Rodney Glen Martinez

Hummingbird in flight by Robin Heath.

Hummingbird! Sand blasted beverage glass. By Robin Heath.

Available as one, available as a set.

About Robin Heath, glass artist: 

Robin Heath, a native Oregonian, enjoys many hobbies including photography, computer gaming, volunteering and working with glass. Robin has dabbled in both stained and fused glass, but has found his current niche in sand-etched glass. He learned the basics of sand blasting and etching from his father, Bob Heath, and continues to evolve, developing his own style and technique.




Hummingbird glassware in flight. Fabulous glassware. Hand made by Rox Heath.

Frog glassware. Perfect springtime glassware.  Hand made by Rox.



Dolphins by Rox. Ocean hues. Handmade stemware.

Green glassware. Sand blasted  design of a girl on a swing. Hand made by Rox Heath.


Available as set, as well.

About Rox Heath, glass artist: 

Rox Heath started with a stained glass class several years ago and quickly switched to fused glass as she discovered its many possibilities – particularly those involving glass powder and frit (tiny pieces of glass). She has recently become interested in sandblasted glass and is currently exploring that art. 

Rox particularly likes experimenting and learning new techniques and skills. In addition, she has taken classes from Patty Gray, Miriam Di Fiore, Raphael Schnepf, Roger Thomas, and Kelly Crosser Alge to further her knowledge. 

When not working with glass she enjoys reading, travel, and volunteering for Cycle Oregon. 

Fun Facts:

Rox is the spouse of Bob Heath, Fairweather gallery fused glass artist.

Robin is the son of Bob and Rox Heath.


Welcome Bob Heath, glass artist! After working 35 years as an engineer at Tektronix, native Oregonian Bob Heath retired to spend full-time pursuing his passion for creating glass art. Bob has explored just about every possible way to manipulate glass, from torch-work to sand carving, finally settling on glass fusing as his …



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#5 of Top Ten Fairweather Moments. Five artists that painted LIVE during 2014.

And so it was:
Victoria Brooks appeared to Paint LIVE at The River Inn in Seaside August 2014.
Paul Brent appeared throughout the summer to Paint LIVE at every Seaside First Saturday Art Walk.
Rodney Glen Martinez appeared to Paint LIVE in September 2014, as well as, several Sunday afternoons.
Carol Thompson appeared to Paint LIVE in June 2014, as well as, every Friday during the summer.
Kimberly Reed appeared to Paint LIVE in January 2014 and in October 2014.



Painting Seaside LIVE ™ brings together celebrated artists to create fine art works that awe, inspire, delight, and most importantly, raise the appreciation for the local arts environment.

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Seaside First Saturday Art Walk motto:

“Those that live for the arts, support the arts.”