Sandy and Bob Lercari


Blue and green dot bowl by Bob Lercari. Fab and  groovy. 16′ diameter. Signed by the artist.

Just in!  Green and blue  pattern bowl  by Bob Lercari.  16″ diameter. Signed by the artist.



Companion shell platter in black, white and blue  by Sandy Lercari. 16″ diameter. Signed by the artist.



And, too, a back story about the shell platters:

“And, too,  we wanted to create a similar piece but in blues. We substituted dark cobalt blue for the green and a mixture of cyan and added turquoise, keeping the whites and clears the same. The piece was to be smaller so we proportioned the weights down. We fired up the kiln and waited with excited anticipation to see our shell platter in blue. The firing cycle takes over 24 hours to go from start to when it has cooled down sufficiently so we can open the kiln. When we did and took a quick look… ”OMG, what on earth!!” The piece was just about black with a hint of blue and some white.

 So what did we do…”let’s do it again !” We used the same exact formula as the green and blue platter,  again just with blues. Lo and behold, what did we get?Basically the same thing again!

What’s that saying? ”The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result”. Well, that’s the “Meshugeh” part of the title. Meshugeh is” loco” in Yiddish. My consolation is what Father Zeoli (my 6th grade Religion teacher) used to say…”a jackass doesn’t fall into the same hole twice”. So, I’m not one of those…I feel better!” –Bob


Well, that’s a wrap!  Just perfect, for spring, shell pattern bowls and  a lot of dots in handmade glass.

But, wait, there is more!

Blue and green coral bowl by Bob Lercari. 16″ diameter. Signed by the artist.







Fused glass platter:  individual pieces of colored glass are cut by hand into shapes and arranged to form the desired design.  The pieces are arranged on a base piece of glass that defines the shape.


Drop Pot piece:   very organic looking with serendipitous swirls. Each bowl is totally unique and un-reproducible.

Mosaic design:  individually cut pieces of glass are used to create the design and are fused together in a kiln.


Carousel basket:  very complicated, using pattern bars, shaping  per the design plan, and arranging the pieces on the kiln shelf.



Bubble bowl:  created using a technique to capture purposefully placed bubbles in the glass.

Coral inspired basket: created by placing pieces of glass rods or strips of glass into an arrangement that simulates coral.

 Sandy and Bob Lercari, fused glass artists

About the artists:

Sandy has been an artist for nearly 40 years creating art in multiple mediums. She began as a Functional Potter in Los Angeles, where she was born. She then ventured into painting, which included oils, acrylics as well as pastels.

Sandy expanded her artistic talent to include kiln-formed glass. She loves glass for its boldness of color, reflection and transparency. It has opened up boundless joy for her, as have the endless possibilities of fused glass.

She feels she has now come full circle… back to using a kiln to create functional pieces as her expression of art. She continuously experiments with different techniques and approaches to apply to her glass art.

Her husband Bob was an engineer and program manager for over 40 years. He has always admired Sandy’s artwork, assisting her on weekends and thereby learning by observing the techniques and processes used to create fused glass.

When he retired, he immediately jumped into creating his own style of glass art. Bob’s work integrates his engineering experience with art…as a left brain/right brain “meeting of the minds”.

Geometric designs are in much of his work.


The artists selected exclusive glass designs for the Fairweather Gallery.  WELCOME!