Kathryn Delany

Featuring  art by regional artists:  floral and grasses  by Susan Curington,  landscapes by Jan Shield,  pastels by Joanne Donaca, wood cut birds and blooms by Gregory Graham, mouth blown glass by Cindy DuVall, watercolor butterflies by Denise Joy McFadden, textiles by Linda Ballard  and rice paper florals by Zifen Qian.  

For more info please visit http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com … artists.

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BLOOM, an exhibition at Fairweather’s through April. “It’s like living inside a garden, the gallery is layered  with colorful accessories, beautiful artworks, and gorgeous garden books.”

So lovely.  So perfect.  So right.  

Photo layout  by Fairweather artist and Seaside Art Walk photographer, Linda Fenton-Mendenhall featuring  the April  2017 salon-style display of art.

Selected BLOOM artists in salon style gallery display, left to right:   floral oil on linen art by Michael Muldoon,  still life oil on linen by Melissa Jander,  landscape pastels by Gretha Lindwood, encaustic (painting in beeswax) by emerging artist Rebecca Gore, abstract floral pastels by Gretha Lindwood, emerging artist mermaids in sea florals by emerging artist Ashley Howarth, and “Garden Party” tulips and hyacinths  original oil by Melissa Jander.

A round of applause for BLOOM, an exhibition at Fairweather’s throughout the month of April! You  introduced an imaginative way of displaying many diverse  NW artists.  The artwork brings together design drama in extraordinary intimacy and charm that creates a feeling of a springtime garden stroll. Thank you!” — Bonnie W.

Q: What is salon style display in the context of a gallery exhibition, you ask?

A:  Hanging art salon-style can be a dramatic and brave  way to decorate a wall, placing a range of art with unusual dimensions to create an interesting effect.   Neutral walls are considered a perfect way to cleanse the palette for the eye in  salon-style display.


For more info about the gallery and the artists, please visit http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com …artists


From artist Susan Curington, ‘I LOVE YOU’ original art. 30″ x 40″

Did you know that  Susan always shares a grace note when she writes?  Her latest:  “I would like to paint the way a bird sings” ~Claude Monet

For more about the artist, please visit http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com/artists/ Susan Curingotn.

Silk scarves by Susan

And, too, beautiful silk scarves at Faiweather’s  by Susan: Joyful Grasses, Nasturtium, Grapes and Cosmos.


Raven Gift Orange

From artist Kathryn Delany ‘HEART SAVER’

“One of my strengths is the ability to match my style of art to the requests and dreams of clients. I developed a style in decorative finishes that was unique and reflects a love of layered finishes. I love to use a lot of metallics in my work too. The metallics reflect light and creates a sense of luxury.”–Kathryn Delany

To read more about Kathyrn Delany, the artist, at Fairweather’s please visit:
 From Mary Hurst, Celtic couture jewelry designer.



To read more about Mary Hurst,  Celtic jewelry designer,  at Fairweather’s please go to:






Fairweather House and Gallery
612 Broadway
Nov. 5th. 5-7:pm
Opening reception for the exhibition titled A SIMPLE APPROACH.

The essence of every sanctuary one creates in the approaching season can be distilled down to the principles of classic neutrals, materials that endure and soothing sight lines in art pulled from a serene environment.

Arriving to meet and greet art patrons are regional artists Lori Wallace-Lloyd, Denise Joy McFadden and Kathryn Delany.

Lori Wallace-Lloyd will be offer a Painting Seaside LIVE ™ demonstration!

“After doing a lot of bird drawings this summer, I’m back to oil painting this fall and I am doing another shell where I have experimented and lightened up the background. The shell that I have sent you is a drawing in pastel pencil, that inspired doing one in oils.”–Lori


Lori Wallace-Lloyd joined the Navy at 17, becoming the first female helicopter aircrew member in 1977. Later, after becoming an officer, she became fascinated by Italian painting, having been stationed for 3 years in Sicily. Though she had a family and career she began the long road of classical art training, eventually studying in the Bay area with several renowned portraitists including Virgil Elliott.

The rigorous atelier training built the skills needed to produce the realist figurative work, for which she has won many awards, including Grand prize at the Portland Rose Festival and Best of Show with the St. Louis Artist’s Guild.

Please visit http://www.LoriWallaceLloyd.com  for more information.

Denise Joy McFadden will introduce a new woven watercolor and will speak about the art of weaving two paintings to create one original work of art.


The artist especially enjoys the spontaneity, as well as the risks encountered with watercolor. Denise Joy McFadden often works on dampened paper and mixes color directly onto her painting, rather than the palette. This technique creates wonderful effects and textures, which make no two paintings the same.

As a signature member of the Southwest Washington Watercolor Society and the Northwest Watercolor Society, Denise is an award winner and her work has been displayed in many shows. She is also a member of Watercolor West and the National Watercolor Society.

Please visit http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com/artists/Denise Joy McFadden for more information.


Kathryn Delany introduces art that features “a little bit of the feeling of isolation of the birds, the vastness of their universe and the landscape underneath them.”


Kathryn Delany, a creative fine artist based in Portland, specializes in customized art work to fit a lifestyle. She offers commissioned art, fine art prints, digital painting, photo-painting and art on tile, glass, and aluminum. Her style can range from impressionist to trompe l’oeile, abstract to whimsical.



“One of my strengths is the ability to match my style of art to the requests and dreams of clients. I developed a style in decorative finishes that was unique and reflects a love of layered finishes. I love to use a lot of metallics in my work too. The metallics reflect light and creates a sense of luxury.” —

For more information about Kathryn Delany please visit http://www.colorsplashes.com.


At 6: pm, Neal Maine, ecologist, premier wildlife photographer, and co-founder of the North Coast Land Conservancy, will offer a lecture on the local habitat.

Refreshments, LIVE music by Shirley 88 and patron gifts.

For more information please visit http://www.facebook.com/SeasideFirstSaturdayArtWalk