Russell J. Young

R.J. Marx performed LIVE on May 4.  Art by Lisa Sofia Robinson and Barbara Rosbe Felisky; calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson and Brenda Gordon.


Carolyn Macpherson painted LIVE during a gallery event. Segmented wood vases and shells by Mike Brown; pottery by Suzy Holland; painting by James Waterman and wood boxes by Ray Noregaard.


Blue Bond painted en plein air  outside on Broadway at Fairweather’s.


Neal Maine lectured during Fairweather’s ‘Portraiture’ opening reception.  Photographs by Neal Maine and Michael Wing; glass are by Bob and Rox Heath.



Photographer Scott Saulsbury stepped up to the plate to fill-in for Linda Fenton-Mendenhall, Faiweather’s after hours event photographer.

Fun Fact: Linda selected Scott and they both had Neal Maine as a teacher at Seaside High.


Guy and Karen Rainsberger poured for Parrett Mountain Cellars at Fairweather’s Wine Walk.  Art by Britney Drumheller, Diane Copenhaver and Emily Miller.


Shirley 88 played  LIVE during the SDDA Spring Wine Walk at Fairweather’s.  Fused glass by Mike Fox.


More than 800 tid-bits were consumed during four hours of the SDDA Spring Wine Walk at Fairweather’s.  In addition, back up “In the Mist” books by Russell J. Young and stored Odes to the Tides flyers, Fairweather’s JUNE exhibition.


Seaside First Saturday Art Walk hostesses served as SDDA Spring Wine Walk hostesses on May 18 at Fairweather’s.   And, yes, the ladies  dressed to complement each other.

Hundreds of  guests came to the SDDA Spring Wine Walk at Fairweather’s. Art by Paul Brent;  Chanel jewelry by Reneé Hafeman and photographs on bamboo by Don Frank.


Late in the month of May, Blue Bond made the announcement that he sold his painting  of “Willie Nelson” to the country legend Willie Nelson!!!


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“Man with a Mask” fine art portraiture by Russell J. Young

“I go to great lengths, to create stories and or fairy tale style portraits tailored to a subject’s personality, life or alter ego.” RJY



Fine art portrait with bird cage by Russell J. Young

“I often include a heightened sense of realism. This is often done by building a scene that includes a costumed character, props, hand painted background, lighting the scene for a mood, time of day and season.” RJY



Monolith by Russell J. Young

“I am particularly interested in stories that express the nuances or human emotions, personal relations, secrets, and alter egos.  This work is inspired by past and present relationships, life experience, stories I have been entrusted with, the work of other artist, literature, and the performing arts.” RJY  


Russell J. Young, fine art photographer spoke about his work at Faiwweather’s during the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk on May 4.

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

May 2019

 “Portraiture” featuring regional artists Leah Kohlenberg, Susan Romersa, Patricia Clark-Finley, Rebecca Gore, Carolynn Wagler, Carolyn Macpherson, Mike Mason and Russell J. Young.

Russell J. Young is a commercial and fine art photographer based in Portland, Oregon. His photographic genres include commercial, fine art, portraiture, fitness, sports, performing arts, landscape, outdoor adventure, travel, and culture. He believes each genre complements the end result of the others.

Welcoming artists Karen Doyle, Lisa Sofia Robinson and Shelby Silver.

Introducing emerging artists Tamara Watanabe and Vanessa Stokes.

The art selected is a debut exhibition contemplating character in portrait drawings and oil sketches displaying the relationship between artist and sitter as its central subject,” D. Fairweather, gallerist.


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“Borage Botanical”” by Russell J. Young “Rhododendron Botanical” by Russell J. Young “Carnas…/russell-j-young/




“Borage Botanical”” by Russell J. Young


“Rhododendron Botanical” by Russell J. Young



“Carnas Botanical”  by Russell J. Young



“Photographing a flower is an intimate conversation of mood and personality. Attention is paid to color, texture, the play of light and the lens and camera angle its is reveal its personality. I prefer to photograph flowers in my studio or in an environment where I can influence the light. To coax the shy mood or bold character that each revels I use combinations of natural light, studio light, and multiple reflective sources such as mirrors. The intention is to add the dappled light or the mood as you would see it in its natural environment.”  Russell J. Young


“I make all my prints using rag paper,  for me it allows the viewer to linger in the sensual touch of an intimate moment.” Russell J. Young.

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“Blush” by landscape photographer Russell J. Young

Pigmented inks on cotton rag behind conversant glass under museum white 4 ply mat with frame 21″ x 27″ x 1.5”, signed.



In the days of late winter mist


Shy in their beauty  


the whisper of spring.   Russell J. Young



“For me the light is every bit as important as the subject. I find inspiration in adverse weather, dense fog, intense rain, sub-zero blizzards, often well before dawn, past the twilight, and into the depths of night, at times where landscapes are light solely by the Moon. In these conditions I see colors and mood that few ever see or look for.


“Blush” by Russell J. Young on display at Fairweather Gallery through March 28. 

Artist Statement:

I’m drawn to settings that offer quiet contemplation. I seek subjects that will make a Fine Art Print that results in a destination, where  I am  able to immerse myself, where I’m free to wander, a place that revels its wonders anew, time and time again, and each viewing is my first. My Fine Art Photography is known for its quiet painterly style.”    Russell J. Young





“In the Mist” by Russell J. Young
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Grace note from the artist:

“We had a day of no electricity in my neighborhood so Duncan (my Doggie love) and I came out. I have selected 4 books (2 signed 2 unsigned) for the Art Walk. Later, Duncan and I had a magnificent 3 hr walk at Arcadia and winter wonderland/ blizzard drive back. It was a magnificent day, and a great break from the city chaos. It was just what we needed.  With immense gratitude.” 

Russell J. Young




Russell Young, photographer/ author




“I live a double life as a fine art photographer. One half of my life is spent in nature photographing the voice of silence. These landscape photographs come from a revelatory, wanderer’s process, a reflection of the peace and the quietness of breath that one finds beyond the grandeur and grace of expansive vistas. As they reveal a view, they also invite you to witness and experience nature in a raw timelessness, peacefulness and tranquility can be found by looking to nature: in the dawn, in the twilight, and in the depths of night, places of quiet and stillness still exist.



The other half of my life is in my studio and occasionally at locations where I created my photographs by building installations/sets, adding props often casting characters, then photographing the completed installation. The studio work is inspired by life experience, personal stories, my dreams, literature, visual arts, and performance art.”  —Russell Young


Live Action shot of ME shooting  images for my new In The Mist Book — Russell Young



Through November

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway Street

Expanding Horizons, an exhibition, featuring artists turning to nature seeking to express its evocative power on personal level.

Painters and photographers included in this exhibit are Linda Fenton-Mendenhall, Lee Munsell, Ron Nicolaides, Judy Horning Shaw,  Jim Young and Russell Young.

Introducing Michael Fox, Jeni Lee and Barbara Folawn.


Take a note!

Russell Young, author and photographer, has signed a collection of his IN THE MIST books.



Fun fact! There are now copies published in Sweden, Germany, and Romania, as well as in the US.


Photographer Russell Young lectures  during the opening reception of “Expanding Horizons” at Fairweather’s.


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