Outside the Box

Lagoon Agnes Field

Agnes Field

Lagoon by Agnes Field. Mixed Media 36″ x 48″


Close Up Lagoon by Agnes Field.

Agnes Field and Patricia Clark-Finley


“The concentration of Agnes’ work provided a whole picture of her medium and process that was not diluted by distraction, while the whole gallery was still an adventure.”Patricia Clark-Finley.


Curator Agnes Field  opens ANYTHING GOES on August 1st.   A group invitational art exhibit at Fairweather’s  August 1st through August 31st.

“Anything Goes refers the use of materials and methods used to make art—anything to stretch the boundaries of understanding and meaning of the work.”–Agnes Field.

SEASIDE — Fairweather House and Gallery  opened a new art exhibit, “Anything Goes,” with a reception from 5 to 7 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 1. The art show and reception  featured work by Patricia Clark-Finley, Agnes Field and Zifen Qian with music by Kristin Qian and a lecture by  naturalist Neal Maine.

Clark-Finley works from her studio in Ocean Park, Washington, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute. She also has spent time at the San Francisco Center for the Book, Carl Jung Institute, and Crown Point Press and has been included in many juried regional and national exhibitions.

“The push and pull between abandon and control informs my abstraction,” she says of her work. “The medium and technical stuff requires control. But the element of chance is the same to me as abandon. If you allow chance, which is the great ‘aha’ moment in art, you have to abandon control. That is because the ego is the controller, but is blind. To introduce chance, to soften the boundaries between reality and imagination, the ego has to step back.”

Astoria artist Agnes Field uses a matter-of-fact approach to painting and making objects by improvising and reusing found materials along with the paint to amplify the intended meaning. “Painting is a dark romance for me — a sensuous love of paint and materials, but also the expression of unknown meaning that always finds its way to the surface,” Field says. “It is often on the edge between making and destroying. You can look at an object for a long time, until it is so familiar, and then one day its entire meaning changes — which changes the object in turn.”

“Painting is one way of looking for the mystery that is always there hiding in plain sight, and is the price of one’s time for understanding,” she says.

Field has a master’s degree in studio fine art from New York University and is currently the acting president of nonprofit Astoria Visual Arts and the visual arts curator at KALA. Her work has been included in many juried exhibits and residencies.

A graduate of Shanghai Normal University and with a Master of Fine Arts from Portland State University, Zifen Qian paints modern romanticism that combines Eastern and Western culture.

“Painting is a visible art form, which should be understandable by persons other than the artist,” he says. “Creating a painting is not the same as addressing scientific abstract inference on a report. Artistic addressing of social, psychological and cultural issues is based on the artist’s personal judgment from life and always combines his or her cognition of perceptual and rational knowledge with techniques of image making.”

The internationally acclaimed artist has been included in many national and international exhibits and collections.

Kristin Qian, the youngest scholarship member of the Princeton University Orchestra (class of 2018) is praised as an “omnibus” prodigy for her multiple talents across a wide spectrum of areas, including music, science, languages and painting. She will perform music during the reception.

After a 30-year career as an award-winning biology teacher at Seaside High School, Neal Maine became the first executive director of the North Coast Land Conservancy, which he co-founded in 1986. Since his retirement from the land trust in 2010, he has pursued his passion for nature photography through PacificLight Images, a partnership with Michael Wing, dedicated to raising awareness of coastal ecology and the wildlife with whom we share the region’s estuaries, freshwater wetlands and forests.

Their photography centers around coastal and Columbia River landscapes, ecology and the rich estuary habitat with the surrounding wetlands and forest systems. Proceeds from photography sales will benefit the North Coast Land Conservancy.  –Coast Weekend.


The after party at Anything Goes. Pictured: artist Zifen Qian, guest performer Kristin Qian, artist Patricia Clark-Finley, curator Agnes Field, Kathy B., Denise F., Joan S., Kay K., (Fairweather Art Walk hostesses), naturalist Neal Maine and Randy Finley (Mount Baker Winery).

Please visit http://www.fairweatherhouseandgalley.com/ artists/ tab for more information.

Patricia Clark-Finley

Patricia Clark-Finley

Hello Denise:
I am back at the winery (Mount Baker Winery) today, but wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk, ANYTHING GOES, and the new arrangement of the Fairweather Gallery space.

The confluence of issues in the artists’ talks was such a breath of fresh air: language, music, and poetry as a backdrop for contemporary art, opening a window onto the broader context of art in our culture.

That took some courage. Here’s hoping the show is as rewarding for the Gallery as it has been stimulating for a broader conversation around the arts at the beach.”
Patricia Clark-Finley

For more information please visit http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com/artists tab/ Patricia Clark-Finley.

Read more about the museum-style hanging that the Fairweather Gallery did for ANYTHING GOES on a recent blog post dated:
July 17, 2015
Q: Does the Fairweather Gallery have a reputation for anything in particular, you ask?


Octopus lamp by artist Rinee Merritt.

Summertime artistry to satisfy our yearnings for the handmade.
New work brings life, and emotion, to our spaces.

Rinee Merritt I

Artist’s statement: “A continued investigation into horticulture and science engages my conversations in kiln formed glass. I frequently include the language of graphic design to focus my communication and messaging. Using glass silk-screening, glass kiln forming and glass casting, I use the light and color to direct my studies in texture, shape, and species. My previous life as a horticulturist and my current work as a graphic designer feed my art investigations, the art feeds my graphic design. This is my circle of life, there is always artistic inspiration to find in our world.” –Rinee Merritt

Please visit http://rineemerritt.weebly.com for more information about the artist.


Kathy B., Director of Hospitality (aka Director of Smiles) and a cutie potootie from J. Rae’s, places a banner flag, borrowed from a neighbor, out on the street to show that Art Walk is open despite the power outage.

Open, we were! Summer ReSet, the exhibition opening, inspires more…what if, rather than what was!

Power outage darkens Seaside’s Fourth of July celebration
By Katherine Lacaze, The Daily Astorian
Published: July 7, 2015

Businesses found ways to make the best of the power outage situation. Denise Fairweather’s Fairweather House and Gallery was part of the First Saturday Art Walk downtown. “We were real fortunate that all three of us in the Gilbert District kept our doors open and actually took the art to the street,” she said.

Paul Brent, an artist who was scheduled to paint at Fairweather House and Gallery moved to the front entrance “and took advantage of the natural light and painted live” using watercolors, Fairweather said. “We had perhaps double the usual crowd because people saw what we were doing closer, rather than walking into the gallery,” she said, adding, “I appreciate the artists. Everyone stayed and kind of thought outside of the box and created an event that everyone will remember.”

At SunRose Gallery, the musicians moved outside and played acoustic rather than electric music.  At The Gilbert District Gallery artists were using flashlights and patrons were seen using their cellphones as flashlights to see the art better.

Please read the complete articles about the power outage at:

Published: July 7, 2015 9:31AM    by Katherine Lacaze The Daily Astorian
Power outage darkens Seaside’s Fourth of July celebration

Published/ Seaside Signal July 9, 2015 10:27AM
Power outage was caused by errant balloon.
Patriotic balloon bursts Seaside, Gearhart holiday bubble.

Fun times:

Pictured is a visitor who on July 4th, 2015 won two cakes during the cake walk at the historical Seaside Museum’s old fashioned Fourth of July celebration; visited Faiweather’s early on the afternoon of fourth (her 1st visit to our gallery) selected a gift, came to the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk later in the evening and won a door prize at Fairweather’s and then was given a gift bag at The Gilbert District Gallery! On Sunday she returned to The Gilbert District Gallery and the Fairweather Gallery to see the art work on display with the spot lights and shared her delightful experiences. And, so, we share it, too! PS: She, too, purchased art on Sunday at The Gilbert District Gallery, a Dave Bartholet original.

2015 Fourth of July Seaside

Spectacular fireworks from the beach in #SeasideOregon! Photo by @zacharyjamesadamson

The Seaside First Saturday Art Walk proceeded with creative solutions and the Seaside Fireworks Show remained on schedule. It was an old-fashioned Fourth of July! And, despite the lack of power, crowds did arrive for Art Walk!!! Later, too, the fire works were fabulous! Thank you Seaside Chamber of Commerce and Pacific Power (the lights came back on just as the show finished).

Please visit http://www.facebook.com/ Seaside First Saturday Art Walk and http://www.facebook.com/ faiweatherhouseandgarden for more images.

Self protrait, Zifen Qian

Self Portrait. Oil on Canvas. Zifen Qian.

Parrot tulips

Zifen has selected a series of watercolor florals for OPEN WINDOWS, an exhibit opening May 2nd at Fairweather’s. The artist, an Adjunct Professor, will offer a lecture on painting.

For more information, go to:
http://www.fairweatherhouseandgarden.com/ Artist/ Zifen Qian
http://www.fairweatherhouseandgarden.com/ Blog/ Kirsten Qian
http://www.fairweatherhouseandgarden.com/ Blog/ Zifen Qian

“My main approaches are two: A/ modern romanticism oil and watercolor and B/ abstract expressionistic modern ink painting.” –Zifen Qian

For more information about the artist, go to: http://www.zifenqian.com / tab “Youth Symbol” or “Pink Seduction” for aesthetic water colors from the romantic section or tab “Culture Merge” or “Red Again in the East”, which is a painting currently has been selected by China Minsheng Art Museum exhibition of 300 works of art. The painting has been selected a champion in the national China exhibition, receiving more than 40,000 votes as today and is the in top 30 list. On addition, the artist shows abstract pen and brush art works at Fairweather’s.

Q: How did the theme for Open Windows come to be, you ask?

A: In 2015 the artists were invited to submit a two-word theme and Christine Trexel suggested Opens Window for May. It was, at first, an inspirational idea that developed into a suggestion to ask the featured artists to submit an image working in their studios. It has been fun to view their spots of creativity. It has been, oftentimes, as seen in the images the artists have released, to be in a space where the view outside meets head in the clouds. Where their ideas come from…to what if instead of what is. An open window gives dreamers and doers to live a life outside the box to create. And, so it goes forward in 2016 with three word exhibitions at Fairweather’s and yes, it was Christine Trexel, who once again, offered the inspiration for May next year, which will be “Outside the Box”.

image1 (1)

Marga Stanley in her studio.

“I will bring along with my trusty toothpick to paint Saturday evening for  OPEN WINDOWS.  My studio is in the basement and probably wouldn’t be all that nifty of an image.  The window is over the laundry sink and of course it doesn’t even open.  I will send you a photo of the hardships I endure to paint my masterpieces.”  –Marga

“I wanted these smaller paintings to show life in its simplest form. The world outside peppered with everyday objects done with gouache paints using a toothpick as my brush for the detailed parts. Thanks for doing this! ”  Marga

About the artist:

Marga and her husband, Tom Stanley, moved from the British West Indies to the North Coast about 10 years ago and have embraced Astoria as their new home, rain and all. Marga says, “I have been fortunate enough to have had my art in galleries from Canada to the British West Indies and the U.S. and now have the pleasure to be one of the founding members of the new Tempo Gallery in Astoria. Marga’s love for animals and children is the inspiration of her work: She works with paper mache, gouache, watercolors and acrylics. Out of her studio, she can also be heard reading bedtime stories in “Marga’s World” on KMUN.

And so, it will be a dueling duo, artists Kimberly Reed and Marga Stanley, creating a Painting Seaside LIVE(tm) episode, completing a painting or two (with at least one artist using a toothpick) during Fairweather’s Seaside First Saturday Art Walk. May 2nd, 5-7:pm. Truly, the pair are dear and talented friends.


#8 of our Top Ten 2014 Fairweather moments must be the sun-kissed September evening when Shirley 88 took her music to the streets and played “outside the box”.

Shirley Smith-Yates, Seaside pastor and Seaside Chamber of Commerce Ambassador, always selects a pitch-perfect blend of LIVE music for visitors, residents and art patrons.

Artists are essential in very way to Fairweather’s and Shirley has made our events memorable”.

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