The historic Gilbert District

Named the “state animal” in 1969, the American beaver builds the dams and wetlands that serve as habitat for Oregon salmon, steelhead, birds, amphibians and insects. Beavers are nature’s hydrologists, “Beaver Tales: A Celebration of Beaver Art” curator Sara Vickerman … click of the following link to read the entire front page article by Eve Marz, reporter for the Seaside Signal …

Source: From near extinction to a place in art

For more info the participating Fairweather  artists, please go to …artists … Paul Brent, Mike Brown, Susan Curington, Agnes Field, Jo Pomeroy Crockett, Neal Maine and Denise Joy McFadden.

Save the date and time.

BEAVER TALES, a celebration of art.

May 6th, 5-7:pm in the historic Gilbert District Block of downtown Seaside

For more info about the Art Walk, please go to

Listening to the Land: Dam, Beaver! Dam!
Wednesday, April 19
6 to 8 pm
Seaside Public Library

And, too, a lot more info about Beavers and all the good things they do for us:

Dr. Stephen Ramsey, from the OSU Center for Genome Research & Biocomputing (the Center has recently announced the completion of its sequencing of the beaver genome, so this is very well timed –

Frances Backhouse will offer a talk based on her research and writing that appeared in her award-winning book, Once They Were Hats: In Search of the Mighty Beaver. At Beach Books on May 6th at 1:pm.

The Wetlands Conservancy has posted information on the Beaver Tales art project. The link is below. Feel free to share it with your friends and contacts.

Here’s a link to an excellent short video, with great aerial depiction of the changes that beaver dams bring to meadows . . .

And for more inspiration, a video of beaver swimming on U-Tube. .

CBC News Posted: Apr 02, 2017Great parenting: animals that care for their young in ‘amazing’ ways BEAVERS…

Some parents are a little more dedicated than others, according to wildlife expert Frank Ritcey. Ritcey says beavers take a more paws-on approach to raising their young. They give birth inside their lodges, where kits will stay until they’re old enough to start eating solid food.

“Once they’re old enough to venture forth, they travel about with the parent to learn how to become a beaver. [Kits] follow the adult around and mimic the adults actions,” said Ritcey.

“It’s so cute to watch — but it’s also very important as the young have to learn a whole set of skills like using the right trees to fall and how to build dams and lodges, and in general — how to be as busy as a beaver should be.”


While nothing can compare to the real beaver it is great to see more comprehensive research about the positive impacts of beaver dams.…/osu-cascades-students-scien…/394113930




Life Drink

“Life Drink” by nature photographer Neal Maine/ PacificLight Images.
Proceeds in support of NCLC.

Fairweather Gallery
612 Broadway

MOMENTS LIKE THIS opening reception

Seaside First Saturday Art Walk
August 6th


Plan on high and low notes, moments that are quiet and rousing. “MOMENTS LIKE THIS”, an exhibition through August 30th, is about selected art by regional artists mesmerized by the sparkling ocean and fiery sunsets, “in light so soft and tender, despite its brilliance” as artist Henri Matisse said.

On the agenda:
• Bev Drew Kindley
• Lori Wallace-Lloyd
• Lana Jane Brent for Paul Brent
• Seaside/ Gearhart nature photographer Neal Maine lectures*
• Shirley Smith-Yates
• Aliza Allen
• Special guests
• Visiting artists
And, too, Bev Drew Kindley, en plein air artist, and Lori Wallace-Lloyd, pastel artist, will be offering a Seaside Painting LIVE ™ event, two fine art demonstrations, throughout the evening! See and be seen.
Free and open to the public.

Need to know: Dedicated parking for the historic Gilbert Block is on the corner of Ocean way and Holladay.

*At 6:pm Neal Maine will speak about the ecology found in the coastal habitats.


A habitat is an ecological area that is inhabited by a particular species. The term typically refers to the zone in which the species lives and where it can find food, shelter, protection and mates for reproduction. The local vegetation ecological area type may be a coastal rain forest, grass land plains, or dunes. Fresh water habitats include marshes, streams, rivers, lakes, ponds and estuaries, and marine habitats include salt marshes, the coast and the intertidal zone. (From Wikipedia)

For more information please visit:…/blog…

Wings on Parade

Image titled: Wings on Parade.

Pair of osprey along the Skipanon River, near Warrenton.

Seaside/ Gearhart  nature photographer Neal Maine.

Signed, matted and framed.

Proceeds in support of NCLC.

Birds of a Feather

Image titled: Birds of a Feather.

Seaside/ Gearhart nature photographer Neal Maine.

Signed, matted and framed.

Proceeds in support of NCLC.

The famous Seaside osprey pair! Flying above their new platform  with a new nest. An eagle came too close and the pair moved in tandem to a safer spot. The female, with a band on her right leg, kept the flounder that her mate had delivered. Wildlife action within steps of downtown Seaside!

For more information about the Seaside osprey go to:…/storm-leaves-breeding-ospr.

Necanicum Watershed Council is working on restoring the osprey camera, please go to for a click to donate.

The Osprey Cam is live! It’s a great image! “Help share the news!” Melyssa Graeper/ Necanicum Watershed Council

Take a note! Naturalist Neal Maine will share his latest habitat stories at 6 p.m. at Fairweather’s during the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk on May 7th.

Throughout the evening Neal reveals his latest natural history journal of images that include a recent Yellowstone photography expedition, as well as images found “within our own backyards” where “we live in paradise.” And, too, he will share about talking with Florian Schultz, wildlife photographer.

As part of his Freedom to Roam project Schulz has dedicated years of his life to documenting the drama and beauty of North America’s most critical wildlife corridor: “Yellowstone to Yukon”. Please visit for more information.

Did you know that Neal Maine traveled to Yellowstone with conservation friends Daniel Dietrich and Doug Ray?  Three conservationists made  famous in Seaside for their Arctic Light show, a benefit in support of Alaska Wilderness League, an event sponsored by Beach Books and Fairweather Gallery.

Please visit  www.thegilbertdistrict.wordpress/ Arctic Light, and http://www. for more information.



Most recently, Neal Maine had a story featured in the North Coast Land Conservancy newsletter. Please visit A closer look at back yard birds….

To learn more about the mission of PacificLight Images and nature photographer by Neal Maine, go to Neal Maine and Micheal Wing.

The grand finale. Smiles and Art.

Viva Vino Van Gogh!!!  Great event! 🎨🍷

Pictures show and tell from the premier Vino Van Gogh(tm) event in the historic Gilbert Block on the evening of Nov. 6th.

Thank you to artist Katherine Taylor.

Thank you to Will Perkins and Avery Loschen, landlords for the historic Gilbert Building,  for the space.

Thank you to the Seaside Signal, The Daily Astorian and Coast Weekend for getting the good word out.

Thank you to the Seaside Chamber of Commerce, most importantly Brent, for finding space for the Vino Van Gogh(tm) event on the Visitor’s Bureau reader board.

Thank you to the Fairweather’s peeps, hostesses Joan and Kathy.

Most importantly, thank you to Linda Fenton-Mendenhall for the photographs.

“Thank you so much for the successful weekend with both the Vino Van Gogh and the reception on Saturday. I  really enjoyed the evening.” –Katherine Taylor.

“Once again we had a fabulous time visiting Seaside and especially visiting the Fairweather Gallery! Taking part in Katherine’s Vino Van Gogh and visiting the Art Walk made for an exciting art weekend. Your gallery is always a delight to the eye with your lovely displays and coordination of objects of beauty. Such a lovely touch you have!”Cheryl


“What a lovely event was the Vino Van Gogh last Friday evening. Kudos to you and all of your hard work, planning, and openness to new ideas.” —Joan 


Indeed, more Vino Van Gogh ™  evenings surely will follow.

“You are right – VVG (Vino Van Gogh ™ will only get better! I know the experience will just need a few adjustments  (side bar: adjustments  to factor in  for last-minute registrations-with backup supplies, chairs and tables) for next time – everything is a learning experience, isn’t it?  Next time I hope to create a seascape painting for VVG. That will be fun. Thank you again for a fabulous weekend experience at Fairweather House and Gallery.” Katherine Taylor

Q: How did the theme for Open Windows come to be, you ask?

A: In 2015 the artists were invited to submit a two-word theme and Christine Trexel suggested Opens Window for May. It was, at first, an inspirational idea that developed into a suggestion to ask the featured artists to submit an image working in their studios. It has been fun to view their spots of creativity. It has been, oftentimes, as seen in the images the artists have released, to be in a space where the view outside meets head in the clouds. Where their ideas come from…to what if instead of what is. An open window gives dreamers and doers to live a life outside the box to create. And, so it goes forward in 2016 with three word exhibitions at Fairweather’s and yes, it was Christine Trexel, who once again, offered the inspiration for May next year, which will be “Outside the Box”.

image1 (1)

Marga Stanley in her studio.

“I will bring along with my trusty toothpick to paint Saturday evening for  OPEN WINDOWS.  My studio is in the basement and probably wouldn’t be all that nifty of an image.  The window is over the laundry sink and of course it doesn’t even open.  I will send you a photo of the hardships I endure to paint my masterpieces.”  –Marga

“I wanted these smaller paintings to show life in its simplest form. The world outside peppered with everyday objects done with gouache paints using a toothpick as my brush for the detailed parts. Thanks for doing this! ”  Marga

About the artist:

Marga and her husband, Tom Stanley, moved from the British West Indies to the North Coast about 10 years ago and have embraced Astoria as their new home, rain and all. Marga says, “I have been fortunate enough to have had my art in galleries from Canada to the British West Indies and the U.S. and now have the pleasure to be one of the founding members of the new Tempo Gallery in Astoria. Marga’s love for animals and children is the inspiration of her work: She works with paper mache, gouache, watercolors and acrylics. Out of her studio, she can also be heard reading bedtime stories in “Marga’s World” on KMUN.

And so, it will be a dueling duo, artists Kimberly Reed and Marga Stanley, creating a Painting Seaside LIVE(tm) episode, completing a painting or two (with at least one artist using a toothpick) during Fairweather’s Seaside First Saturday Art Walk. May 2nd, 5-7:pm. Truly, the pair are dear and talented friends.

Carmela Newstead

Carmela Newstead

Opening reception for Color Lover, an exhibit that focused on Northwest artists whose work offers a significant impact on the development of abstract space and color.  Creating complex and dramatic philosophical and visual metaphors, the show crosses boundaries of pictorial space to enter a vibrant realm.  And, so it was, on April 4th, Fairweather’s 100th Art Walk,  paired sweet desserts and wine, a Seaside Painting LIVE ™ episode, and  drawings for  door prizes, including a $100 gift certificate.    In addition, the evening highlighted an exhibition for artist/ Professor Carmela Newstead, Fairweather’s longest exhibiting artist.

Resident art photographer Neal Maine and emerging artist Gayle H. Seely  participated in art discussions.

Gayle H. Seely shows the signed card from Georgia O’Keefe received in 1981 in response to her “box of treasures” and invitation to visit the beaches of Trinidad, California. A big Georgia fan, Gayle had just returned from a show with 22 O’Keefe paintings at the Tacoma Art Museum.

And, too, a note received from the artist to Faiweather’s:
“Thanks for all your help in my emerging into the gallery world!” Sincerely, Gayle H. Seely

Resident artists Britney Drumheller and Linda Trexler spoke with passion about color and emerging landscape photographer Shaun Monahan was introduced during Fairweather’s 100th Art Walk April 4th.


Neal Maine and Daniel Dietrich worked together to create the Arctic Light presentation.

Neal Maine and Daniel Dietrich worked together to create the Arctic Light presentation.

“Neal Maine and Daniel Dietrich were complementary in their approaches; where one left off, the other picked up. Outstanding evening!”


SOLD! Arctic Light.

SOLD! Another Arctic Light (as a special order).


SOLD! It’s Mine.

SOLD! It’s Mine (as a special order).

Whale Within

SOLD!  Special order, Whale Within.

Snow Shoe Polar

SOLD!  Snow Shoe Polar.

SOLD!  Special order, Snow Shoe Polar.

The last polar bear

SOLD! 14 books. “The Last Polar Bear.” Plus 4 gifted with with Arctic Light orders.

All proceeds in support of the Alaska Wilderness League.

“Dear Denise,
Our heartfelt thanks to you and your crew, it was an amazingly produced, orchestrated and run event, from start to finish. Everything was perfect. To see a filled room of captivated attentions, was enlightening.

I would do an event with you anytime!

I want you to know we received many signed postcards.  All due to your outreach and support!

Again, thank you. So many national treasures in one place!

Ali Fujino

Ali Fujino
Director of Advancement
Seattle Office
2212 Queen Anne Ave North
Seattle, WA 98109
Cell: 206-618-4545
Office: 206-282-3374
Your Land.
Your Voice.

And another BRAVO!
“Kudos to you, Denise, for adding your very special touch to last evening’s event. It was a wonderful evening and Kay and I loved being able to help. Cheerio!” Joan

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