Made by Northwest hands ™

“Splendor of the Sea” encaustic by Peg Wells

10″x10″ $150

“Rocky Shore” encaustic by Peg Wells

17″x14″ $200

“Low Tide” abstract acrylic by Jackie Leloff

36″x36″ $795


Painted glass jewelry by Tanya Gardner

One-of-a-kind earrings $29

Pendants necklaces $35-$45



Hand made chiseled glass



Glassware by Rox Heath

$20 per piece


Mouth blown hour glass, bronze dragonfly, handmade glass bowls, coral centerpiece, fused glass platter and more.


“The shore: if I’m not on it, near it, or looking at it, I’m dreaming of it.”
Unknown Author

“I hope someday I’ll wake up to see that I live near a shore.”
Unknown Author

“At the shore, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents and plan by the tides.”
Unknown Author


Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.


Art show and sale

Opening July 4th

On exhibition through July 31st

 Exploring the deep, multifaceted relationship with the sea and shore

    Featuring original art by NW artists Paul Brent, Nick Brakel, Emily Miller, Pam Haunschild, Leah Kohlenberg, Jackie Leloff, Karen Lewis, Lee Munsell, Ron Nicolaides, Susan Romersa, Vicky Combs-Snider, and Peg Wells

Introducing oil painter Colette Fallon

Please read more about our gallery, our commitment to NW artists, and our products made by NW hands

Copyright © 2020


“Buoy Composition” by Paul Brent, oil on canvas, 24 x 36/ with frame 29 x 41

Location: Seaside, Oregon with Tillamook Head in the background


Q: What are buoys, you ask?

A:  Generally associated with fishing and boating activities (recreational or commercial), a buoy floats at the surface and is moored to the bottom. Brightly colored buoys are used for the marking of crab pot locations so the person fishing for crabs can find their traps. Crab pot buoys come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. › articles › oregon-shellfish-regulations…
Oregon has over 360 miles of coastline — that’s a big sandbox for crabbing… Crabbing is available at the 12th Street Bridge in downtown Seaside…

Flip through a digital version of the Seaside visitor guide or order your own free hard copy now, and start planning your crabbing adventure in Seaside, Oregon!




Seaside Art Walk is gallery-coordinated online exhibit through June 30th.

As we continue to follow the State’s order to limit public gatherings, the galleries will feature shows through social media platforms.


Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.


Fairweather offers a dose of Americana in SUMMER SERVED on exhibit through June 25.

Featuring original art by Paul Brent, Melissa Jander, and Sharon Kathleen Johnson, as well as, wood serving bowls by Tom Willing.


“Part curatorial, part installation Fairweather House and Gallery brings together artists’ works from a wide variety of genres and grouping them in seasonal spectrums.”

Fairweather House and Gallery

Open Mon, Thu, Fri, Sat, and Sun 12-3:pm

Closed Tue and Wed

Moving forward our hours will remain limited until there is a convincing containment of the coronavirus.

The more we work together, the faster our community can begin to recover from this crisis.
Strategies that the gallery is implementing to adapt to changes and well being.
These are temporary practices aimed at keeping our community healthy.

Staying safe.



Please read more about our gallery and our commitment to NW artists and products made by NW hands.

For more info contact


Paul Brent 

Paul Brent is an artist whose work has become internationally known to represent the coastal lifestyle.

He especially enjoys painting local scenes and beachscapes near his home studios in Panama City, Florida and Seaside, Oregon



Read more news about Paul Brent at:

Paul Brent | Fairweather Art Gallery | Featured Artists › Artist › Paul › paul



Paul Brent grace note…

February 15, 2020

“Please accept our sincere thanks for the excellent support provided by the Fairweather Gallery in organizing the Paul Brent art exhibit at the library.  Your efforts contributed substantially to the quality of  the overall exhibit.  As curator of Paul’s exhibit, I would like to personally add that is was such a pleasure to work with you. 


The success of Paul’s art exhibit was due, in no small part, to the expertise provided by you.  Thank you for your professionalism and continued support of the Seaside Library and Art Committee.” Tess Ratty/ The Seaside Library Art Committee



Looking back.


Paul Brent celebrated a 10 year anniversary exhibiting at Fairweather’s with artist Victoria Brooks and photographer Neal Maine, among others.



Looking forward.


June 15, 2020 

Paul Brent is working on a piece of art for the Sapp House.

The Sapp House is an iconic downtown Panama City landmark built by Judge J.M. Sapp (circa 1916). It is one of the area’s oldest and historic homes and has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


“Hopefully things will be open for the usual Seaside July Art Walk.”    Paul and LJ
Save the date and time!!!
July 4th, 2020
First Saturday Art Walk
Fairweather House and Gallery 
612 Broadway
Seaside, Oregon
Hoping for a safe entry into Phase Two re-opening plan.
We will be following the State’s reopening plans.
Gatherings of up to 25 people allowed for recreational, social, cultural, and civic events – with physical distancing requirements.

Oregon Coast Myrtlewood #25

With black walnut and maple staves

Vase by NW wood turner Mike Brown.

15″ high x 8″ dia x 4″  base


Going forward our hours will remain limited until there is a convincing containment of the coronavirus

Sat May 16 CLOSED

Sun May 17 Open 12-3:pm

Open thereafter every Mon, Thu, Fri, Sat, and Sun 12-3:pm

Closed Tue and Wed

Staying safe

Staying heathly

We are in this together


To enrich the quality of life and to become a leader in the area of art appreciation.

Mission Statement:

Fairweather House and Gallery attends to the well being of family, community and business through an uncompromising commitment to honesty, fairness, integrity and excellence. Meticulous displays, like none other, with disciplined attention to design perspectives.


“Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life”. Oscar Wilde

Reality is the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.
The COVID-19 shutdown,  a pause, a reality,  a stumbling block,  gave many the time to place safety standards in place for the common good.

Please read more about our gallery, our commitment to NW artists, and products made by NW hands.

Enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at how Fairwweather’s has captured NW artists’ artwork during past May art exhibitions.

May 2019

Artist lectures.

Artists Patricia Clark-Finley, Carolyn Wagler, Russell J. Young and Deirdra Doan

May 2018

Artist lectures.

May 2017

Special visitors, special art and artist visit.

May 2016

Featured artists.

May 2015

LIVE performance, painting LIVE and artist patron.

May 2014

Painting LIVE and performing LIVE,

Hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at how Fairwweather’s has captured NW artists’ artwork during five past May exhibitions.


Fairweather House and Gallery shut its doors mid-March following the Governor’s order that nonessential retailers and services must be closed.


“At a moment when our physical location is closed due to the health crisis, online viewing is offered as a primary means to present art and to connect with art enthusiasts,”  galleriest D. Fairweather.

Please read more about the gallery and its commitment to NW artists and products made by NW hands.



Soon, we hope to be on the other side of the pandemic crisis.

The arts play a vital role in supporting tourism efforts in our community, and while we are currently in a holding pattern,

there is no time like the present for a bit of looking back and, hopefully, for moving forward.

We will continue sharing and connecting in the arts with the artists and you.


Want more info contact gallery curator or message on FB @fairweatherhouseandgallery



Wood Tulip with Copper Stem $75. with Gift Box by NW artist Mike Brown.

Each flower has 12 staves with 3 accent veneers in between each stave.

Creating a Bouquet of Flowers

Pieces of flowers are cut and ready to be glued.

The flowers are assembled and ready for turning.

Flower petals are traced onto the turned piece.


Now each petal is cut using a Scroll Saw.


The flowers once the petals have been cut. The foreground also shows the before and after of a flower bud.

Now on to finishing. The flowers, buds, and pistils have had sanding sealer applied.


While drying this flower was “Bee Approved” and is now ready for waxing.

To finish the flowers each flower is rubbed with steel wool and three coats of wax are applied.

And so, as we approach the outdoor tulip blooming season, we are sharing our curated collection of wood tulips by crafted by Fairweather’s master wood turner Mike Brown. 

Select a wood tulip and have it shipped freight free.

To purchase contact us on messenger on FB or email

And, too please visit us @

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway, Seaside Oregon

As we continue following the Oregon state’s stay at home order, the gallery doors will remain shut until further notice. Our staff remains committed to assisting you with your needs during this time via e-mail and through our social media platform.
Here is how we can help…

… with a “doing good works” promise.

A wood tulip selected by April 22 (Earth Day 2020) will have a tree planted by May 1, 2020. 


“This grand show is eternal. It is always sunrise somewhere; the dew is never all dried at once; a shower is forever falling; vapor ever rising. Eternal sunrise, eternal sunset, eternal dawn and gloaming, on seas and continents and islands, each in its turn, as the round earth rolls.”
– John of the Mountains: The Unpublished Journals of John Muir, (1938), page 438.

Q; Who was John Muir, you ask?

A: John Muir was an influential Scottish-American naturalist, author, environmental philosopher, glaciologist, and early advocate for the preservation of wilderness in the United States of America. John Muir was perhaps this country’s most famous and influential naturalist and conservationist. He taught the people of his time and ours the importance of experiencing and protecting our natural heritage.

John Muir was  founder of The Sierra Club and is called the father of the National Parks in the United States.

Read more at:


Read more about a connection with Earth Day, John Muir and Fairweather’s…

Seaside Signal April 27, 2011
by Rosemary Dellinger, editor

Seaside Conversation for Earth Day with Denise Fairweather › Inspirations › seasideearth
Denise Fairweather considers herself a steward of the land and is passionate … “the land and being of Irish decent, I would have liked to have known John Muir.”

Original watercolor by Jo Pomeroy-Crockett, handmade spring column candles, mouthblown glass, hand turned wood candle sticks, pottery by Suzy Holland, mouth blown stemware by Rox Heath, vintage bird feeder and bird house, silk and chenille throw pillows.

Pastel by Gretha Lindwood, pair of whimsical artworks by Marga Stanley, mouth blown art glass, hand made potter vase, hand wired silk iris stem, hand beeded flowers, contemporary floral by Jo Pomeroy-Crockett and art cards by Leah Kohlenberg, glassware by Robin and Rox Heath.

Art by Toni Avery, handmade tea pot by Kate Carlye, hand-forged candle sticks, fused glass by Carolyn Lindberg and mouth blown art vase

Pottery by Suzy Holland and oil painting by Carmela Newstead.

Art by Leah Kohlenberg, textile art by Linda Olson..

Handmade birdie pillow by Cherry Jones Harris, feather motif handmade journal by Christine Trexel, mouth blown art glass, pottery and platters hand made by Maria Hudson.

Handmade glass by Bob Heath.

Handmade glass by Sandy and Bob Lercari.



Handmade glass by Christine Downs, fused glass by Sandy and Bob Lercari, urchin rocks by Kandy Schwartz, and ocean oil by Sandy and Bob Lercari.

Outdoor garden **folly filled with  cattail dyed green spheres and handmade moss decorative moss spheres.


**Q:  What is a garden folly, you ask?

A: A garden folly is usually considered a building or structure that is designed for decoration with no other purpose than to add a touch of whimsy or extravagance to the surrounding landscape. The term began as “a name for any costly structure considered to have shown folly in the builder” and was often named after the individual who commissioned or designed the project. The connotations of silliness or madness in this definition are in accord with the general meaning of the French word “folie”; however, another older meaning of this word is “delight.”

Photos by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.


“This exhibit’s expectation lies in its possibility to present fresh, new perspectives, inspiration, experiences, reflection and even the possibility for transcendence in some way. Indeed, the meaning of “fresh start” is the beginning of a new period or step.  The North Coast land, truly, is in full springtime bloom for FRESH START, Fairweather’s March exhibition.”

Rugged refinement. Updated made-by-hand rustic goods with a fresh new update in mercury glass crafted with non-toxic grape juice.

Gnarled driftwood bench with silk, down and chenille decorative pillows accented by a hand quilted silk throw.

Re-purposed western red cedar that has been recycled rather than harvested, as well as, red teak wood that has been recovered from derelict or abandoned buildings. The wood pedestals are finished with marine oil. “Perfectly imperfect” blemishes offer the hallmark of re-inventing the vintage and antique woods.  Complete with minor nail holes and pegs.


Shaved wood shade and cast silver plated antler base.  3-way switch.

Mouth blown crystal with natural winter stems. Neal Small cubist mirror with hammered bronze vases.

Chiseled silver leaf vase, hand blown glass urns, bronze Mother Nature figurine, Penelope Culbertson hand lettered  Desiderata quote.

“GO PLACIDLY amid the noise and the haste. Remember what peace there may be in silence. Whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.” –M. Ehrmann/ 1927

Hammered silver pendant with sand dollar fossil stone.

Under a mouth blown cloche- hornet’s nest placed on a vintage tray at D. Fairweather’s home  (a personal and private collection).


January 2020 designer notes:

“For inspiration, turn to nature.  Display shed antlers, moss, branches, deeply imprinted fossils, seashells and inert hornets’ nests. 

A collection in natural history is a pleasing and perfect design element. Collect things that have character and have a story to tell.  A collection starts with a desire to live with beautiful things.

Find one thing that that has character, add another interesting item which will lead to another kind of object.  Embrace being authentic and real. 

Pare down, edit to LUXE, rugged and peaceful items and  remove layers of disputed origins.  Embrace genuine, pleasing and natural items.  Live with want you desire.”

D. Fairweather

Gallerist and interior designer, Allied member  A.S.I.D.

America Society on Interior Designers 1986-present


“Max Ehrmann’s poem Desiderata is a concise but truly inspiring reminder to strive for the high ideals. It reminds us to treat others kindly.”  DAF

Rhinestone and magenta crystal earrings by Karen Johnson.


Oregon sunstone and topaz crystal necklace.


Oregon sunstone is a variety of labradorite that frequently displays a stunning “glowing” or “glittery” effect, caused by copper inclusions.  In 1987, the Oregon legislature designated it as the official state gemstone.



Magenta mouth blown wine glasses. One set of four available.



This season’s limited-edition Mulled Wine candle has a gorgeous dimpled beautiful texture. Luxury ILLUME scented candles  are handcrafted  to provide the cleanest possible burn.



The Seaside First Saturday Art Walk on December 7 is all about celebrating the holiday season in the arts. Between 5-7:pm visitors may artists, view an artist demonstration, listen to an art lecture or enjoy live performances in music. The Art Walk, celebrating 15 years in 2019, is a walk about in the historic Gilbert District located between Holladay and Broadway. Dedicated parking is to be found on the corner of Ocean way and Holladay.



Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

Through December 23

 HUE, an exhibition, featuring art by Leah Kohlenberg, JoAnn Pari-Mueller and Vanessa K. Stokes.

“Hues or colors are so pure – no white or blacks added – just rich, delightful, lose yourself in the color.”

In addition, HUE features a lavish array of handmade jewelry of mixed-metal, leather, gold-filled and semi-precious stones from many of the Northwest’s most reputable jewelry artists. It is a once a year exclusive private jewelry shopping experience to select the latest edgy fashion forward works.

Complimentary gift-wrapping.





“Moonlight and Waves” original oil by Ron Nicolaides.

“Light and Waves” original oil by Victoria Brooks.


“Complete Me” original pen and ink by Vanessa K. Stokes.


Amber and turquoise fused glass platter by Christine Downs.


Turquoise and Amber Sue Sparkgo design  ™ quilted pillow by Cherry Jones Harris.


Fused glass Mezuzah by Rosalyn Andronescu with room for a biblical passage, a love note or a personal thought.

Earrings in Amber and Gold by Mary Hurst.

Sterling and turquoise bracelet by Mary Bottita.


“Whale Within” signed photograph by Neal Maine.  Three polar bears  with whale bones. Alaska trip.


Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

Through December 23

 HUE, an exhibition, featuring art by Leah Kohlenberg, JoAnn Pari-Mueller  and Vanessa K. Stokes.

“Hues or colors are so pure – no white or blacks added – just rich, delightful, lose yourself in the color.”

In addition, HUE features a lavish array of handmade jewelry of mixed-metal, leather, gold-filled and semi-precious stones from many of the Northwest’s most reputable jewelry artists. It is a once a year exclusive private jewelry shopping experience to select the latest edgy fashion forward works.

In addition, new, never-before-seen photographs  and selected “encore” polar bear photographs from Neal Maine’s Arctic Light Images.

Raffle opportunity – only 14 chances to win a signed and framed Arctic Light  by Neal Maine (valued at $295).

The Last Polar Bear, a book published by Braided River. In addition to  Steven Kazlowski’s photos, the book features essays by Alaska-based writers Charles Wohlforth, Richard Nelson and Nick Jans, as well as Newsweek correspondent Dan Glick, Frances Beinecke, president of the National Resources Defense Council, and Theodore Roosevelt IV, conservationist and great-grandson of the president.

The photographs that make up the book show the polar bears and other Arctic species in their threatened natural habitat — swimming, playing, caring for their young and dozing on late-summer ice floes. One image is beautiful but the caption reminds the reader of the reality: “If we do nothing as a society, and the ice continues to melt, zoos could be the only place on Earth where polar bears can be found.”

Read more about Arctic Light: › coast-weekend › arts › article_1d18109…

Feb 16, 2015 – ‘Arctic Light’ draws attention to global warming Presentation, photographic … The presentation is co-sponsored by Denise Fairweather of …

“Patrons who purchase The Last Polar Bear book,  retail value of $39.99, will have the entire proceeds in support of Alaska Wilderness League and will have a raffle opportunity (1-14 chance)  to win a  signed and framed  Arctic Light Neal Maine image!   

Read more about doing good works at:  Book proceeds in support of Alaska Wilderness League.

Alaska Wilderness League protects Alaska’s public lands by fighting for wilderness, wildlife, indigenous rights and a cleaner energy future.

Each book purchase will receive a numbered ticket.  At a set time, Neal Maine will draw the winning ticket at random.


Read more at:

Arctic Light, the event, in support of the Alaska Wilderness … › 2015/02/22 › arctic-li…


Feb 22, 2015 – Three West coast naturalists who traveled to the high Arctic last year, a trip sponsored by the … Arctic Light, the event, in support of the Alaska Wilderness League


Through December 23

On Hue Art Exhibit and Sale

Fairweather House and Gallery



Sterling patina worry ring by Nikki Hatt

Size 7 ¾ copper and sterling spinners, crosshatch texture.


 Sterling silver hammerstone ring with brilliant pink CZ (cubic zirconia)  by Nikki Hatt.  Size 7 ¼.


Antiqued copper flatfold ring by Nikki Hatt.  Ring size 7 ¼ SOLD

Flawless Cubic zirconia manmade diamond-like crystalline material.


Sterling silver patina, hand forged crosshatch texture, Vintaj ™ bee by Nikki Hatt.  Size 7 ½

**Vintaj findings, filigree and embellishments are available in natural brass, copper, pewter and solid brass. Made in the USA.


Bracelet with hand forged sterling silver clasp with blue sea urchin crystals, brass setting and sterling organic beads by Nikki Hatt.

Natural druzy stone pendant , brass pebbles, sterling cable with sterling chain necklace by Nikki Hatt.

Druzy is a layer of minute quartz crystals that have crystallized on the surface of a gemstone. Druzy has a sugar-like appearance from the glittering effect of tiny crystals over top a quartz mineral. A Druzy will have the sparkle and dazzling color found in big faceted gemstones. It can be sliced into various shapes by a master jewelry maker.


Necklace with sterling silver chain, hand forged sterling bezel, fossilized sea urchin necklace by Nikki Hatt.

A Fossil Sand Dollar is also called Fossil Sea Urchin and is a member of the Echinoid family; it was alive during the Jurassic Age (approx. 145 – 200 million years ago).


 Northwest jewelry designer, Nikki Hatt is known for her unique combinations of semi-precious gemstone bracelets and necklaces.


Jewelry display of Nikki Hatt’s work.

Through November 24


Art Show and Sale

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway



“Made” an exhibition for the one-of-a-kind and the unexpected works made by Northwest hands. Alluring, distinctive and exquisite products, never-before-seen, with just the right dose of imperfection to suggest a human element in the creative process.

“This is the time of year, before the gift-giving season, the gallery digs a bit deeper into the subject of the handmade, with a reverence for artisans who are producing exclusive objects, artisans who have made craft cool and luxurious.”

Featuring harp maker Duane Bolster, basket maker Carol Bolster, wood worker Mike Brown, calligrapher Penelope Culbertson, glass maker Christine Downs, paper crane maker Peggy Evans, quilt maker Cherry Jones Harris, maker of pottery Suzy Holland and mixed media maker JoAnn Pari-Mueller.

Welcoming pine needle artisan Martha Denham and wood turner Tom Willing.

Introducing metalsmith Nikki Hall and potter Marcia Hudson.

“Every design by metalsmith Nikki Hatt starts with an original idea, sketched out to create an exquisite handmade piece of jewelry. Smithing is one of the oldest metalworking occupations. Shaping metal by forging with a hammer is the archetypical component of smithing. Handmade jewelry is literally just that, made by the “hands” of the artisan or maker. The pieces are soldered, sawed, carved and shaped without the use of mass produced manufacturing machinery.” 

Grace note:

“My daughter had a lot of nice things to say about your gallery and I look forward to being a part of it. I am happy to curate what I send to the theme of your store. Here is a little bit about me: I teach metal smithing. I have been making jewelry for about 12 years. I hand craft every piece. Each piece is one of a kind. I use high quality materials and craftsmanship.”  NH

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