Gayle H. Seely

Gayle H. Seely, artist,  spoke about her art at the Fresh Greens Opening reception.


Opening reception hostesses,  Denise, Joan and Kemy Kay,  with arms full of  fresh-cut Bells of Ireland.

“Lively, bright, fresh and spontaneous.”Gayle H. Seely

FRESH GREENS, Fairweather March exhibition, opening reception trays.

“Recent, original, stimulating, cool and refreshing.”  —Gayle H. Seely



Close up of Gayle H. Seely’s seed pearl beaded box.

“Green: the color associated with nature.” — Gayle

Chasing the Light by Neal Maine/ PacificLight Nature Images.

“Green. Brings to mind the  chosen to sooth the soul.”-Gayle H. Seely

Gayle H.  Seely showing the article written about her art.

“Green:  Brings to mind the special place for art to please the eye.”  –Gayle H. Seely



Gallery patrons listen to Neal Maine’s ecology lecture, at Fairweather’s FRESH GREENS opening reception.

“Fresh: flourishing, active and new.”  Gayle H. Seely


“Lately, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of objects as functional, not in how they hold liquid or whatever, but in how they hold history.” Tim Christensen, potter

“There are very few human beings who receive the truth, complete and staggering, by instant illumination. Most of them acquire it fragment by fragment, on a small scale, by successive developments, cellular, like a laborious mosaic.” Anaiis Nin

“The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust

“He paints like a man going over the top of a hill, singing.” THE ART SPIRIT Robert Henri


“Have fun, enjoy your creativity, and surround yourself with beauty.” Gayle H. Seely

Thank you, Eve Marx, reporter, for Coast Weekend!

“I love seeing people become so involved in my boxes,” Gayle H. Seely said.The artist’s unique creations will be on display at Fairweather House & Gallery’s Seaside Art Walk kick-off at the “Fresh Greens” opening reception 5 to 7 p.m. Saturday, March 3.H

Source: Bead boxing: Gayle H. Seely uses ancient methods, modern energy


“Habitat” beaded mosaic box by Gayle H. Seely



The ancient methods of mosaic and beading are combined with fresh, modern energy and emotions to create intricate, colorful boxes of delight.





“Take a moment to discover the peace of mind to be found in these delicate expressions of love and happiness.” –Gayle H. Seely


“Freedom” beaded box by Gayle H. Seely, 2017.



“Gayle’s  artwork is not passive: it directly challenges the façade of pretense and completely eradicates narratives bound in familiar human patterns. She beautifully reshapes living things and elements, interweaving them with our individual stories and understandings in order to create a delightfully fresh arrival to a place once unknown.” Tina Miller Anders, art patron, Fairweather House and Gallery.

Seed pearl box


Gayle’s boxes, created in hand applied seed pearls, and decorated with translucent agates, micro river stones, often studded in gemstones, are set as a picture within a story. The underside of each unique box is decorated in a companion work of art with  seed pearls.


“Thanks for your all help promoting my work and encouraging my development.”
Sincerely, Gayle H. Seely, February 2018




Ancient methods, modern energy – Signal News – The Daily Astorian

Feb 16, 2018 – Read Ancient methodsmodern energy from The Daily Astorian. … Eve Marx/For Seaside Signal … opening reception on Saturday, March 3, from 5 to 7 p.m. Her ancient methods of mosaic and beading combined with fresh, modern energy and emotions create intricate colorful boxes, bound to delight. Seely …

The Seaside First Saturday Art Walk, celebrating its 14th year in 2018, hosts local, regional, and nationally acclaimed artists in various businesses, galleries and locations along Broadway Street and Holloday in the historic Gilbert District.  Artists meet and greet art patrons during artist’s receptions.  Many galleries offer LIVE music, adult beverages and gourmet food. –Denise Fairweather, gallerist and director of the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk.



Gayle H. Seely spoke about a card received from Georgia O’Keefe during a Fairweather artist talk.


Read more about Gayle H. Seely,  first introduced an emerging artist at the Fairweather Gallery in 2015…

Artist reception held for Gayle H. Seely – Visual – Coast Weekend

“Spring Light.” 10 x 8 original art.
And, too, news from Bev Drew Kindley, Fairweather resident artist.

   “Hi there! Here’s a 10 “x 8” original painting titled  “Spring Light” that will fit in your March “Fresh Greens” show. Painted en plein air, outdoors, in my garden with the sunshine highlighting the spring colors.  Flowers help us  forget the winter  rains, for it, truly,   rain that makes Oregon so green.” –Bev Drew Kindley

Bev Drew Kindley, artist, has lectured quite often during the spring opening receptions at Fairweather’s.



And, too, Bev Drew Kindley, artist, has often offered a Painting Seaside LIVE ™ episode at Fairweather’s.


For more info go to  …artists/ …Bev Drew Kindley




For over 12 years, Fairweather House and Gallery has offered an opening reception for selected regional artists.  The exhibitions give art patrons the opportunity to listen to an artist talk, to see new original art, to view gorgeous  new displays staged in a specific theme, listen to LIVE music and to watch an artist (or two) painting LIVE.




“Chasing the Light” by Neal Maine/ PacificLight Images.

For more info go to  …artists/ …

Save the date and time! Seaside/Gearhart naturalist and biologist, Neal Maine, will speak about the local habitat at 6:pm on March 3, 2018 at Fairweather’s.



Trending in MARCH. 



View gorgeous new displays staged just for “Fresh Greens” by Denise Fairweather, gallerist, Allied Member, A.S.I.D., American Society of Interior Designers.

For more info, go to …about/ …


For more info please visit Seaside First Saturday Art Walk.




Here is the quote I shared in my artist talk. It is from Concerning the Spiritual in Art by Wassily Kandinsky. –Gayle H. Seely

“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul. Colour is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand which plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul.”



Gayle H. Seely offers a personal one-to-one time with an art patron during the opening of COLOR IT FALL, an exhibition at Fairweather’s through Sept. 30th.

Featured in the display cabinet, found for Fairweather’s by artist Paul Brent, seed pearl mosaics by Gayle H. Seely,  vintage jewelry by Renee Hafeman, beaded  cuffs by Elaine Sawyer and leather purses by Luans Leathers.


Close up of Gayle H. Seely’s beaded mosaics displayed in Fairweather’s newest fixture.


Paul Brent  recently said “you must have this cabinet! We put your name on it for you.”

Thank you, Paul and Lana Jane Brent.  Thank you, Tina Cook/ John Cook Glass Studio



“Thank you for all your hard work presenting such a wonderful group of artists. I thoroughly enjoyed the Art Walk on Saturday and met some great folks; shoppers and fellow artists.”  Gayle H. Seely




Raven (front)  by Gayle H. Seely


Artist statement:
“One bead at a time, continuing the ancient process of creation – layering multiple parts into a unified whole. Allowing the flow of colors, shapes and textures to combine with inner thoughts, feelings and desires to create meaningful expressions. Each box covered in agates, beads and trinkets wrapping around the sides and back. A joyful treasure to behold.” Gayle H. Seely


Raven (back) by Gayle H. Seely


Art Review:
“Beading is an ancient process of creation, allowing colors, shapes and textures to combine with inner thoughts and feelings to create external meaningful expressions. All you need to know is where to put the next bead.” Tina Miller






Dancing With The Stars by Marga Stanley.


The Snorkler by Marga Stanley.
For more info about the artist, go to …artists/ ..Marga Stanley



Eagle Sunrise by Neal Maine/ PacificLight Images.

For more images please go to …artists/ …Neal Maine

Proceeds in support of NCLC, North Coast Land Conservancy/

Moon and Mermaid by Ashley Howarth.

To read info go to ……/a-decade-of-emerging-artist-bac… Jan 7, 2017 – Posted by Fairweather House and Gallery under Ashley Howarth, … kristin–qian/ shows a new emerging artist for the entire month of August.


Seaside clam tide by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.
For more info about Linda Fenton-Mendenhall, who also performs as the official Seaside First Saturday Art Walk photographer, go to Linda Fenton-Mendenhall Photography


Sunburst  by Gayle H. Seely

For more info  go to:

Take note!!!

September 2nd, 5-7pm
  Fall opening reception at Fairweather House and Gallery

Seaside First Saturday Art Walk


The summer art season ends with a most perfect exhibition titled COLOR IT FALL. New original art compositions revolve around the complementary clash of the deliberately heightened blues, bright oranges and warm yellows.  Color is the dominant element in new art by resident artists Jo Pomeroy Crockett Ph.D., writer and artist,  bead artist Gayle H. Seely, abstract painter Renee Rowe, Dr. Dale Veith, Paul Brent and Lisa Wiser!

 Introducing prize-winning artist Mike Mason, who uses carefully dried, pressed and placed botanicals to create art to support natural habitats conservation.   In addition, welcoming  new NW Cathy Mahardy to the  Gallery.  

Naturalist, scientist and biologist Neal Maine will speak at 6: pm about the ecology of the local habitat. 

LIVE music by Shirley 88.



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