Mike Mason

 Abstract watercolors by Donna Sanson, Oregon  myrtlewood cribbage board, segmented vase and nautilus sculptures by Mike Brown.

Crafted by NW hands.

Folded book art by Mary Boitta, en caustic art (aptly titled “Remembering Autumn”) by Peg Wells, origami by Peggy Evans, leather work by Luans Leathers, en caustic crows by Kathryn Delany and hand painted tiles by Sandy Applegate.

Abstracts by Diane Copenhaver and glass art by Bob Heath.


Handmade curly willow, mouth blown glass,  hand-made book and box by Christine Trexel.

Coral glass by Rinee Merritt, glass platters by Sandy and Bob Lecari and plein air oil by Lisa Wiser.


En caustic  art, ocean debris baskets, sea urchin bowls, moon platter by Emily Miller, mixed media stone art by Peggy Stein, abstract drip by Kimberly Reed and oil paintings by Sharon Kathleen Johnson.


Abstract miniatures by Tanya Gardner.


Calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson, watercolor by Bill Baily and pottery by Suzy Holland.


Abstract oil by Carmela Newstead.



Abstracts by Zifen Qian, maple bowls by Daniel Harris, watercolor by Paul Brent, landscape by Bill Baily and seascape  by Victoria Brooks.



For Shape and Color.

Art masks by Jorjett Strumme.

Paintings with pressed flowers on metal by Mike Mason. Anny Sears, model, with pressed foliages by Mike Mason.



Pastel landscape by Carmela Newstead, vintage jewelry necklace by Reneé Hafeman and en caustic blue abstract by Kimberly Kent.

Sunset oil paintings  by Nicholas Oberling, photograph by Neal Maine, pastels by Lynda Campbell and seascapes by Ron Nicolaides.


Mixed media diptych by Gary Pearlman, raw edged walnut bowl by Mike Brown and paper box sculpture by Christine Trexel.

Miniature oils by Barbara Rosbe Felisky.


Photos by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.

“Color and Shape” exhibition through September 30th.

The show covers every aspect of art, textures, materials and finishes, highlighting the quintessentially colorful fall season.

Grace note to the artists…


“Shape and Color, Fairweather’s September exhibition, would not be such a success without the beautiful work created by NW hands.  The selected artists provided new work to highlight the annual fall show.  We thank them all for the extraordinary opportunity to tell a seasonal story with their art.  Truly, the artists offered new exceptional work, and by doing so, they encourage those of us in the arts, to do more.”  Fairweather Gallery

Abstract series of three by Jan Rimmerman, seascape oil by Karen E. Lewis and pottery by Suzy Holland.  Shape and Color gallery hostesses Katie, Kemy Kay, Joan, Bonnie and Denise.


And, too, a grace note received from a gallery hostess to share.

“Thank you for the beautiful crystal I picked out for a gift.  Most, of all, thanks for bringing the utmost beauty to many, many people.  Most of all, thanks for inviting me to work in your stunning establishment.  It delights my eyes every time I come in.  Your artists are beyond comparison.” Kemy Kay

A grace note received from an artist.


“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs.  Ask yourself  what makes you come alive and then do that.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” –Howard Thurman, educator and theologian.
“Thank you for your encouragement and support in showing and growing my art.  You have created such a wonderful group of artists, and display our work in beautiful ways.  I am extremely grateful for your friendship and aliveness in out shared vision.”  Gayle H. Seely

For more about the gallery, please go to http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com.


“Kaleidoscope” by botanical artist Mike Mason

Purple Petunia: enchantment, fantasy, charm, grace and mystery. Desire to be with you because I find you company soothing and peaceful
Calla Lily: magnificent beauty, panache, feminine modesty
Japanese maple leaves: baby hands
Forget-Me-Not: forget me not
Circus Rose: excitement, love, fascination
Pink Martha Washington Geranium: love spell, foolishness, ingenuity, meetings expected and unexpected
Yellow and Purple Pansy: loving thoughts
Iris: message, eloquence, flame, ardor, promise, my compliments
Dianthus: fascination
Double Heleborus: heals sadness, scandal, calumny
Queen Anne’s Lace: haven, protection, I will return


” CAROL’S STAR”  by botanical artist Mike Mason.

Carol’s STAR is displayed on a swath of YELLOW and PURPLE Pansies signifying loving thoughts. RED Rose with its message of deep feelings of love, courage, respect and passion, are paired with Violet Violets, and their message of faithfulness, to create each of the four points. Carefully trimmed Purple Clematis outlines the form with sentiments of ingenuity, mental beauty and eternal lastingness. A skirt of PINK Foxglove signifies a wish, and uplifts the PEACH Hibiscus heart,” which is celebrated world-wide for its immortal delicate beauty.

“Electric Sea Holly”  by botanical artist Mike Mason.

Electric referring to being “psychedelically enhanced.” Healing BLUE Sea Holly enhanced by similar form but, opposite color, RED Japanese Maple, are the mystical center of vision of this piece. Resting on a modest bed of SULFUR YELLOW Cosmo. Framed by a Tulip stamen fringe promising: fame, the perfect lover, and happy years. This is bordered with Clematis. Clematis is historically connected with sentiments of mental beauty and artifice. The RECTANGLE is then placed on a boastful bed of PURPLE and WHITE variegated Hydrangea to remember. The SQUARE is edged with an invigorating Orange Marigold border encompassing the entire vision with remembrance, health, and joy.


Mike Mason working with flower petals.


“A native Oregonian, my medium is truly from the natural world: my paints are dried flowers. Most of the flowers I use for my prints are grown in my garden. They are harvested and carefully preserved to maintain as much of their original color as possible. When dried, many of these delicate flowers are extremely fragile and difficult to work with, having a petal thickness of about .0005 of an inch, about the width of a human hair.

Many of the flowers that I use are commonly recognized garden flowers such as tulips, poppies, roses, vinca, petunias, camellias, carnations and violets. In addition, I use many other wild flowers and even weeds for my compositions. I raise native Oregon plants for sale to retail nurseries specializing in unusual plants; Solomon’s seal, starflower, twisted stalk, licorice ferns, and other Oregon native wildflowers also find their way into my work.

In addition, too, I capture the piece before vital colors fade to offer metal prints made from original flower art to galleries. I am a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute, with a BFA degree in printmaking.” Mike Mason


Q:  What is the language of flowers, you ask?

A:  Floriography or the language of flowers is a means of cryptological communication through the use of botanicals, allowing them to express words that could not be spoken.




Photo collage by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall


Grace note received from Anny Sears




“Greetings to you and many happy returns of this fine day! Thank you again for letting us share! I was thrilled you liked my dress  that I choose for Mike’s artist talk. I cannot wait to see what the universe will come up with for the show. Thank you so much for having Mike and me over to share. We thank you for the notes. 
I saw that you wrote that I was a model and was thrilled! You are just a doll and we adore you! Your galley is always warm and wonderful with so many fabulous offerings from so many talents. It is such an honor to be a part of something so special. Warm wishes to you as Summer turns to Autumn. Thank you for making this year so wonderful for us! CHEERS! Anny and Mike


Anny Sears

For more info about the gallery, please go to http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com

“Sea Star” by Paul Brent. Original oil on linen.

Table top display features one-of-a-kind accessories: mouth blown glass, driftwood garland, vintage glass and handmade glass spheres.


Table displays feature the art  and artists that, truly, offer endless inspirations for idyllic times at the beach.

More than 200 artists from across the Pacific Northwest are featured in the Faiweather House and Gallery, a business that has been an anchor for Seaside’s growing arts scene for more than 12 years. A variety of mediums include original paintings, sculptures, ceramics and jewelry.

New pieces and artists are added each month, making the Fairweather House and Gallery a must-visit destination in Seaside, Oregon for art connoisseurs.


Art by Jan Shield,  glass by Sandy and Bob Lercari,  coral platter by Rinee Merritt, handmade box by Christine Trexel and origami garland by Peggy Evans.
Fairweather House and Gallery is a place to see finished creations of bowls, platters and sculpture, as well as contemporary paintings.

Jewelry by Cher Flick, Mary Hurst and Alan Stockam.  Myrtle wood by Fred and Janice Lukens.  Ocean scape painting by Ron Nicolaides. Gull portrait by Leah Brown.  Nantucket basket by Carol Bolster.  Sea anemone study by Jon Anni. Sail boat water colors by Paul Brent.


With appreciation to Linda Fenton-Mendenhall,  photographer.


To learn more about the gallery, please go to www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com



Artist Mike Mason is holding “Allium onion. “
 The Allium or “onion blossom,” grows from a single bulb. Representing: unity, humility, and patience it kindly rules over these ancient ferns. Ferns are fascinators with magical powers of invisibility. They are said to assist in seeing into the future as well as facilitating eternal youthfulness.
“Love In The Mist” by Mike Mason.
Do not be tricked by her sharp presentation. Nigella Damascena or “Love In The Mist,” is a soft plant that says “Kiss me!” Historically evoking images of “The Bride,” with her hair down as a sign of purity. A concept reinforced in this image by the foundation of purity and love associated with the white rose petals on which they are placed. Printed on metal.
“Iris” by Mike Mason.
A family of friendly tiny purple Japanese Iris share their message of Purity. With Respect, Wisdom and Valor these flowers faithfully transport you to the glowing beyond. A place filled with the Joy, Optimism, and Friendship promised by the yellow Rose.
“Calla Lilies” by Mike Mason.
This world created by Peony petals offer an environment teaming with romance. It sings about prosperity and good fortune and is such an honorable place for a grouping of faithful, elegant and mysterious black Calla Lilies to dance.

Mike Mason, artist, spoke about his pressed flower art and demonstrated his art during the opening reception for Observing Botany at the Fairweather House and Gallery for April Seaside First Saturday Art Walk.


“My art is created with “nature’s paint brush.” Using dried and pressed flower and plant product to create my “brushstrokes.” Each fragile petal is glued and perfectly placed in collage style. I have the original art photographed to capture the color that only occurs in Nature.”

Table display featuring art by Joanna Donaca and calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson.

Art by Lisa Wiser. 

Nature photography by Neal Maine/ PacificLight Images.


Art by Theresa O’Leary, necklace by Mary Truhler, pastel by Greta Lindwood, ceramics  by Emily Miller, glass by Rox Heath, wood bowls  by Daniel Harris and Mike Brown.


Miniature by Jo Pomeroy-Crockett.

Fused glass by Bob Heath and pressed floral by Mike Mason.




Key rings by Luan LaLonde,  encaustic art by Kimberly Kent, pen/ink by Britney Drumheller, photographs by Don Frank and metallic art by Richard Newman.




And, too, bunnies, of course,  amidst the green. 



FRESH GREENS, an exhibition,  through March.

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway

Seaside, Oregon


For more info,  please visit http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com

Photos by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.

Celtic Cross.

Art from flower petals.

Lambs ears, Irish shamrock, Bells of Ireland, Peace Lily foliage and pressed daisies.

Original by Mike Mason.



Mike Mason appeared for the Fairweather Gallery Fresh Greens opening reception. He brought in a piece that he was almost finished with and finalized it  on site your art patrons. guest.  I was looking at your fabulous blog and know you do have several other artist presenting.! Thank you for your wonderment and the joy you bring to so many.



My name is Mike Mason. I create art in a  form of flower impressionism. My art is created with “nature’s paint brush.”



Heleborus #4 pressed flower collage by Mike Mason.

“Using dried and pressed flower and plant product to create my “brushstrokes.” Each fragile petal is glued and perfectly placed in collage style.” –Mike Mason




Mike Mason and Anny Sears


And, too, a grace note:

“Love your fabulous blog. Thank you for your wonderment and the joy you bring to so many.” –Anny

Fun Fact:

Anny’s birthday was in March.  Not hard to forgot the date.  It’s the only birthday that is a verb: “March Forth”.

Original art by Diane Copenhaver. 

It’s beginning to look like…


Coastal winter table display featuring art by Paul Brent.

It’s beginning to like like…


Wall art by Mike Mason, Jan Shield and Joanne Donaca. Credenza table art by Charles Schweigert and Deb Curtis.

It’s beginning to look like…




  Calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson.  Earrings by Debra Beard and Mary Hurst. Red tipped vases  by Emily Miller.

 Fairweather House and Gallery is embracing the fa-la-la season.

Always and forever embracing regional artists.

Always and forever featuring crafts made by local hands.


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