Small Business Saturday



The holiday season arrives like nothing else at Fairweather’s.

Show your love for your neighborhood. 

Small Business Saturday.  Nov. 25.

Goodies for you.

Join us for Shop Small Business Saturday Nov. 25! 

Grab a friend and enjoy festive music,  goodies, mimosas and holiday inspirations…from the  best. 



New this season:

  • exquisite chenille, down filled pillows
  • mouth blown glass ornaments
  • wood turned burl ornaments
  • hand lettered holiday cards
  • seed pearl boxes
  • more unique, one-of-a-kind gifts
  • made by hand
  • made by your neighbors





Original art by Diane Copenhaver. 

It’s beginning to look like…


Coastal winter table display featuring art by Paul Brent.

It’s beginning to like like…


Wall art by Mike Mason, Jan Shield and Joanne Donaca. Credenza table art by Charles Schweigert and Deb Curtis.

It’s beginning to look like…




  Calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson.  Earrings by Debra Beard and Mary Hurst. Red tipped vases  by Emily Miller.

 Fairweather House and Gallery is embracing the fa-la-la season.

Always and forever embracing regional artists.

Always and forever featuring crafts made by local hands.