Linda Fenton-Mendenhall

Seaside naturalist Neal Maine lectured about the local driftwood on the first Saturday in September at Fairweather’s.

Maine speaks about the local habitat every first Saturday at 6:pm.

Photo collage by Linda  Fenton-Mendenhall from the opening reception of CONTRASTS, a Fairweather exhibit, on view through September 25.



The Art of Seeing: Driftwood

Naturalist and educator Neal Maine helped found NCLC in 1986, becoming its first executive director. Since his retirement from the land trust in 2010, he has pursued his passion for making deeper connections with the coastal ecosystem through his nature photography and by developing and encouraging what he calls the Art of Seeing.


“I was on the beach one day last winter after a storm had tossed all kinds of things onto the beach. What caught my eye that morning was the driftwood. I started looking at the pieces of driftwood, their shapes and forms, and then I started looking closer. Some people look at clouds, mountain profiles, or driftwood and try to find recognizable shapes, like a cat or a house or Grandma Moses smoking a pipe. I was just interested in the artistry inherent in the wood itself, and in the story that created that artistry. Those patterns were once the living tissues of a tree generated one cell at a time, over decades.


I noticed this particular piece of driftwood at the Cove in Seaside last summer, high-watered onto the rocks, nearly in the parking lot. It’s 6 or 7 feet long and has this beautiful honeycomb color. It looks like some kind of hardwood. We don’t know what its adventure might have been. It could be from anywhere: Alaska, maybe, or South America. The beach is full of driftwood from all over the planet. There’s enough of it to last all of us the rest of our lives, inspecting it for its unique characteristics. Once I started looking closely at it, I got going on it and I couldn’t give it up. It’s become kind of a career. I love it when the ocean delivers these big gifts.”


Year-round Neal’s photography is on display at Fairweather House and Gallery in Seaside. Sales benefit North Coast Land Conservancy.

“Sharing is caring.” North Coast Land Conservancy › organizations › north-coast-land-conservancy
North Coast Land Conservancy has been working since 1986 to conserve and connect the landscape of the Oregon Coast from the Columbia River to northern …


Mike Brown’s segmented wood vase, “Oregon Coast Tidepools and Sunset,” includes beach sunsets visible through portholes.

Porthole of the ODE to the TIDES Oregon sunset vase by Mike Brown.



Segmented Sunrise/Sunset Oregon coast vase by Mike Brown to benefit The Wetlands Conservancy.

Lori Tobias from Oregon Arts Watch recently wrote  an article about Mike Brown’s art for Ode to the Tides at the Visual Arts Center. › 40-years-and-363-miles-along-the-oregon-c…


 show at the Newport Visual Arts Center celebrates the rambling stretch … It’s part of the Ode to the Tides exhibit, celebrating coastal estuaries …


¾  of the collection will be in  Newport through September 26 at three locations:

                Visual Arts Center, 777 NW Beach Drive

                Hatfield Marine Science Center, 2030 S Marine Science Drive

                Pacific Maritime Heritage Center, 333 SE Bay Blvd

Ode to Tides Art Exhibit & Sale through Sept. 26 – Oregon … › events › event › ode_to_tides_art_exhibit_sale_august_1-_…
Ode to Tides Art Exhibit & Sale   through Sept. 26. This art exhibit celebrates the aesthetic and ecological significance of Oregon’s estuaries and tide pools. … A portion of the sale of each piece of art will support The Wetlands Conservancy’s program to conserve Oregon’s Coastal estuaries.
Aug 1 – Sep 26 Hatfield Marine Science Center

Ode to the Tides exhibit and sale – Newport News Times › article › ode-to-the-tides-exhibit-and-sale
Ode to the Tides exhibit and sale … Council for the Art and the Lincoln County Historical Society  hosts the Ode to Tides art exhibit and sale through September.



In addition, ¼ of the Ode to the Tides collection is at the  Hood River at the Columbia Center for the Arts at 215 Cascade Avenue, through September 28.

“The exhibit in the main gallery is all black and white – so I chose lots of black and white for the lobby,” Sara Vickerman, volunteer curator.

In November and December it will be in Beaverton at City Hall and the Library (Nov 4 – Jan 2)

Read more about the traveling exhibit:

Ode to Tides Art Exhibit | The Wetlands Conservancy › stewardship › ode-to-tides-art-exhibit
Ode to Tides Art Exhibit. The Wetlands Conservancy and partners are sponsoring Ode to the Tides, a traveling art exhibit and sale in 2019 to highlight the beauty, ecological, and economic value of near-shore coastal habitats.


Ode to the Tides end note. | https://www › fairweatherhouseandgallery › 2019/06/29 › ode-to-the-tides…


Jun 29, 2019 – The art exhibit called Ode to the Tides Art Show and Sale finished its run … to Seaside on display at Fairweather House and Gallery in Seaside, …

“Into the Woods” original oil by Lisa Wiser.

Into the Woods is an expression alluding to having been lost in a forest, dates from Roman times; it was first recorded in English in a play where famous fairy tale characters wish for things and the wishes come true.


“Scout Lake Reflection” original oil by Lisa Wiser.

The scenic Scout Lake is located in the Deschutes National Forest in Central Oregon in a mixed conifer forest.

“Mountainside at Red Hills” original oil by Lisa Wiser.

The Red Hills of Dundee is a mountain range in Yamhill County, Oregon in the heart of Oregon wine country.


Fairweather Gallery table display featuring the art of Lisa Wiser.

Also pictured is pottery by Suzy Holland, ceramics by Emily Miller, Root ™ candles and selected vintage pottery.

Photo by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.


Read more at › category › artists › lisa…


Grace note received.

“Thank you to Fairweather Gallery for creating such a lovely post and informative too.”  Lisa Wiser

Abstract originals by Bill Baily, abstract wood boxes and table by Ray Noregaard with wood bowls by Mike Brown.

“Contemporary art does not attempt to represent external reality, but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colors, and textures.”


Fresco abstracts including impasto on canvas and impastos framed in basswood by Martha Lee, segmented Oregon  myrtlewood vases by Mike Brown, chenille hand made gourds and pumpkins in woven rattan basket.


Cold wax abstract by Peg Wells, rare wood lidded bowls by Fred Lukens,  inlaid lidded boxes by Ray Noregaard, figured edge bowl by Daniel Harris, hand made ceramic salmon by Teresa Weisman-Knight and Celtic jewelry by Mary Hurst.


Acrylic abstract  and painting glass jewelry by Tanya Gardner, calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson and sunset painting by Jan Shield.



Art by Gregory Bell, abstracts by Rene’e Rowe, ceramics by Teresa Weisman-Knight, glass by Bob Heath, pastels by Joanna Donaca, glass platter by Sandy and Bob Lercari, bowls by Emily Miller and rice paper abstracts by Zifen Qian.

Photos by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.



CONTRASTS, an exhibition, featuring original  art from Northwest artists using bright, abstract palettes – electric yellows, brilliant blues, wild reds and shining greens.

Exhibiting  abstract artists Bill Baily, Gregory Bell, Tanya Gardner, Agnes Field, Sharon Kathleen Johnson, Jan Rimerman,  Rene’e Rowe, Gayle H. Seely, Russell J. Young, Peg Wells and Zifen Qian.


CONTRASTS, an exhibition of contemporary art, representing the finest in painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, fiber art, and more—from selected regional, local and emerging artists.

On exhibit Sept. 25, 2019


“Camping Out”  original oil by Blue Bond.


About the artist: Blue Bond has an Art Studio and Gallery located in the Historic Gilbert District.  In addition, he shows themed art at Fairweather House and Gallery, selecting a work of art that complements the ever-changing month-long exhibitions.

About Blue Bond Art Studio and Gallery:


Amazing paintings by artist Blue Bond done in oil on canvas.  Animals, people, still life, and wonderful scenery pictures delight guests.  Blue  Bond is also a teacher, and enjoys passing on his vast knowledge to novices and experienced painters alike.


Private classes in oil or acrylic are available, reasonably priced.   Stop by the Blue Bond Art Studio  and Gallery at 417 S Holladay Drive in beautiful Seaside, Oregon for a marvelous experience.

And, do not fret…although there is a “for sale” sign in front of the gallery, Blue Bond  is staying in the area…just needing for more room for classes and a fenced yard new pets.


Photo collage by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.

Since 2006 Fairweather House and Gallery has worked jointly with fellow artists to provide a unique exhibition each and every month.


Images by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall and Scott Saulsbury, fellow photographers and friends,  who work together for the good of the Historic Gilbert District’s special events.





Linda and Scott each attended Seaside High School and had Neal Maine as a teacher.


Neal Maine lecture.  Photo by Scott Saulsbury.

“Mr. Maine… still teaching, just not to high school students anymore,  Fairweather’s Art Walk in Seaside.” Scott


Linda Fenton-Mendenhall grew up in a family that had a major nursery. Linda has an antique business and does estate sales in the county.

And, too, Scott grew up in a family who had a nursery that was a friendly competitor (Scott’s family had the RainTree Nursery in Seaside).  Scott is the founder of Gardenware Nursery Labeling.





Fairweather’s MAKING WAVES July 2019 exhibition explores the deep, multifaceted relationship with the ocean.


Oil paintings by Paul Brent, encaustic art, sea turtles, beach rope baskets and urchin bowls by Emily Miller, watercolor/ calligraphy by Diane Copenhaver,  handmade mouth blown glass, sea glass jewelry by Mary Bottita and Barbara Walker.


Landscape oil on canvas by Karen E. Lewis, seascapes by Carol Thompson, fresco art by Agnes Field and mouth blown art glass.


Look closely to note the mouth blown floating glass bubbles. Just perfect for the MAKING WAVES art display and, yes, they are  available for purchase.

Seascapes by Ron Nicolaides.

Oil seascapes by Victoria Brooks, calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson, hand made art glass vessels and vases.

Art for the MAKING WAVES exhibition, largely significant pieces, include new original work and new art glass selected specifically for the July month-long show.



Abstract wave art by Leah Kohlenberg, hand made glass by Bob Heath, hand made box by Christine Trexel, beaded box by Gayle H. Seely and art cards by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.



Seascape oil paintings by Phil Juttelstad,  watercolor by Bill Baily, landscapes by Lee Munsell, fine art photography by Dr. Dale J. Veith and Russell J. Young,  fused glass by Mike Fox, wood boxes by Ray Noregaard, wood bowl by Tom Willing and seascape watercolors by Mary Burgess.


Art by Sharon Abbott-Furze, stemware by Rox Heath and art glass by Sandy and Bob Lercari.



Mixed media by Sandy Visse,  seascape by Karen E. Lewis,  art glass by Bob Heath and hand forged candle sticks.

Photos by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.

Staging by D. Fairweather, gallerist/ allied member A.S.I. D., American Society of Interior Designers.



Read more about MAKING WAVES at:

Thank you Coast Weekend and reporter Katherine Lacaze for supporting the arts.…/article_7a1c4f88-a704-11…

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway


Featuring changing month-long exhibitions  by selected and significant Northwest artists, craftsmen and artisans.The gallery specializes in original oils, watercolors, mixed media works of art, as well as contemporary bronze, mouth blown glass work, abstracts, and one-of-a-kind accessories.

MAKING WAVES on exhibit through July 30.

The range in the show reveals the extraordinary impact of the sea and waves.

Featuring  artists: Blue Bond, Victoria Brooks, Paul Brent, Nick Brakel, Karen Doyle, Leah Kohlenberg, Karen Lewis, Emily Miller, Lee Munsell, Richard Newman, Ron Nicolaides, Jan Rimerman,  Peg Wells, Russell J. Young and Dale Veith.

Introducing artists Sharon Abbott-Furze and Phil Juttelstad.

 For more info please visit



Saturday August 3, 5-7:pm

Fairweather House and Gallery

Opening reception for OUTSIDE INTERESTS featuring local painters and artisans hugely impressed with the wide-open, majestic vistas of the Pacific Northwest  Selected art, new original work, conveys nature’s shifting moods, with no human presence visible.   Curated exhibition. Resident artists. Paul Brent, Renee Hafeman, Melissa Jander, Sharon Kathleen Johnson, Bev Drew Kindley, Martha Lee, Gretha Lindwood, Susan Romersa  and Dale J. Veith.

Welcoming new artists Christine Downs and Elina Zebergs.

Introducing new artist Vicky Combs.

Naturalist Neal Maine will speak on the local habitat at 6: pm.

Painting Seaside LIVE event by Paul Brent.

 LIVE music by Shirley 88.



Handwritten thank you notes are so infrequent in our digital age that when one is received, it makes a statement. Sharing a few recent notes received.


“You are such an incredible inspiration. Thank you for doing so much to care for this precious coast and its people and for your amazing contributions to the planet. With deep gratitude.” Katie Voelke, Executive Director, NCLC, North Coast Land Conservancy, June 2019.


Katie Voelke, Executive Director/ North Coast Land Conservancy at Fairweather’s.


“I count on being in your gallery one of the most thrilling things in my life.  I enjoyed the show so much.  So did my family, who made a weekend in Seaside we will never forget.  Bless you for including me in your wonderful group of artists. It was fun to see a father unable to hold back his tears while watching his daughter give her talk at Fairweather’s.”  Carolynn Wagler June 2019


Carolynn Wagler, artist, and daughter with Saundra, gallery hostess.


“Thank you for a beautiful reception.  You are a class act.  I spent some time at the beach recently and talked to many business owners about the  current show at Fairweather’s.  Many knew you and said wonderful things about you and the gallery.  What a grand entity you have created.”  Jan Rimerman  July 2019


MAKING WAVES opening artist reception. July 2019

Photo collage by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall, Seaside First Saturday Art Walk photographer.


Q: Guess who visited recently on a Monday during the high season at the beach, you ask?

A: UK, Texas, Kentucky, Hood River, Arizona, Bend, New York, Seattle Florida, Colorado, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Tacoma, Missouri, Idaho, BC and California. And too, all visited on Monday July 8, 2019!  “Lots of people in; lots of appreciation for all the hard work you do for everyone,” Joan Smith, gallery hostess.

Over the years, more than 1500 hand written thank you notes have been mailed to the featured artists after an opening reception.

Joan Smith,  Fairweather’s Director of Style, has suggested a different hostess dress code for every exhibition since 2009.  For July 2019, Joan recommended dressing in blue and white for the opening reception of MAKING WAVES.

Kathy B., Fairweather’s Director of Hospitality, has created gorgeous plates of hors d’oeuvres, for every exhibit has been distinctive. For July 2019, Kathy designed  ruffle cups of blue berries and nuts combined with chocolate brownies.

Joan Smith, a retired school principal, has proof read each unique thank you note composed for over 140 exhibitions.  Indeed, Joan  corrected the grammar in the rough draft  with a red pen, always the educator


See how we giggle? What, did you say, another show post, so soon???  Indeed, it be summertime.  Truly ’tis high season at the beach. Joan, Kathy and Denise.

Fairweather House and Gallery
612 Broadway
August month-long exhibition
Opening reception during
Seaside First Saturday Art Walk
Aug. 3, 5-7:pm

In the historic Gilbert District of downtown Seaside


Jan Rimerman finished her July 2019 note to the gallery with the news.

“I will get you my September show synopsis to you soon.”  

And, so, we  now share our September show theme.

CONTRASTS  Sept 7- 25

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway

Seaside, Oregon

Opening artist reception September 7, 5-7:pm during the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk.

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