Rosalyn Andronescu

This Orchid Collection is inspired by attending the Garden Island Orchid Society Spring Fantasy Show on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. Strolling through the colorful display of orchid plants was like traveling into a fragrant dream full of colors and shapes.  Some of the orchids were as tiny as a thumbnail while others had flowers as large as grapefruit.  I have attempted to recreate the orchid essence.” JR

“Part of the abstract composition is created by using powdered charcoal, light molding paste, and transparent fluid acrylic paint. To create the initial black and white underpainting, organic forms are used as stencils.  In this collection, you may see cedar boughs, sword ferns, or even the outlines of garden rake tines.  After the powdered charcoal is sealed onto the paper as many as 16 to 22 layers of transparent fluid acrylic paint are applied.

“The most difficult part of the process is waiting for each layer to dry between each application of color and/or texture.  This building up of layers gives the impression that there is something more beyond the visible veneer.  The pieces transform and reveal new imagery in the various lights during the progression of the day.  By changing your observation angle you may see shapes and currents that were not viewed previously.” JR

“Grace helps us do more than we can on our own. Nature brings truths that we could never discover without the help of grace.”




Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway

April  Exhibition

Through April 25

Features glass artist Rosalyn Andronesch, acrylic artist Toni Avery, oil painter Karen Doyle, en plein artist Bev Drew Kindley, naturalist Dorota Haber-Lehigh, watercolorist Lieta Gratteri, oil painter Emily Schultz McNiel, botanical artist Mike Mason, and emerging artist Vanessa K. Stokes.

Introducing artist Mary Lyn Gough.

Showing new art on display by Bill Baily, Neal Maine, Diana Nadal, abd Jan Rimerman.


“Truly, artists lose themselves in their work revealing the world that exists in the  imagination, transcending grace  through the muse of nature.” FH&G


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“Happy Gull”  marbled watercolor on board by Lieta Gratteri

“Really liked how this all came together. Marbled paper and watercolor.  I never know what will happen. Taking chances with other mediums.”  LG




Just in from artist Gretha Lindwood  new 2021 collection of wine glasses and champagne flutes. $30 each

“Taken a slight detour from plein air painting due to COVID-19 restrictions and creating hand painted stemware that is heat treated.” GL


“Let There be Light” fused glass sconce on Oregon myrtlewood by Rosalyn Andronescu

“I am so excited to take my luminaries and to have now created a soft, defused night lamps.”  RA

Judaica, luminaries, scones, and, new for 2021, night lamps!



Many creative minds use vision boards,  magazine tear sheets, and bulletin boards to curate future inspirations. Ideas ultimately become an artist project. Indeed, Fairweather House and Gallery is excited to see these new evolutions from Lieta, Gretha, Roselyn and more. We will continue to share artists ideas, thoughts, and creations throughout the upcoming year.  Please check back often to read more about the arts.

Please read more about our gallery, our commitment to NW artists, and our products made by NW hands.


And, too, just in for 2021.

“Luminous Passage” original pastel art by Gretha Lindwood