Michael Gilbert


# 1 Image 2017: Beaver Tales  habitat lecture at Fairweather’s by biologist, naturalist, wildlife photographer Neal Maine. 



#2 Image from 2017: Kimberly Kent, artist and art broker  meets her art on display at Fairweather’s.



#3 Image from 2017: Most viewed  Linda Fenton-Mendenhall photo collage from a  Fairweather Art Walk.

Pictured top row/ left to right:  Reneé Hafeman; a round of applause from art patrons; Paul Brent artist talk. 

Middle row/ left to right: table top display;  Britney Drumheller  artist talk;  artist Emily Miller;  emerging artist Whelpsy Whelp. 

Bottom row/ left to right: marine debris artist Karynn Kozij;  Art Walk hostess Joan modeling art;  Fairweather sponsored Pop-Up Gallery and Studio with artist Paul Brent, Gail and Ellen, hostesses; Denise,  Kemy Kay, Joan and Saundra having fun.




#4 image from 2017:  Artist Carolyn Macpherson  offering a Seaside Painting LIVE ™ episode at Fairweather’s.  


#5 image from 2017: Michael Gilbert, wood artist, meets Mike Brown, wood artist at Fairweather’s.




#6 image from 2017:  Master calligrapher Penelope Culbertson offers a Seaside Scribing LIVE(tm) event at Faiweather’s.





#7 image from 2017:  Shirley 88 performs LIVE on the Fairweather grand.


#8 image from 2017:  Flynn, the most handsome American  Kestrel, assists Wildlife Center of the North Coast Executive Director Joshua Saranpaa, during a LIVE Doing Good Works ™ auction at Fairweather’s.





#10 2017 image:  Irish Lands opening reception at Fairweather’s featured a family heirloom brought to America in the 1850’s.



Artists represent the heartbeat of the Fairweather Gallery.  What we strive to put out in the arts community is  the artist’s conversations.  We have been fortunate to experience the sharing and giving of many, many creative minds  for over 11 years.


So, for us,  in 2018, the opportunity to continue to present an arts platform forward  is all about shining a bright light on the reminder that we are all connected… artists, patrons and community.

By request, cribbage board by Brownie’s work shop!

Oregon myrtlewood.

Signed and dated by the master craftsman Mike Brown.



Card deck storage compartment of the one-of-a-kind cribbage board.

Including hand turned wood pegs. 

Contact Fairweather House and Gallery NOW to select this amazing game. (503) 738-8899



And, too, just in!

Segmented salad bowls.

Food safe finish.

Three available.

Signed and dated.

NW wood artisan Mike Brown.

Brownie’s workshop action.


Welcoming Michael Gilbert, NW wood artisan.

Bolt action pens.

“It’s a one-man operation.”
Michael Gilbert.

This style pen comes in 24k Gold, gun-metal, chrome, and antique brass.

I have turned this pen in a number of different species of wood including ebony,  bird’s-eye maple, myrtlewood,   spalted maple root stabilized and claro walnut.

And, too, also available on special order…fountain pens!


Michael Gilbert

“I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer now dedicated to enjoying my golden years. One of the things I enjoy doing is crafting items in my woodshop for others to enjoy. Like any artist or craftsman, I am always looking to improve and expand my craft. It is my hope to provide Fairweather House and Gallery with an ever-expanding list of options to choose from. While I have been focusing on producing the finest pens in an array of styles, I plan to be producing other creations as well.” 

Michael Gilbert and Mike Brown.

Two wood craftsmen named Michael…a’visiting at Fairweather’s recently.