Sandy and Bob Lercari

Cast plaster angels, lino wood cut by Barbara Martin, fused glass pendants by Mike Fox, mouth blown glass, stenciled woodland bunny ornament,  seed pearl frosted pine cones, seed pearl ornaments and hand-made sequined snowflakes.


Original art by Jeni Lee, calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson, mouth blown teal glass snowflake by Sandy and Bob Lecari,  leaded glass candlesticks, hand wired winter snow berries, seed pearl winter white camellia stems and Illume vanilla twilight scented pillar candles.


Cast plaster replica of a medieval architectural  roof detail accented with hand-wired crystal garland and gilded Oregon grape faux foliage.  Angel themes accented light, bright windows and airy interiors, transforming castles and churches into more pleasant and majestic environments.


“Deer in Winter” oil on canvas, by Blue Bond, hand poured pine cone candles, sand blasted mercury glass, vintage Celtic cross custom framed, sheared dried juniper trees, copper sequined table top tree, hand painted mouth blown copper ornaments,  plated silver column lamp with leather shade, river stone and seed pearl necklaces by Christine Johnson and wood work by Mike Brown.


Mercury glass lamps with silk shades, convex carved star mirror, vintage (circa 1906) atlas book, recycled wood console table and cast plaster decorative picture frame.



Close up detail of vintage atlas, opened to the North Pole.


Fairweather’s grand piano dressed for the holidays.  Hand forged  bronze candelabra, fused glass bowl by Mike Fox, handmade paper box by Christine Trexel, sea glass and silver earrings by Mary Boitta, suede and chenille throw, silk and linen decorative throw pillow, chiseled glass and seeded glass vases and hand-made pottery by Suzy Holland.

Oil pastels in gold frames by Joanne Donaca, dichroic glass platter by Mike Fox, oil on canvas, by Blue Bond, cashmere plaid throw, aubergine silk tufted pillows with down insert, chenille and silk leopard print decorative pillows,  mouth blown amethyst plate by Rinee Merritt,  lazer cut wood snow flake ornaments, handmade birch branch pedestals, handmade twig runner and hand-thrown pottery by Suzy Holland.

Photographs by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.


Shop from our selection of items created by more than 200 regional artists, nibble on some goodies, and enjoy holiday music.

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612 Broadway

Seaside, Oregon


A premier source for stylish, chic, one-of-kind livable furnishings and original art.

Featuring the most extraordinary accessories in glass, wood, stone, bronze and sculpture.

Since 2007, Fairweather House and Gallery has offered an ever-changing amazing visual experience.

Representing a collection of fine art by an exceptional group of regional artists for over twelve years, with traditional to transitional, contemporary to realism, impressionism to emerging art.


Oregon Myrtlewood segmented wood vase by Mike Brown, leather cuff with Swarovski crystals by Luans Leathers, lamp with suede shade and petrified wood, antique mirrors framed in recycled wood,  bamboo tied with waxed linen chandelier and sand blasted birch tree stemware.

 Abstract watercolors by Donna Sanson, Oregon  myrtlewood cribbage board, segmented vase and nautilus sculptures by Mike Brown.

Crafted by NW hands.

Folded book art by Mary Boitta, en caustic art (aptly titled “Remembering Autumn”) by Peg Wells, origami by Peggy Evans, leather work by Luans Leathers, en caustic crows by Kathryn Delany and hand painted tiles by Sandy Applegate.

Abstracts by Diane Copenhaver and glass art by Bob Heath.


Handmade curly willow, mouth blown glass,  hand-made book and box by Christine Trexel.

Coral glass by Rinee Merritt, glass platters by Sandy and Bob Lecari and plein air oil by Lisa Wiser.


En caustic  art, ocean debris baskets, sea urchin bowls, moon platter by Emily Miller, mixed media stone art by Peggy Stein, abstract drip by Kimberly Reed and oil paintings by Sharon Kathleen Johnson.


Abstract miniatures by Tanya Gardner.


Calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson, watercolor by Bill Baily and pottery by Suzy Holland.


Abstract oil by Carmela Newstead.



Abstracts by Zifen Qian, maple bowls by Daniel Harris, watercolor by Paul Brent, landscape by Bill Baily and seascape  by Victoria Brooks.



For Shape and Color.

Art masks by Jorjett Strumme.

Paintings with pressed flowers on metal by Mike Mason. Anny Sears, model, with pressed foliages by Mike Mason.



Pastel landscape by Carmela Newstead, vintage jewelry necklace by Reneé Hafeman and en caustic blue abstract by Kimberly Kent.

Sunset oil paintings  by Nicholas Oberling, photograph by Neal Maine, pastels by Lynda Campbell and seascapes by Ron Nicolaides.


Mixed media diptych by Gary Pearlman, raw edged walnut bowl by Mike Brown and paper box sculpture by Christine Trexel.

Miniature oils by Barbara Rosbe Felisky.


Photos by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.

“Color and Shape” exhibition through September 30th.

The show covers every aspect of art, textures, materials and finishes, highlighting the quintessentially colorful fall season.

Grace note to the artists…


“Shape and Color, Fairweather’s September exhibition, would not be such a success without the beautiful work created by NW hands.  The selected artists provided new work to highlight the annual fall show.  We thank them all for the extraordinary opportunity to tell a seasonal story with their art.  Truly, the artists offered new exceptional work, and by doing so, they encourage those of us in the arts, to do more.”  Fairweather Gallery

Abstract series of three by Jan Rimmerman, seascape oil by Karen E. Lewis and pottery by Suzy Holland.  Shape and Color gallery hostesses Katie, Kemy Kay, Joan, Bonnie and Denise.


And, too, a grace note received from a gallery hostess to share.

“Thank you for the beautiful crystal I picked out for a gift.  Most, of all, thanks for bringing the utmost beauty to many, many people.  Most of all, thanks for inviting me to work in your stunning establishment.  It delights my eyes every time I come in.  Your artists are beyond comparison.” Kemy Kay

A grace note received from an artist.


“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs.  Ask yourself  what makes you come alive and then do that.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” –Howard Thurman, educator and theologian.
“Thank you for your encouragement and support in showing and growing my art.  You have created such a wonderful group of artists, and display our work in beautiful ways.  I am extremely grateful for your friendship and aliveness in out shared vision.”  Gayle H. Seely

For more about the gallery, please go to

“Sea Star” by Paul Brent. Original oil on linen.

Table top display features one-of-a-kind accessories: mouth blown glass, driftwood garland, vintage glass and handmade glass spheres.


Table displays feature the art  and artists that, truly, offer endless inspirations for idyllic times at the beach.

More than 200 artists from across the Pacific Northwest are featured in the Faiweather House and Gallery, a business that has been an anchor for Seaside’s growing arts scene for more than 12 years. A variety of mediums include original paintings, sculptures, ceramics and jewelry.

New pieces and artists are added each month, making the Fairweather House and Gallery a must-visit destination in Seaside, Oregon for art connoisseurs.


Art by Jan Shield,  glass by Sandy and Bob Lercari,  coral platter by Rinee Merritt, handmade box by Christine Trexel and origami garland by Peggy Evans.
Fairweather House and Gallery is a place to see finished creations of bowls, platters and sculpture, as well as contemporary paintings.

Jewelry by Cher Flick, Mary Hurst and Alan Stockam.  Myrtle wood by Fred and Janice Lukens.  Ocean scape painting by Ron Nicolaides. Gull portrait by Leah Brown.  Nantucket basket by Carol Bolster.  Sea anemone study by Jon Anni. Sail boat water colors by Paul Brent.


With appreciation to Linda Fenton-Mendenhall,  photographer.


To learn more about the gallery, please go to


Blue and green dot bowl by Bob Lercari. Fab and  groovy. 16′ diameter. Signed by the artist.

Just in!  Green and blue  pattern bowl  by Bob Lercari.  16″ diameter. Signed by the artist.



Companion shell platter in black, white and blue  by Sandy Lercari. 16″ diameter. Signed by the artist.



And, too, a back story about the shell platters:

“And, too,  we wanted to create a similar piece but in blues. We substituted dark cobalt blue for the green and a mixture of cyan and added turquoise, keeping the whites and clears the same. The piece was to be smaller so we proportioned the weights down. We fired up the kiln and waited with excited anticipation to see our shell platter in blue. The firing cycle takes over 24 hours to go from start to when it has cooled down sufficiently so we can open the kiln. When we did and took a quick look… ”OMG, what on earth!!” The piece was just about black with a hint of blue and some white.

 So what did we do…”let’s do it again !” We used the same exact formula as the green and blue platter,  again just with blues. Lo and behold, what did we get?Basically the same thing again!

What’s that saying? ”The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result”. Well, that’s the “Meshugeh” part of the title. Meshugeh is” loco” in Yiddish. My consolation is what Father Zeoli (my 6th grade Religion teacher) used to say…”a jackass doesn’t fall into the same hole twice”. So, I’m not one of those…I feel better!” –Bob


Well, that’s a wrap!  Just perfect, for spring, shell pattern bowls and  a lot of dots in handmade glass.

But, wait, there is more!

Blue and green coral bowl by Bob Lercari. 16″ diameter. Signed by the artist.







Fused glass platter:  individual pieces of colored glass are cut by hand into shapes and arranged to form the desired design.  The pieces are arranged on a base piece of glass that defines the shape.


Drop Pot piece:   very organic looking with serendipitous swirls. Each bowl is totally unique and un-reproducible.

Mosaic design:  individually cut pieces of glass are used to create the design and are fused together in a kiln.


Carousel basket:  very complicated, using pattern bars, shaping  per the design plan, and arranging the pieces on the kiln shelf.



Bubble bowl:  created using a technique to capture purposefully placed bubbles in the glass.

Coral inspired basket: created by placing pieces of glass rods or strips of glass into an arrangement that simulates coral.

 Sandy and Bob Lercari, fused glass artists

About the artists:

Sandy has been an artist for nearly 40 years creating art in multiple mediums. She began as a Functional Potter in Los Angeles, where she was born. She then ventured into painting, which included oils, acrylics as well as pastels.

Sandy expanded her artistic talent to include kiln-formed glass. She loves glass for its boldness of color, reflection and transparency. It has opened up boundless joy for her, as have the endless possibilities of fused glass.

She feels she has now come full circle… back to using a kiln to create functional pieces as her expression of art. She continuously experiments with different techniques and approaches to apply to her glass art.

Her husband Bob was an engineer and program manager for over 40 years. He has always admired Sandy’s artwork, assisting her on weekends and thereby learning by observing the techniques and processes used to create fused glass.

When he retired, he immediately jumped into creating his own style of glass art. Bob’s work integrates his engineering experience with art…as a left brain/right brain “meeting of the minds”.

Geometric designs are in much of his work.


The artists selected exclusive glass designs for the Fairweather Gallery.  WELCOME!