Thank Yous & Praise

As 2016 ends, we take a moment to reflect on the past. 

We  look forward to the future.

We honor those who have demonstrated the transformative power of art.

Top ten 2016  Fairweather Seaside First Saturday Art Walk moments.

Enjoy!  Thank you!!!


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“Ultimately, the success of an image being selected a top ten moment is finding a personalized, very local, one-on-one connection that brings back a Faiweather House and Gallery feeling. It’s all about building that great experience, which leads to a place that is loved, which leads to building a great community.”–Denise Fairweather, gallerist.

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Residents and visitors alike enjoy an evening of community and culture as various art venues within walking distance of each other host art exhibits and refreshments, between 5-7 p.m. with the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk.

The art walk, celebrating 13 years in 2017, is in the historic Gilbert District. The Gilbert District, established in 1914, celebrated 100 years of rich history and timeless tradition in 2014. Awarded the 2004 Oregon Main Street Downtown Gateway Award, the area is now home to shops, restaurants, galleries and boutiques. Dedicated parking is located one block West off the Pacific Coast Highway 101, on the corner of Holladay and Broadway.

Motto: “Those that live for the arts, support the arts.” All rights reserved.

For more information please visit First Saturday Art Walk




Image titled “Feathers as Art” by Neal Maine, educator, biologist, ecologist and wildlife photographer.

White Egret photographed in the Neawanna Creek, Seaside, October 2016.

Proceeds in support of NCLC. On November 5th, at 6:pm Neal Maine will lecture about the local habitat at Fairweather’s.  

Fun Fact: A tall, stately white wader of quiet waters. Common, especially in the south, it may wander to the far north in the fall. Nearly wiped out in the United States in the late 1800s, when its plumes were sought for use in fashion, the White Egret made a comeback after early conservationists  protected its colonies; as a result, this bird became the symbol of the National Audubon Society.


Neal Maine

Neal Maine, PacificLight Images.


“Humans: We take pictures, walks, deep breaths, memories, rides on waves, water, timber, in habitat that used to belong to other trail makers. We thought we could never catch all the salmon, never cut all the big trees, and never pollute the ocean. In our hubris, we thought we could make our own trails. With renewed humility, we are learning how to share this place, to live together with our partner trail makers. PacificLight Images celebrates this partnership as we use our images to inspire others to honor nature’s trails in OUR OWN BACKYARD.”Neal Maine.

Please visit Maine for more images available.




“I finished a new heron in its nest and I was even able to weave it. I will bring it with me for the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk  Saturday on November 5th. I will talk about my woven paintings  at the opening exhibition of A SIMPLE APPROACH. I think it is a good idea this is completed.”–Denise Joy McFadden




Artist Denise Joy McFadden  lectured during the  exhibition opening of A Simple Approach on Nov. 5th  during the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk.


As a signature member of the Southwest Washington Watercolor Society and the Northwest Watercolor Society, as well as a member of Watercolor West and the National Watercolor Society. She is a resident Fairweather Gallery artist and has received many awards, including the  Southwest Washington Watercolor Society, Best of Show 2015 Spring and the Watercolor West Exhibit 2013, California Watercolor Reciprocal Award, People’s Choice.

Please visit Joy McFadden for more information.

Please visit First Saturday Art Walk for more information about the Art Walk  event.

Heron Magic

Image title: Heron Magic by Neal  Maine, signed, matted and framed. Proceeds in support of NCLC.

Within walking distance of downtown Seaside, herons perform a courtship dance high above the ground. “Nature will always find a way.”–Neal Maine

For the backstory on this image please visit




Shirley 88

Take Note: From Aretha to Adele, Classic American Song book to the latest songs, Etta James to Norah Jones, all music loved by Shirley and performed uniquely by her. Shirley 88 performed on November 5th at Fairweather’s.


“When I think of “A Simple Approach” I think of intensity of feeling, intentional lines, power pinpointed, singular movements and clear colors = great art.” Shirley Smith-Yates, Musician.


 Shirely will perform during the opening reception for A SIMPLE APPROACH, Nov. 5th during the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk at Fairweather's.

Shirley will perform during the opening reception for A SIMPLE APPROACH on Nov. 5th during the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk at Fairweather’s. 5-7pm. See and be seen!

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo Da Vinci

Please visit Smith-Yates for more information about the performer.

Linda Fenton-Mendenhall arrives as Art Walk photographer

Linda Fenton-Mendenhall arrives as Art Walk photographer

Linda Fenton-Mendenhall. One who sees and is seen.

Sharing a grace note received:

“I attended last month’s Art Walk at your gallery and I wanted to share just how special of an experience it was for me. My cousin Linda Fenton-Mendenhall (one of the presenters that night) invited me to attend as I had just arrived to Seaside the day before.

I had just gotten off the road from a 6-week long road trip spanning the entire Oregon and California coastline. I’d been camping alone in the forests and on the solitary beaches since August, absorbing the beauty and wisdom of the earth. Soul searching. Seeking. At 43, a very harsh year of setbacks drove me out of my hometown of San Diego, California, and deep into the loving embrace of Mother Nature. I had no intention of coming in out of the woods until I found a good reason to live and a deeper meaning for my own existence.

Seaside Oregon was merely a short respite from what I thought would be a much longer journey up into the Alaskan wilderness. But sometimes we get messages from the universe that change our course. Of all of the messages I received from the quiet forests and beaches along my journey in the previous six weeks I wasn’t expecting to receive such a profound message inside a beautiful art gallery in Seaside, Oregon on that Saturday night. All of the presenters were fabulous, and I’m of course so proud of my cousin and her beautiful work.

But the words of photographer Neal Maine are what ultimately struck a deep chord within my soul. While he was sharing his wisdom, I couldn’t help but to think that the universe puts us in the right place at the right time. I needed to be there that night. I needed to hear his message.

As Neal spoke of the human spirit and of our opportunity to experience the magnificence of this world I could feel my own pain slowly melting away. Suddenly it was crystal clear to me. I hadn’t been running away from myself or my problems. I was running toward myself and Nature was my pathway.

This personal epiphany is difficult for me to explain but let’s just say it has opened up my heart in profound ways that I never could have imagined. I’ve been reminded how to love. I was only supposed to be in Seaside for a few days but I’ve been here a whole month, doing more soul searching and working on my creative projects from the comfort and warmth of this wonderful community. My journey will never end but I know for certain that this month, after six life changing weeks on the road, I was meant to end up in your Gallery on that Saturday night to receive this message from Neal.

It changed the course of my life, and I am eternally grateful. I hope you can share my experience with Neal and let him know that, like my cousin Linda, I’m not only photographing nature in a different way because of him, I’m seeing the world through a slightly clearer lens. And it’s really beautiful. In gratitude and shared love for our beloved earth.”  –Joseph Antonio Cervantes

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” ~John Muir  

Please visit Fenton Mendenhall Photography for more information.

Bev lecturing

Bev Drew Kindley lectured during the opening reception for MOMENTS LIKE THIS, an exhibition featuring art mesmerized by the sparkling ocean and fiery sunsets, “in light so soft and tender, despite its brilliance” as artist Henri Matisse said.

“It takes nearly as many revisions as a painting to find the best words to explain how or why. I paint because I see something that resonates within me–special moments like a cheering color, a dramatic light, a flowing design–or some idea that I need in my life. Often I’m not aware of the reason until later. Struggling and experimenting to find ways to express the perfection I find takes time and attention yet the mindful appreciation is very calming and satisfying. I feel happy when someone else understands and enjoys my painting. It’s fun to find special moments and special places in Seaside, the beauty that we may not notice unless we stop to really look. I remind people that it is really there!”Bev Drew Kindley


The artist, with dual degrees in Art and Philosophy, strives to encourage appreciation and protection of our heritage and world through her art.


close up Bev painting

Bev Drew Kindley painting Seaside LIVE ™ @ Fairweather’s.

For a live video of the art demonstration go to:


At the Seaside Painting LIVE ™ event, Bev Drew Kindley  asked an art patron: “What do you see in my painting?”  And, the answer…a mermaid reclining between two gulls.  The artist offered her art inspiration taken from a photo as an explanation.  See! The mermaid captured in the painting was actually a part of driftwood.

The artist, a native Oregonian, paints to understand the unique moments of light and weather.  All of her recent work begins with the experience of the real location, later finished in the studio. The artist, with dual degrees in Art and Philosophy, strives to encourage appreciation and protection of our heritage and world through her art.

For more info go to Drew Kindley


And, too, save the date and time.  What’s next?   September 3rd, 2016.  

Seaside First Saturday Art Walk 5-7:pm.  

Fairweather’s opening reception for AGAINST THE GRAIN.

For more info go to


Artist Paul Brent arrives to offer a Seaside Painting LIVE ™ episode at Fairweather’s.

For more info go to Paul Brent

The opening reception for “Moments Like This”, an exhibition, didn’t just contain high and low notes; with Art Walk moments that were quiet and rousing, it offered, as always, LIVE action with plenty of soul and magic!

greyts and Shirley

Performing LIVE Shirley 88, Shirley Smith-Yates  sang  “You’ve got a friend”  for visitors and guests, including greyhounds, who were part of a show and tell about doing good works by featured artist Aliza Allen.  20% of her art proceeds will go to Greyhound Adoption-NW. The primary purpose of Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest is to find responsible loving homes for Greyhounds, who fail to qualify or no longer qualify for the racetrack.



Painting Seaside LIVE artist Bev Drew Kindley shows her art to a patron during the MOMENTS LIKE THIS opening reception.

“Thank you so much for displaying  my paintings in such a beautiful way with a wonderful party reception to go along with it! About 15 of my best paintings are beautifully displayed .”— Bev Drew Kindley, artist


Lee Moments


Summer gallery display for artist Lee Munsell.

“I am blessed to be in your gallery. Hope all is well with you and your summer is going well.”  Lee Munsell, artist

Moments Like This, an exhibition through August, offers a rich and varied mix of art; loosely woven together by summer time artists mesmerized by sparkling waters and fiery sunsets  (“light so soft and tender, despite its brilliance” as Henri Matisse said).



Best AW hostesses

Just minutes before the opening of MOMENTS LIKE THIS, art walk hostesses relax (sans shoes). Pictured left to right: Kay, Denise, Ellen, Joan, Kathy F., and Kathy B.

Once again GREAT Art Walk!!! You are amazing and loved by so many people. Hope you can find time to sit back and marvel at the beauty you create.” Kathy B., Director of Hospitality 


Lori Painting LIVE

Artist Lori Wallace-Lloyd painted LIVE at the Moments Like This opening reception @ Fairweather’s.

“I wanted to thank you and all of your lovely hostesses for such a great Art Walk. Thank you for having me in your incredible gallery!”
Lori Wallace-Lloyd, artist




At Fairweather’s during the opening of Moments Like This textile artist Jan Lambert arrived to speak and to model a revamped denim jacket she created for the upcoming Seaside R3 Fashion Show.


“Thank you very much for introducing me to your artists and friends.  What lovely advertising.  It as an awesome evening. Blessings to you.”  —Jan Lambert


For more information go to: August 11 edition

Our Lady of Victory/St. Peter the Fisherman and Women’s Ministry will host its annual R³ Fashion Show fundraiser beginning at noon Wednesday, Aug. 17 at the Seaside Civic and Convention Center.

R³ — recycle, reuse and re-love — is a unique way to present clothing and other items donated to the church and ministry as new fashions.

The Seaside Civic and Convention Center is located at 415 First Ave. To make reservations for the fashion show, purchase tickets, or for more information, call Our Lady of Victory church at 503-738-6161.


Summer Re-Veal art interns, Miss Amy and Miss Amanda from Seattle.
Gallery interns: Miss Amanda and Miss Amy

Amanda has been selected repeatedly for lead roles at work, even travelling overnight with the work team for school sales (she is a rep, selling and taking orders); Amy has been on-call for many neighborhood house, garden and pet sitting jobs PLUS her school district work; (with their summer jobs, both girls are definitely going to be able to pay for all their college books and other expenses for this approaching college year; their work ethic gained through working at your gallery over the years has definitely helped their employers see their work ethic! THANK YOU for teaching them how to do things right and follow directions!” —Shannon (Amanda’s and Amy’s mother)

Melissa Jander's painting gifted to Denise as a thank you

“Thanks so much for a great show. In appreciation for all you do, here is a gift just for you. This is a painting of one of the flower bouquets you were handing out during the show IN FULL FLOWER, back in May. This sweet little bouquet made it all the way home with me where I painted it in my studio. Many blessings to you! ” — Melissa Jander, artist



Daniel Harris

Wood worker Daniel Harris in a Fairweather postcard.

“Turning wood that has been recently cut down requires special care in order for the wood to end up in its intended state. For bowls, the fresh-cut wood (green wood), is rough turned to an approximate shape. The rough turned bowl is then coated with a wax emulsion and left to dry before final turning is done. Daniel’s latest skill is turning hollow form bowls and vases.” –Daniel Harris

We are  grateful for the post card collages created  by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.


“Thank you for putting on such a lovely Art Walk.  It was wonderful to meet the artists and hear them speak about their art.  Thank you for the turned wood bowl I a gift.  It is so lovely and I feel so lucky to have it in my home.”  –G. Engels


And, too, textile artist Cherry Jones Harris, spouse of Daniel, is featured in a Fairweather postcard.

Cherry Jones Harris


Hey, there Cherry Jones Harris, textile artist… we have SOLD all your one-of-a-kind summer edition batik coastal catch alls!

“Sewing is my passion. For the Fairweather Gallery I have recently designed and created new FALL Coastal Carry all bags each with one-of-a-kind Batik fabrics.” –Cherry


S-h-h-h, whisper very quietly. Fall accessories. Sneak peek.

Tall, mid-century modern interpretations of natural pine wood is are crafted into turned wood candlesticks.  The candle holders have a polished nickel base to hold a candle up to four inches in diameter,  low 6 1/2" diameter by 14" high medium 6 3/4" diameter by 17" high tall 6" diameter by 19 1/2" high

Tall, mid-century modern interpretations of natural pine wood is are crafted into turned wood candlesticks. The candle holders have a polished nickel base to hold a candle up to four inches in diameter, low 6 1/2″ diameter by 14″ high
medium 6 3/4″ diameter by 17″ high
tall 6″ diameter by 19 1/2″ high


Spring reading

Spring by Rebecca Gore.  Original oil and cold max medium.

In Full Flower, an exquisite exhibition through May 31st, features the perfection of flowers depicted in art and display. Flowers are nature’s gift, dating back at least 125 million years. “Most importantly, flowers commemorate all the passages in our life. They express renewal and hope in a single bloom.”





For the opening reception resident artist Michael Muldoon offered a Seaside Painting LIVE ™ episode completing a quick finish oil painting. Wine tasting, light bites and live music by Shirley Smith-Yates were provided throughout the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk evening at Fairweather’s.


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rose gifted II


Fresh cut flowers were gifted.

rose gifted

And re-gifted.


“Thanks for organizing such a wonderful event on Saturday. I loved every fine touch. I spent a lot of time just going around appreciating how thoughtfully everything is laid out. I am proud to be showing my work in your gallery.” —Savvy Dani, artist
“Wonderful Art Walk, once again, and the store was exquisite !!!! Thank you for the beautiful roses!!!!  They brightened up my Mother’s Day!!!!” –Kathy

“Your gallery was beautiful. All the flora. It was all grand.”–
Micheal Muldoon, artist


For the beautiful collage created by Art Walk photographer Linda Fenton-Mendenhall and more images  please visit and go to /seasidefirstsaturdayartwalk.



Plein art artist Greta Lindwood.

Gretha Lindwood, a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, cherishes the unique landscapes honed by water and light and delights in capturing beauty in pastels. By painting in the traditional plein air style and by using an impressionistic touch, Lindwood’s landscapes invite the viewer into the scene. These landscapes can bring to mind the feel of soft mist from a foggy morning, or the taste of a salty ocean breeze.

Save the date and time.  April 2nd, 5-7pm.  Seaside First Saturday Art Walk.

Fairweather House and Gallery, 612 Broadway

Opening reception for the exhibit Rain or Shine, juxtaposing an array of art, images and voices in a way that resonates with the spring season, reshaping boundaries between the reality and the creative process.

Two artists, Gretha Lindwood and Susan Curington, are perfectly paired, as each offers a fascinating approach in distinctive pictorial language with work completed in rain or shine.


Artist Susan Curington

Susan Curington, a third generation to live on her rural, wooded land; has known particular trees since childhood. By living in the thick of nature daily, her painting expresses profound gratitude for the power and beauty of Nature.

The featured artists will offer a Seaside Painting LIVE ™ episode, start with a blank canvas at the beginning of the art event with completing a quick finish at the end, offering patrons marvelous opportunities to watch two  masters create.



Seaside nature photographer Neal Maine introduces his March/April natural history journal and will speak at 6:pm. Wine tasting, light bites and live music by Shirley 88 through the evening.




Fun Facts:

“Quiet Anticipation,” Gretha Lindwood’s demo painting during last year’s February Seaside Art Walk, received the First Place Award at the 49th Annual Lake Area Artists Show in Lake Oswego.

And, too, artist Susan Curington, on Friday, March 25th, offered a Sip and Paint class at Fairweather’s, hosted by McKeown’s in the historic Gilbert District.

The grace notes heard and received.

10 happy painters at the Fairweather Gallery’s, Sip & Paint event on Friday. March 25th. 100% attendance for artist Susan Curington.

From participants… “Fabulous class. I had no idea that this was possible. Fun, fun, fun!” and “I had a blast. Easily comprehended by a Beginner.” and “I really enjoyed trying something new and coming out of my shell.”

“Denise Fairweather does an excellent job of bringing unusual objects to her store. She features NW artists and encourages speakers. I am especially fond of her ‘ Paint and Sip’ classes. These introduce the public to art projects that can be completed in two hours while sipping on wine and talking with friends. Last Friday we worked with acrylics on canvas. Artist Susan Curington guided us through the process of capturing the light, colors & movement in beach grass in a class March 25th. . Who would’ve thought that we would suddenly peel away some of our work!? What it revealed was astonishing … it’s when the Magic happened. Drop by the gallery and ask Denise to explain; maybe sign up for the next class. I haven’t had so much fun since I re-discovered the joys of riding a tricycle!”–Tina Sawyer

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