Melissa Jander

Featuring  art by regional artists:  floral and grasses  by Susan Curington,  landscapes by Jan Shield,  pastels by Joanne Donaca, wood cut birds and blooms by Gregory Graham, mouth blown glass by Cindy DuVall, watercolor butterflies by Denise Joy McFadden, textiles by Linda Ballard  and rice paper florals by Zifen Qian.  

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BLOOM, an exhibition at Fairweather’s through April. “It’s like living inside a garden, the gallery is layered  with colorful accessories, beautiful artworks, and gorgeous garden books.”

So lovely.  So perfect.  So right.  

Photo layout  by Fairweather artist and Seaside Art Walk photographer, Linda Fenton-Mendenhall featuring  the April  2017 salon-style display of art.

Selected BLOOM artists in salon style gallery display, left to right:   floral oil on linen art by Michael Muldoon,  still life oil on linen by Melissa Jander,  landscape pastels by Gretha Lindwood, encaustic (painting in beeswax) by emerging artist Rebecca Gore, abstract floral pastels by Gretha Lindwood, emerging artist mermaids in sea florals by emerging artist Ashley Howarth, and “Garden Party” tulips and hyacinths  original oil by Melissa Jander.

A round of applause for BLOOM, an exhibition at Fairweather’s throughout the month of April! You  introduced an imaginative way of displaying many diverse  NW artists.  The artwork brings together design drama in extraordinary intimacy and charm that creates a feeling of a springtime garden stroll. Thank you!” — Bonnie W.

Q: What is salon style display in the context of a gallery exhibition, you ask?

A:  Hanging art salon-style can be a dramatic and brave  way to decorate a wall, placing a range of art with unusual dimensions to create an interesting effect.   Neutral walls are considered a perfect way to cleanse the palette for the eye in  salon-style display.


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Roseway by Gretha Lindwood,  pastel

“Thus in art, does nature work through the will of a man filled with the beauty of her first works,” wrote the 19th-century poet Ralph Waldo Emerson. And so it does. Emerson’s simple musing captures the spirit of  painters, who sing nature’s praises with their brushes and palette knives.

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Please visit …artists… Gretha Lindwood for more about the artist.


“The use of vibrant color and strong design are hallmarks of my work which I developed during my career as an illustrator and graphic designer. As a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, I cherish our unique landscapes honed by water and time and delight in capturing their beauty in the lush colors of pastels or oils to share with the viewer.” —Gretha Lindwood, featured artist for BLOOM, an exhibition at Fairweather’s throughout April, 2017.



Bev Drew Kindley “Cyclamen

Cyclamen by Bev Drew Kindley.  Please visit …artists …Bev Drew Kindley for more info

best bev painting

And, too, on April 1st, Bev Drew Kindley offered a Painting Seaside LIVE ™ event at the opening of BLOOM, an exhibition throughout April at Fairweather’s.

In addition, the artist, Bev Drew Kindley, with dual degrees in art and philosophy, offered a lecture of being in the moment while painting nature  during the opening reception of BLOOM at Fairweather’s on April 1st.

  “Thanks, Denise, I am proud to be part of your artistically designed BLOOM show and enjoy seeing how you fit all our paintings in among the other unique treasures.      BLOOM to me is about the time after this year’s dark  season when plants reawaken and we feel like celebrating each hopeful victory–the first faint coloring of new leaves and branches, (like my painting “Awakening Wetlands “), the first crocus, daffodils, tulips and wildflowers for  “The Joy of Spring “.        Sometimes we need a bouquet of flowers to keep our spirits up–or a pot of bright cyclamen –or photos of flowers to remind us there is more to come. Soon the steady rhythm of blooming begins, each flower in its own time, and then on to fields of lavender, crimson clover and more!  Flowers do make us happy!”



Quote in original calligraphy by artist Penelope Culbertson.  Please visit …artists …Penelope Culbertson for more info

Bouquet by Gretha Lindwood

Please visit …artists …Gretha Lindwood for more info

gretha lecturing

Artist Gretha Lindwood lectured about the art of flowers during the opening reception of BLOOM, at  Fairweather’s on April 1st.  In the background on display are original pastels by the artist.  And, too, note the wardrobe selection chosen by the artist to complement her art!


In addition, large encaustic (painting with beeswax)  portrait by artist Rebecca Gore. Please visit…/a-decade-of-emerging-artist-bac… Jan 7, 2017 – For more information about each of Fairweather’s emerging artists please the links following their individual … Rebecca Gore, emerging artist.

In the background and in the far left is an original oil, “Garden Party” by artist Melissa Jander.  For more info go to  …artists… Melissa Jander .

better Susan

Artist Susan Curington offered a Painting Seaside LIVE ™ episode during the opening reception of BLOOM at Fairweather’s on April 1st, in addition to lecturing about the love of nature and speaking kindly.

Please visit …artists …Susan Curington for more info

The language of flowers…

A team of researchers explored the link between flowers and life satisfaction in a study of participants’ behavioral and emotional responses to seeing flowers, either in a bouquet or in nature. The results show that flowers are a natural and healthful moderator of moods.

“What’s most exciting about this study is that it challenges established scientific beliefs about how people can manage their day-to-day moods in a healthy and natural way,” said Jeannette Haviland-Jones, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at Rutgers and lead researcher on the study.

Growing flowers, handling flowers, seeing flowers in art have an immediate impact on happiness. All study participants expressed smiles upon being near flowers, demonstrating extraordinary delight and gratitude. The language of flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods.
Flowers and nature make intimate connections. The presence of flowers led to increased contact with family and friends.

“Common sense tells us that flowers make us happy,” said Dr. Haviland-Jones. “Now, science shows that not only do flowers and nature make us happier than we know, they have strong positive effects on our emotional well-being.”


And, too, a favorite quote in art by Penelope Culbertson, calligrapher for BLOOM, an exhibition at Fairweather’s through April.

BLOOM grace note received:

“Thank you for inviting me to participate in this fun event in your beautiful gallery. I had a wonderful time visiting with the gallery visitors as I created my pastel painting in a live painting demonstration.” Best regards, Gretha Lindwood, artist

“I’m working on new pieces for June. Thanks for the sweet and supportive card you sent.
It was the nicest card I’ve ever gotten from a gallery!”
Penelope Culbertson

As 2016 ends, we take a moment to reflect on the past. 

We  look forward to the future.

We honor those who have demonstrated the transformative power of art.

Top ten 2016  Fairweather Seaside First Saturday Art Walk moments.

Enjoy!  Thank you!!!


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“Ultimately, the success of an image being selected a top ten moment is finding a personalized, very local, one-on-one connection that brings back a Faiweather House and Gallery feeling. It’s all about building that great experience, which leads to a place that is loved, which leads to building a great community.”–Denise Fairweather, gallerist.

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Upcoming 2017 Fairweather House and Gallery Seaside First Saturday Art Walk dates.

Feb 4th

Mar 4th

Apr 1st

May 6th

Jun 3rd

Jul 1st

Aug 5th

Sep 2nd

Oct 7th

Nov 4th

Dec 2nd

Residents and visitors alike enjoy an evening of community and culture as various art venues within walking distance of each other host art exhibits and refreshments, between 5-7 p.m. with the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk.

The art walk, celebrating 13 years in 2017, is in the historic Gilbert District. The Gilbert District, established in 1914, celebrated 100 years of rich history and timeless tradition in 2014. Awarded the 2004 Oregon Main Street Downtown Gateway Award, the area is now home to shops, restaurants, galleries and boutiques. Dedicated parking is located one block West off the Pacific Coast Highway 101, on the corner of Holladay and Broadway.

Motto: “Those that live for the arts, support the arts.” All rights reserved.

For more information please visit First Saturday Art Walk

micheal study

“This a study of a 12×16 oil painting that I will do live Saturday…I’ll add a third sunflower.” Michael Muldoon

Bright Spot

Bright Spot oil painting by Melissa Jander.

“Thanks again for the opportunity to show my work in your wonderful space. See you Saturday.”–Melissa Jander

Oil Painting of pink Magnolia flowers against a weathered door

Oil Painting of pink Magnolia flowers against a weathered door

Breathe,  painting of pink Magnolia flowers against a weathered door by Savvy Dani.


“A painting that just needs quick varnish.” XOXO Linda Trexler, artist and Art Walk hostess.

Katheryn Delany Lucsious Ladies

Luscious Lady, one of a series of eight, by Kathryn Delany.

“I just wanted to let you know I will drop in this Saturday to say hello and also plan to be at the gallery for the art walk event.” –Kathryn

Linda Fenton-Mendenhall

Oil Painting of pink Magnolia flowers against a weathered door

“Yes, I will be there Saturday.” –Linda Fenton-Mendenhall photographer. 

Portrait In Bloom


Portrait in Bloom, oil and cold wax medium by Rebecca Gore.

“Thanks for you help in getting me started, I am looking forward to working with you and learning as much as possible.”
–Rebecca Gore


In Full Flower opening reception, an exquisite exhibition through the month of May featuring the perfection of flowers depicted in art and display. Flowers are nature’s gift, dating back at least 125 million years. “Most importantly, flowers commemorate all the passages in our life. They express renewal and hope in a single bloom.”—Denise Fairweather

Fairweather’s introduces new artists Rebecca Gore and Savvy Dani to the gallery. Rebecca Gore’s paintings are done with acrylics and or oil, with cold wax incorporated as a finish. Paintings include the human form within a landscape of flowers. The style ranges (often in the same piece) from a loose realism to stylized or lyrical abstraction.

Cold wax medium is a medium composed mainly of beeswax with a small amount of to aid in drying time, for use with oil paint. It has a soft, paste-like consistency and adds body, increases transparency, does not require the special ventilation and allows the artist to build up textural effects.

Savvy Dani, Seattle artist, is classically trained visual artist and presents art work depicting cluster blooms amid greenery luminously painted. In addition living works of flowers will be showcased in a veritable collection vignettes created by interior designer/ gallery owner Denise Fairweather to compliment new floral art from accomplished regional artists Melissa Jander, Paul Brent, Lori Wallace-Lloyd, Joanna Donaca and Kathryn Delany and more.

Resident artist Michael Muldoon will offer a Seaside Painting LIVE ™ episode completing a quick finish painting. Seaside/ Gearhart nature photographer Neal Maine introduces his latest natural history journal of images and will speak at 6:pm. Wine tasting, light bites and live music by Shirley Smith-Yates will be provided throughout the evening. Gifts to all patrons.

Please visit for more information.

Melissa Jander

Neighborhood Party.  Framed oil on canvas by Melissa Jander.


Melissa Jander


“Thanks again for the opportunity to show my work in your wonderful space. See you on May 7th!” -Melissa Jander

Yes, indeed, the artist Melissa Jander will meet and greet art patrons at the opening of the In Full Flower exhibition at Fairweather’s during the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk on May 7th, 5- 7 p.m., in addition to speaking about her fabulous artistic journey.

In Full Flower, an exquisite exhibition through the month of May, features the perfection of flowers depicted in art and display. Flowers are nature’s gift, dating back at least 125 million years. Most importantly, flowers commemorate passages in our life. They express hope in a single bloom.

In addition living works of flowers will be showcased in a veritable collection of vignettes created by interior designer/ gallery owner Denise Fairweather to compliment new floral art from accomplished regional artists Micheal Muldoon, Rebecca Gore, Savvy Dani, Melissa Jander, Paul Brent, Lori Wallace-Lloyd, Linda Trexler, Marga Stanley, Joanna Donaca and Kathryn Delany.


Melissa Jander is an artist working out of her studio in the Seattle area, and was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Education and experience include a liberal arts degree from Washington State University, a Graphic Design Certificate from the Art Institute of Seattle, and a Web Design Certificate from Bellevue College. She has also received instruction through workshops at the Gage Academy in Seattle, Kirkland Arts Center and other artist workshops. After working in the business world as a graphic designer and in other professional marketing roles, she is seriously pursuing her art, working in oils and acrylics on canvas. She joined local art groups and participated in juried group and solo shows, art fairs, and artist-in-action demos.

Current art associations include OPA, AIS, Evergreen Association of Fine Arts, Plein Aire Washington Artists, and Northwest Artists in Action.

“Waves of Gold” 16x20 in. oil on deep cradled wood panel $480

Waves of Gold. Original oil deep cradled wood panel by Melissa Jander.

“I try to create art that engages the viewer through the bold use of color, expressive brushstrokes and layered textures. I am deeply inspired by the beauty all around that I have to respond to it with paint. It might be the imperfect and rugged beauty of a sun-dappled and decaying forest floor, or the dancing luminescent blooms blowing in a field of flowers.” –Melissa Jander

Morning Song. Cool Pink Hydrangea. Original oils by Melissa Jander.

“I try to be as expressive with paint and color as possible, while still staying fairly representational. I love to offer the viewer an opportunity to engage a familiar subject while still leaving room to wander, play and fill in the gaps of interpretation. Painting this way gives me such joy, and I’m compelled to share it.”–Melissa Jander

Bright Spot

Bright Spot. Original oil by Melissa Jander.

In addition to private sales nationwide, Melissa has sold paintings through Fairweather House & Gallery in Seaside, OR, Scott Milo Gallery in Anacortes, WA, Parklane Gallery in Kirkland, WA, Tsuga Fine Art in Bothell, WA. She has shown work at the UpFront Art Gallery in Issaquah, WA, Studio 103 Gallery, Gallery North, Kirkland Arts Center, and the EAFA gallery at Seattle Design Center both in Seattle.


Q: What does plein air mean?

A: Plein air is a term derived from the French phrase en plein air, which literally means ‘in the open air’. It’s a familiar concept today, yet it was the Impressionists who embraced plein-air painting with the greatest enthusiasm, as it was in the late 1800s when they ventured out of their studios into nature to investigate and capture the effects of sunlight and different times of days on a subject.

Melissa Jander en plein air painting.


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