Linda Ballard


New work: “Forte” 20 x 30 in oil on deep cradled wood panel by Melissa Jander.

Q: What is the meaning of forte, you ask?
A: A thing that excels. Synonyms: strength, strong, special gift. The ocean, indeed, is a gift to us all.



New work: “Crescendo” 20 x 30 in oil on deep cradled wood panel by Melissa Jander.

Q: What is the meaning of crescendo, you ask?
A: The loudest point reached in a gradually increasing sound. Indeed, the ocean offers a progressive increase in force or intensity with each incoming wave.

We welcome Melissa Jander, previously a guest artist, as a resident artist in the Fairweather Gallery!  Her art is spot on, don’t you agree?

Please visit Jander for more information.



“Yesterday I was running around Seaside doing errands, fighting traffic and the heat. I stopped by the Fairweather Gallery to drop off a new item and was transported! Upon crossing the threshold of the shop I felt I had entered an island of tranquility. Suddenly coolness, gentle music, fresh fragrance filled the air and my eyes were calmed by the beauty of the fine creations of Fairweather’s artists. What a soothing experience for a harried day. Denise works her magic in ways that always bring joy.”Linda Ballard


From textile artist Linda Ballard. “Your bag for the journey.” 

Equine II backstory: 

“Every summer I make a solo journey back to the wilds of Montana. I have a yearning to visit the Bitterroots, then head north to visit old friends in Kalispell. Along the way I stop into favorite tack shops searching for tack to use in my bags. Tack inventory varies year to year and this year was a bounty! Loading up at my favorite shop in Lolo, Mt I then head south to Hamilton. Wandering into a new tack shop there I found a few items and was just about to leave when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a decorative halter piece buried in the mix.

I couldn’t believe the beautiful decoration. I carved metal bands and smaller metal decorations at connection points. Such a lucky find! Usually I wait until I get home to the Oregon coast take apart the tack but I couldn’t resist trying to figure out how to use these newly found lovely pieces. So up in the fire lookout where I was staying I painstakingly took apart the halter, discarding the old worn leather, cleaning up the pieces and thinking about how I’d assemble a new bag using the new found treasure. The assembly of Equine II required some engineering but it has all been worth it to get the lovely carved metal band affixed. This one of a kind bag will endure many a journey, beautifully.” –Linda

Q: What else is happening at the Seaside coast, you ask?
A:  ‘Tis Mother of all relays!



Just the facts:
DATES: August 26 – 27, 2016
TOTAL TEAMS: 1,050 teams of 12 runners
RACE COURSE: Hood To Coast is 198 miles long.
TOTAL PARTICIPANTS: The 2016 event will include 12,600 runners and 3,600 volunteers
ORIGIN: HTC began in 1982 with 8 teams and has filled the team cap on the opening day of registration for the last 18 years straight!

For more info to go: Hood To Coast

Seaside, the beach, the waves, the community,  the visitors, the runners and the walkers are creating memories that will last, always and forever.

Linda Ballard Summer I

“Hi there,
I am sending along some photos of the new work that I have made. The quality is excellent. Last month’s art walk show was lovely! I ran into old acquaintances which really made for a wonderful experience. I know I am on the schedule to show my work for the July show. I have been looking forward to it. I have a nice easel from which I could hang bags, since I don’t draw or paint I could play off the easel theme just the same! Also in preparation for the show I have made a large beach bag model using driftwood for handles (light kilim and leather body). The feedback has been favorable.”
Linda Ballard


For the opening reception for Power of Two, an exhibition that included regional artists who have managed to produce body of work that reads like an oasis of calm, a subtle backdrop during the time of high season in vacation land. Indeed, the show title sounds like a recipe for chaos given the summer busy activities and adventures yet when teamed with the artists selected and combined with the work they have created, the gallery added a dimension of serenity that is sensed as much as seen.

 Textile artist Linda Ballard   spoke about her personal connection to the number two.



V-E-R-Y unique bags.  Hand-made.  One-at-a-time.  For Oregon.  Made on the Oregon coast.  “Your bag for the journey.” –Linda Ballard

Linda Ballard Summer II

And, too, a review:

“I just purchased my first ‘upcycled’ bag by Linda Ballard designer last month!! I love it!! It is well made, a beautiful blend of kilims and leather, and has an unusual belt strap that is adjustable and attractive. The colors are incredible!! The artist finished her creation with handmade beads and metal work!! A truly unique and functional product!!” Carol Kennedy

Bags I

Linda Ballard, textile artist

Just in! Timeless investment pieces that pack an aesthetic bag-it punch, richly hued leather and kilim duffels and weekenders from Pacific Northwest Carry!

“Since childhood I have been sewing and working with textiles. However, the crafter in me lay dormant for many years while raising a family and building a career. The opportunity to return to sewing and crafting has been an unexpected joy. Along the way I have become interested in up- cycling textiles. For the past few years I have been working with up-cycled fibers, notably wool, by felting and repurposing for clothing. Then I discovered leather and the potential for up-cycling horse tack and belts-now I am off to the races!

In order to explore the potential of working with heavier materials I purchased an industrial sewing machine which allows me to work with heavy wools, cotton canvas and leather.

Having lived in the west all my life I continue to travel the remote back roads of the western states exploring and gathering unique items to use in my creations. Each PNC bag is a one of a kind creation. Since I use up- cycled belts and horse tack and combine these with a variety of kilims or vintage textiles, the variety is endless. When I find kilims I’ll repurpose those, otherwise, I purchase new. The leather pockets are all made of new leather as is the canvas.

You may notice that many of my pieces are large, this is by design. Large, durable bags are hard to find and since creative types are often collecting and carrying around supplies I wanted to make sure I’ve addressed their needs. All bags are meant to be practical, beautiful and enduring.

One could say it has taken more than 57 years of practice to get to this point. I intend to keep practicing, exploring and creating….” Linda Ballard, Pacific Northwest Carry