Lonnie Feather

For LIGHT, an art exhibition, opening September 6th at Fairweather’s, artists Diane van der Zanden and Lonnie Feather.

Original in concept, their images are of flora and fauna, wild edible and native plants, with human figures who show wonder at nature. Both van der Zanden and Feather have been successful individual artists for 30 years. Their impressive histories include private commissions, public art projects, gallery sales, awards, and extensive experience in mold making, casting in numerous media, and the production of monumental sculpture.

van der Zanden is recognized for her powerful sculpture with awards, scholarships, invitational exhibitions and residencies, and grants. She successfully sold, worked with bronze foundries, and exhibited at the most renowned art festivals in the western United States.

As an artist working in the public realm, Feather has actualized community-based projects, developed artistic concepts, and worked with a variety of constituencies. A stone and glass sculpture centers an intersection in the City of Ashland, Oregon and for two large glass windows for the Medford Higher Education Center, she responded to the community vision. The piece in Ashland is a memorial to several families who were integral in the development and growth of the city and the second is a visual representation of the efforts of two educational facilities which combines resources and welcomes students into the new building. She also works as an assistant to Betsy Damon, an internationally renowned eco-artist who has completed large multi-dimensional projects overseas and in the U.S. emphasizing collaboration with artists, scientists and communities.

van der Zanden: “I grew up in the country near my grandparents where they hunted, fished, gardened and grew fruit and nut trees from which they made furniture. There I gained an awe and wonder for the intersection of humans and nature.”

Feather: “Our deep humanity and the secrets and wonders of the microcosm and macrocosm of our universe inspire my art and move me to find the words and images that connect us.”


People who visited, saw, and desired. Paintings, sculptures, glass and photographs shipped to:
Vail, Colorado/ Dallas, Texas/ Reno, Nevada, Sacramento, California…even to Australia and Turkey. Works of art connecting places here and the places there.

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Part of the wonder of the arts high cultural season is having artists that introduce thrilling new works and back stories.

“I am currently working on a number of new works as I said I would, a few taller and narrow ones, a few smaller rich oil works. as well, based on my trip to the coast and the aquarium/wonderful sea creatures, water, underwater, sky and forest compositions.” –Artist Jan Shield.