Vanessa K. Stokes

Semi-precious jewelry by Mary Truhler, maple chest by Ray Noregaard, NW nature inspired pottery by Dan Peccia, wood turned bowl by Daniel Harris, and LIVE indoor easy-care plants. Thel growing plants are, truly, a natural air freshener (each 4″ pot cleans 100′ of household air).
Oceanscape art by Lee Munsell, glass bowl by Bob Lecari, fused glass tray by Christine Downs, “In the Mist” NW book by Russell J. Young, hammered bracelets by Nikki Hatt, wood sculpture by Martin Conley, signed vintage mouth blown sphere, tricolor wood containers from Janice Lukens, costume masks by Robin Montero, pen and ink art by Vanessa K. Stokes, water media art by Pam Haunschild, triptych, and Seaside Prom quilt collage by textile artist Tess Tappert.
Watercolor art by Lieta Gratteri, oil oceanscapes by Ron Nicoliades, seed pearl mosaic boses by Gayle H. Seely, fused glass art by Carolyn Lindberg, hand painted cards by Kris Zorko, and wood jewelry boxes by Ray Noregaard.
What’s trending in the summer of 2021
NW artist cards by Lieta Gratteri, Dorota Haber-Lehigh, and Don Nisbett!
Oregon quilted beach carry-all by Betty and over-the-shoulder quilted purse by Betty. Huffman.

PLACE-BASED Exhibition 

NW art show and sale

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway

Seaside, Oregon

An exhibition that involves a focus on the importance and uniqueness of place. 

While selecting the artworks to local context will appeal to the summertime tourists and visitors, behind the exhibit is an understanding that fosters regional artists and their connection within the community. The exhibit doubles down on a link with the history of both place and keeping close tabs on how artists are based in visual story telling.

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New advancement for Vanessa K. Stokes from emerging artist to Fairweather resident artist status in 2021.


I am absolutely ecstatic about your announcement with news of my receiving resident artist status at Fairweather House and Gallery.  Yes, I have been making strides to not only improve my art and craftsmanship, as well.  Having a job after graduation has opened up many new avenues. 


My art for your stunning gallery now has a dust cover on the back and includes a personalized wax seal and preserved flowers from the Northwest.  The flowers have been sealed with a UV-resistant spray to protect my trademark signature as long as my art. As, always, I will happily accept any advice you offer going forward.  Thank you, so much, for mentoring my art during my emerging artist status.  Please stay safe and well during these crazy times.”  Vanessa K. Stokes, artist 

Vanessa K. Stokes was introduced at the gallery at aged fifteen as an emerging artist. At the time she was in the early stage of her career and caught the eye of an art critic.

Vanessa K. Stokes is a self-taught Oregon artist. Since childhood, she has always had her nose in a book and hands in creating art. She finds Oregon’s rain especially calming and inspiring.



Artist lecture grace notes

Vanessa K. Stokes

Graceful is one of the many words that come to mind when thinking about Mother Nature.  Nature is ever-expanding and no matter how articulate one may be, there will never be a proper way to faithfully describe how wonderfully stunning our planet earth is.


In every moment, whether we see it or not, nature is striving to find a way to survive. Growing, thriving, and yet, staying the same all in one moment  It is wildly free and chaotic while also being thoughtful and diligent.

From the air we breathe to the wind that blows to the land we step on to the grass we mow to the places where the flowers grow to the rainy mornings and the golden hour glow, Nature’s grace truly shows us how fortunate we are to be able to experience life’s abundance with its delicately strong strength.



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