaver, encaustic art by Peg Wells, oil painting on linen by Victoria Brooks and masks by Don Nisbett. In addition, hand made vessel, vintage brass chapel candelabra, pair of verdigris candlesticks, THYMES azur home fragrance collection, Oregon myrtle wood bowl, cast planter tabletop shell, one-of-a-kind driftwood loveseat, accented with down filled silk and velvet pillows.

INTO THE BLUE vignette # 2

INTO THE BLUE vignette #2: Watercolors by Lieta Gratteri, oil paintings by Lisa Wiser, oceanscape by Karen E. Lewis, abstract by Patricia Clark-Finley, encaustic by Emily Miller, painted and seed bead mosaic boxes by Gayle H. Seely, calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson, jewelry by Mary Truhler, hand made paper triangle box by Christine Trexel, reversible one-of-a-kind hand made masks by Peggy Evans, and chevron glass platter by Fedor Zubanov.  Accessories include THYMES gold leaf home fragrance, vintage braided ceramic basket, Oregon myrtle wood platter, mouth blown vase, hand painted silk stems, linen towel hostess gift, bronze candle sticks, and ILLUME candles with gold gilt chevron caddy, lemon scented hostess soaps, and hand fringed linen table square.

Displays by KD Fairweather, allied member, A.S.I.D./ American Society of Interior Designers.

Photos by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.


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Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway

Seaside, Oregon


Art sale and show

Through June 24


Discover just how fond are artists of a particular color is demonstrated at the exhibition of INTO THE BLUE, with fifteen selected NW artists, 100 new original artworks, art glass, and semi-precious aquamarine gemstones in jewelry.

Acrylic artist Toni Avery

Printmaker Nick Brakel

Abstract painter Diane Copenhaver

En plein air painter Karen Doyle

Watermedia artist Pam Haunschild

Glass artist Bob Heath

Fine art photographer Bob Kroll

Water colorist Lieta Gratteri

Pastel artist Gretha Lindwood

Calligraphy artist JoAnn Pari-Mueller

Mixed media artist Jan Rimerman

Oil painter Lisa Wiser

Semi precious gemstone jeweler Mary Truhler

Introducing poured alcohol painter Gail Pennebaker

And, too…

July 3, 5-7 pm opening reception for the Fairweather exhibition PLACE BASED!!!



“Stormy Rain at Night”

Hand painted silk scarf by Cicely Gilman


Fused glass bowl by Fedor Zubanov and Irina Nazarkina



Hand decorated glass ornaments with vintage buttons and rhinestones


Necklace with hand made glass leaves, woven seed pearls, and cultured pearl pendant by jewelry designer Mary Hurst


Sterling silver earrings with faceted crystals and seed pearls by Mary Truhler


“Splashes of Colors”

Hand painted  velvet scarf by textile artist Cicely Gilman


Ribbons by the yard in double-faced satins, organdy, dupioni silk, gros grain, velvet, velvet satin,  and more



Fairweather’s offers gorgeous bows made by NW hands

Select the ribbon and we will make you a custom bow, free of charge

Or, make an appointment to receive a private tutorial on handmade bow making




Shop Local.  Shop Small. Shop Safely.
Art Show and Exhibition
Now through December 23rd
Fairweather House and Gallery
612 Broadway
“Fairweather’s annual December exhibition transforms our downtown Seaside gallery into an all-art, all-original, all-local, fine art and fine craft gift destination where guests can, truly, shop safely.”
COME — Let us show you our glittering best
Open Mon, Thu, Fri, Sat 11-4, and Sundays 11-3
 Hours remain limited until there is a convincing containment of the virus
 And, too, we are always available and willing to accommodate individual needs at later times if needed
Call (503) 738-8899, message on FB, or visit in person 

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Astrophotograher Bob Kroll with his art on display.

Watercolors by Paul Brent, fall drawings by Dorota Haber-Lehigh, fused glass by Carolyn Myers Lindberg, and encaustic art by Peg Wells.

Mixed media by Elina Zebergs, sunflower abstracts by Jan Rimerman, raw edge wood furniture by Ray Noregaard, and oil paintings by Emily McNeil.

Framed calligraphy quotes by Penelope Culbertson and  photo on metal by Neal Maine, and NCLC gift cards.

Impasto abstracts by Leah Kolenberg, art glass by Fedor Zubanov, watercolors by Bill Baily, and wood bowls by Tom Willing.

Landscape photos by Steven A. Bash, jewelry by Mary Truhler, oils by Sharon Kathleen Johnson, and pottery by Suzy Holland.

Landscape oil by Karen E. Lewis, hammered silver by Nikki Hatt, glass by Bob Lercari, and photographs by Neal Maine.

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

Seaside, Oregon

Through Sept. 26th 

OVER and UP September Art Exhibition focuses on contemporary art, showcasing a wide variety of art forms, mediums and expressions.

Images by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall

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Table display I for HELLO SUNSHINE:

Hand painted transparent metallic luster wood turned candlesticks, hand dipped tapers, silk cording spools,  seed  pearl mosaic box by Gayle H. Seely, hand-dyed silk scarf,  hand-wrapped silk flowers,  glass art by Carolyn Myers Lindberg, hand-woven bamboo runner and encaustic art by Emily Miller.




Meticulous displays, like none other, with disciplined attention to design perspectives. Find harmony in exquisite materials, combined with the spirit of many artists who know how to apply the mark of being in the Northwest.



Table display II for HELLO SUNSHINE:


Hand-made kitchen/bath textile gifts for summer hostesses tied with sunny ribbon, bright hand-dipped candle tapers, hand-cast nickel candlesticks, linen/ cotton hand-hemmed runner, and glittering one-of-a-kind jewelry by Reneé Hafeman.






Find where interior design is not decorating but rather giving coastal homes the peaceful lifestyle. Find where everyday dreams are integrated with irreplaceable humanity, friendship and beauty.




Table display III for HELLO SUNSHINE:

Hand-made hostess gifts topped with a silk sunflowers, fused glass soap trays by Christine Downs, hand-made beaded ear-rings by Mary Truhler, and hand-carved bone picture frame.






“Part curatorial, part installation Fairweather brings together artists’ works from a wide variety of genres and mediums, grouping them into an expansive spectrum of theme and color.”


Photos by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall for HELLO SUNSHINE


Gallerist Denise Fairweather draws upon her life experience in design, principally as a senior level project designer/ Allied Member of the American Society of Interior Designers.  She thinks in terms of staging when designing exhibits.



“I do see staging art as a kind of a set.  When an exhibit is set, complete with the proper lighting, signing and art on display, so to speak, I want to see a perfect scene, for the artists, of course, for the visitors.  The assembled accessories  are placed to complement the art created with a specifically appointed theme … all working together to create a perfect exhibition.”  


Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway


“The sun is but a morning star.” – Henry David Thoreau

Now on exhibit through August 25th

Art for the exhibition created entirely by North coast artists. Featuring art by Paul Brent, Lieta Gratteri,  Reneé Hafeman,  Bev Drew Kindley, Karen E. Lewis, Carolyn Lindberg, Neal Maine and Fedor Zubanov.


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Q: What goes into the thought process when selecting an exhibition title, you ask?

A:  An exhibition title is selected one year in advance. HELLO SUNSHINE was chosen to herald in the Indian Summer season, at time when the sun, seems to (finally) shine on the North coast lands.


Yet, too, as in the August 2020  exhibition, a theme became a metaphor in relation to current events happening; it became a beacon of light, artistically speaking, amidst all the the darkness in the world happening during COVID-19.




Save the date and time

Sept. 5th, 5-7 p.m.

Opening reception

OVER and UP exhibition

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway

Two artists selected were invited work on the exhibition as a collaborative project; both have a similar vision of rapport and fellowship.

Featuring Bob Knoll and Paul Brent, and more.













Marigold  dichroic fused glass art by Carolyn Myers Lindberg 

10 in. diameter

On exhibition August 1st through August 25th


Close up  to show the flash and sparkle of the marigold artistic elements. Dichroic (pronounced “dye-crow-ick”) glass means two colored, from the Greek words “di” for two, and “chroma” for color. It was named because of its fantastic multicolored and reflective properties.





On exhibition August 1st through August 25th

“Window in the Sun” handmade fused glass by Fedor Zubanov

12 x 12 in.

“You can easily find a 4-section window in the center of the plate. But if you look closer you notice that there are no clear boundaries: this window is just a combination of colors within diagonal chevrons. Sometimes halves of chevrons – sunny rays – simply go through the window, sometimes they reflect and change the color. Those reflections create the illusion of the window shape.”




“This clock was done using the original glass fusing technique  called 3-D chevrons.

Edges of this clock are professionally hand worked to look straight and shiny.”  FZ





“Every item is produced  in the USA. Every item shines like a small sun.”

Available on special order from Fedor Zubanov and Irina Nazarkina






Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway


Now through August 25th

Art for the exhibition created entirely by North coast artists. Featuring art by Paul Brent, Lieta Gratteri,  Reneé Hafeman,  Bev Drew Kindley, Karen E. Lewis, Carolyn Lindberg, Neal Maine and Fedor Zubanov.

Please read more about our gallery, our commitment to NW artists, and our products made by NW hands






Artist Mike Mason in his studio.

In order to protect the health and safety our guests, our community, and our staff (who are over the age of 65 and are deemed to be a high health risk), the Gallery is closing its doors to visitors through April.

“This decision comes after careful review of guidance from public health authorities and projections for the spread of COVID-19, and reflects our desire to ensure it is not contributing to transmission of the disease which could overwhelm our health care system. This is a difficult decision, but we are confident is the right choice.”

Please re-visit our previously published blog post articles throughout this time.

Questions or concerns, please email fairweatherkd@gmail.com.

Thank you for your understanding.


March 14, 2019 Question to the Fairweather artists.

Q: “Here is an idea. Please send images of the art being created in your studio during this crisis. We will publish  a blog post and keep it updated as you share with us what you are creating. Are you interested? Let me know your thoughts.”




“I am painting in my art studio.” Toni Avery


“Social distancing doesn’t require you to become a shut-in. I go outside to paint,”  en plein arist Emily Miller.


“In addition, I’m finishing up a few smaller baskets for a large collaborative display of reclaimed fishing rope ( ghost net collected by Cape Lookeout rangers).basket sculptures called Undersea Garden.”  Emily Miller


“I like this idea! You can use this one and will try to send a few more. Thanks for the up date about the gallery,” artist/ Professor Emeritus of Art Pacific University Jan Shield.



“It is my plan to create tomorrow, I would love to send some pictures while I am creating! I have been wondering how things will go with all of this virus worry.  If there is anything I can do to be of help, please don’t hesitate to ask.”  Rene’e Hafeman, jewelry designer.


“Here is an image of a book I just published in early 2020 on a series Weekend Projects  I tried to provide day-by-day instructions different projects which use one common element: stringers. Thanks for the proposal. I think it’s very useful to have a venue that helps especially during the crisis. I’m working now on a couple of new big works and will share photos as soon as I have them completed,”  fused glass artist Fyodor Zubanov.


“I have scheduled kids art on-line classes (ages 8-18) all week in three different time zones: Central Europe / US East Coast / and US West Coast time. We are learning how to draw puffins!”   Leah Kohlenberg www.leahkohlenberg.com/book-online



“Hope everyone is staying healthy! I’m staying home painting.” Pam Haunschild

“This strange virus has affected everyone.  We are 3 weeks behind the Italians infections so things are going to get way more interesting.  I appreciate the information and understand if other schedules need to be altered.  Thank you for keeping me updated. Stay safe!” Jan Rimerman, Artist/Art Administrator.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has  issued guidelines for “community mitigation strategies” to limit the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, which include recommendations for “social distancing”—a term that epidemiologists are using to refer to a conscious effort to reduce close contact between people and hopefully stymie community transmission of the virus.



  • Be in nature. Breathe fresh air. Notice things about the world around you that you didn’t see before.
  • Start birdwatching. Coronavirus hasn’t bothered the birds. Find out what species nest near you, dust off your binoculars if you’ve got ’em and download a birdwatching map.
  • Make art. Whether it’s a page out of a coloring book or paint-by-numbers masterpiece, a knitted scarf or a piece of pottery, creating will ease your mind and keep your fingers nimble.



“Thank you with the list of things to do.  It’s one of the most uplifting ones I’ve received,” artist Sandy Visse


Please visit us on line at www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.co


Hood River by Bill Baily

Original watercolor, 22″ x 28″ framed in a black metal fame with double off white mats


About the artist.

Bill Baily lives with his wife, Donna, in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  They have a weekend place on the Oregon coast. Although he was a professional pharmacist, he has also been an artist for over forty-six years. Bill is now retired and he spends his time painting. His subject matter is impressionistic landscapes and seascapes as well as the more prevalent fruit and vegetable still lifes for which he is well known.

Bill studied with Nelson Sandgren, Charles Mulvey, Perry Acker, Phil Tyler and George Hamilton. He has had work included in the annual Northwest Watercolor Society Show in Seattle, Artists of Oregon Exhibit at the Portland Art Museum, and numerous Watercolor Society of Oregon Biannual exhibits. He has contributed his paintings to the Cascade Aids Auctions where his work was usually selected to be in their published catalogues.


Some of the permanent collections where his work can be found are those of Sunriver Lodge and Condominiums, Georgia-Pacific, Wells Fargo Bank, Lloyd Corporation, the Arlington Club, Good Samaritan Hospital, Nabisco, the Multnomah Athletic Club, Bank of America, Freightliner, Sisters of Providence Hospital, and Boise Cascade. Many private collectors in the United States, Japan and Western Europe also collect his paintings.


Bill Baily fruit studies in watercolor, art glass by Fedor Zubanov and Irina Nazarkina, mini fused glass trays by Rox Heath, and fresco painting by Agnus Field.


Fairweather House and Gallery

Through March 25

612 Broadway St.

Seaside, Oregon

“A Fresh Start” featuring artists Toni Avery, Bill Baily, Karen Doyle, Christine Downs, Bob Heath, Dorota Haber-Lehigh, Gayle H. Seely and Bill Shumway.

“This exhibit’s expectation lies in its possibility to present fresh, new perspectives, inspiration, experiences, reflection and even the possibility for transcendence in some way.”

Read more at http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com



Bill Baily’s art is also shown at the Portland Art Museum.


Pamplin Media Group – Bill Baily’s art named ‘Best of Show’


May 11, 2017 – BILL BAILY – The winners of the Lake Area Artists Show and Sale have been announced, based on the judging by the …


Previously, art by Bill Baily was selected to be in the 2019 Cannon Beach Arts Association Miniature Exhibition “Exploring the Extraordinary,” with three paintings under 36 square inches.


Most recently,  Bill Baily’s watercolor was selected  into the spring 2020 group show of 80 artists for the Watercolor Society of Oregon.

In addition, Mary Burgess, JoAnn Pari-Mueller  and Pam Haunschild, artists who exhibit art at Fairweather’s, were selected for the 2020 spring Watercolor Society of Oregon.

To read more about the artist, go to https://fairweatherhouseandgallery.wordpress.com/category/artists/bill-baily/


To learn more about the gallery, please visit http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com/



Red and green fused glass plates and platters by Carolyn Myers Lindberg.


Emerald and ruby crystal crane ornament by Peggy Evans.


Ruby red glass, crystal and rhinestone earrings by Mary Truhler.


Very rare red  poppy Chanel pendant  by jewelry designer  Reneé Hafeman.



Red oyster oil painting. Original on canvas by Paul Brent.


Handmade red art glass by Fedor Zubanov and Irina Nazarkina.


Cold wax oil painting by artist Peg Wells.

NW Fran’s Chocolates.


Fused glass table top trees on a natural birch log by Monet Rubin.





Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

Through December 23

for HUE, an exhibition, featuring  art by Leah Kohlenberg, JoAnn Pari-Mueller  and Vanessa K. Stokes.

“Hues or colors are so pure – no white or blacks added – just rich, delightful, lose yourself in the color.”

In my new works this month, two are executed in watercolor, evoking warmth and redolence, one is a jewel toned mixed media work on handmade paper,” writes artist JoAnn Pari-Mueller.

In addition, HUE features a lavish array of  handmade jewelry of mixed-metal, leather, gold-filled and semi-precious stones from many of the Northwest’s most reputable jewelry artists. It is a once a year exclusive private jewelry shopping experience to select the latest edgy fashion forward works.

Complimentary gift wrapping.


“Standing on a Sunset” white egret with sunset reflection at Stanley Lake, Seaside by Neal Maine.


 Through December 23

On Hue Art Exhibit and Sale

Fairweather House and Gallery.




“Patch work Quilt”  fused glass plate by Fedor Zubanov

“This rectangular plate looks like a patchwork quilt. It’s composed of absolutely different pieces: thin and thick “threads”, chevrons, tapestry, colorful rectangles, etc. Colors are transitioning from orange red to green blue, and in general this could be a bright accent to any room.  Handmade.”  9″x11″  Fedor Zubanov


“Window in the Sun’s Ray” fused glass plate by Fedor Zubanov

“You can easily find a 4-section window in the center of the plate. But if you look closer you notice that there are no clear boundaries: this window is just a combination of colors within diagonal chevrons. Sometimes halves of chevrons – Sunny rays – simply go through the window, sometimes they “reflect” and change the color. Those reflections create the illusion of the window shape.

This plate was done using the original glass fusing technique 3D Chevrons. Edges of this plate are professionally cold worked and look straight and shiny.  Handmade.”  12 “x12” Fedor Zubanov


Fedor Zubanov and Irina Nazarkina, Northwest fused glass artists, handcraft decorative plates, bowls and vases, using various techniques known as glass fusing. “Excellent fused glass work. The beveled edges are perfect and show that a lot of love was put into this piece. Most of the glass is semi-transparent.”


Square plate rotation series in red and teal, 8 x 8, fused glass plates by Fedor Zubanov


“A couple of new square plates. In these plates I combined solid color triangular glass pieces and a waived square in the center. These pieces are separated by sets of stripes. Each set contains 3 light opalescent and 2 transparent stripes. The resulting pattern imitates rotation of the square in the center.” Fedor Zubanov

By joining different pieces of glass at almost melting temperatures Fedor Zubanov and Irina Nazarkina create one-of-a-kind artworks.



“This bowl looks like a malachite vessel because it’s made of a special type of murrini. This murrini imitate stone structure while being fused with another glass. The edges and the bottom are professionally cold worked. This bowl can be used for candies, salads, snacks and other cold food.” 3.5″ x 5.5″ (top diameter) Fedor 



Fun Facts about Fedor Zubanov:

Works at Mircosoft.

Originally from Moscow.

Author of  e-books on creating fused glass.


“e-book From scrap to Artworks with a vitrigraph…159 pages, more than 170 illustrations and photos. All temperatures and dimensions specified in both metric and US systems.  It could be considered as containing two separate books: the first one describes work with vitrigraph for making stringers, cane and murrini. Also it explains how to manage colors, get predictable results, and effectively use glass; the second one contains detailed instructions for 11 different projects of various complexity, and 6 other projects provided for your inspiration without detailed instructions. All those projects doesn’t require a vitrigraph.  


So, this book is addressed to two groups of readers: those who want to enhance their vitrigraph skills, and for those, who want to make projects with stringers, rods and murrini available in the market.” Fedor Zubanov




“e-book Weekend projects:  Stringers in glass fusing…For many of us glass fusing is a hobby and we can dedicate time for it only at weekends. So, it would be great to have instructions which allow to complete a relatively complex project in 2-3 days. In this book I tried to provide day-by-day instructions for four different projects which use one common element: stringers.”  Fedor Zubanov



“e-Book: Mondrian pattern in glass … describes a creation of nice looking fused glass plates in Mondrian style. ​There are 40 pages and a lot of illustrations. All recommendations are provided for COE96 glass, but firing schedules have notes for COE90 glass as well. This book is useful for both novice and experienced fusers. Tips will allow you to make professionally looking glass works with stripes, squares/rectangles/triangles and other geometrical patterns.”  Fedor Zubanov


Thu, Aug 29, 8:18 PM (7 days ago)

Hello Fairweather,

I visited your gallery last week and I talked about glass works for your exhibitions in September – November. I would be happy to present 3-5 of my works in September. I will bring them to you (I live near Seattle, so it takes about 5 hours only.)  Fedor Zubanov


Done!  Delivered and installed.  Thu, Sep 04, 11:00AM (1 day ago)  Welcome! Fedor Zubanov



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