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“Lost in the…” watercolor by Penelope Culbertson


MAY 2013

MAY 2012


MAY 2011


MAY 2010


MAY 2009

These days, when we are isolated from each other due to COVID 19, it seemed just as good a time as any to revisit some of the artistic events Fairweather House and Gallery has had over the past years.  So by request, we are revisiting severa; past May exhibitions, from the painting LIVE events to memorable performances by classical violinist  Kirstin Qian to former bright, bubbly visitors and hosteses.


Truly,  looking back marries itself to looking forward, in our world.

Fairweather House and Gallery shut its doors mid-March following the Governor’s order that nonessential retailers and services must be closed.

Fairweather’s  is currently operating by virtual and phone appointment.

Call us anytime at 503-738-4003, contact us through our website, and through social media.

Read more blog articles on the Fairweather Gallery website.

Enjoy a performance from a former Fairweather guest of honor.

Kirstin Qian has  performed at Fairweather’s several times.


“At a moment when our physical location is closed due to the health crisis, online viewing is offered as a primary means to present Northwest art and to connect with art enthusiasts,”  galleriest D. Fairweather.

We are stronger together.

Surely this challenge we are facing will come to an end.

Hopefully when it does Fairweather House and Gallery will still be here for you!

We promise you we will try our utmost see you on the other side of the pandemic.

Since 2007 we have had the privilege representing remarkable NW artists.

We are looking forward to reopening safely following official guidelines in protecting the health of our community.

Please read more about our gallery and our commitment to NW artists and products made by NW hands.



One-of-a-kind shawl with silk embroidery, cotton textile on silk fusion by Mary Schlunegger.


“You can see in my work a very close connection with the ocean,” Mary says.



“This navy blue is a vibrant ocean blue and, combined with lovely pearl buttons, has resulted in a smooth harmony. The silk fusion was stitched to a background of silk and backed with cut silk flowers, using free motion machine stitching, hand embroidery, and beading to accentuate portions of the silk fusion and then hand-couched with  some rich hand spun yarn to the surface,”  Mary Schlunegger.






“The silk fibers in this silk fusion were hand dyed using kool-aid,”  Mary Schlunegger.


About the artist:

“Having spent most of my life growing up surfing the shores of California and Hawaii I have been able to find great inspiration from those memories. I love to experiment with color and texture in fiber art, mixing techniques with different materials using skills learned in college and numerous workshops. Having retired after decades of running a successful Interior Design business, I now have the time to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a full time textile artist drawing my inspiration from the Oregon Coast, the place I now call home.”  Mary Schlunegger



“Parallel Journey”.

Original art by Rebecca Herren.

“I always loved the great impressionists, but when I discovered expressionism, it gave me the freedom I had longed for. It allowed me as a painter to engage in my work, to go outside the lines. My art can be organic and spontaneous, or responsive and intuitive. What emerges is a personal journey expressing emotion that can connect and communicate with the viewer,Rebecca.

“Black and White Connection” diptych, a pair of paintings by Rebecca Herren  SOLD!


Artist Rebecca Herren spoke to Art Walk patrons during the opening reception of A FINE LINE @ Fairweather’s.

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway


On View

October 5-31

“A FINE LINE”  an exhibition of representational and non-representational works of art. Working with different media the selected artists experiment with linear mark making in its widest sense. Each artist produced works inspired by places and spaces in the natural environment.

Featuring regional artists: Sharon Abbott-Furze, Bill Baily, Jo Pomeroy-Crockett, Karen Doyle, Bob Kroll, Linda Fenton-Mendenhall, Carolyn Lindberg, Emily Miller, Christine Trexel, and Russell J. Young.

Welcoming coastal artists Rebecca Herren and Dorota Haber-Lehigh.

Abstract artist Rebecca Herren finds much of her inspiration in the surroundings of the Pacific Northwest. Part of her discovery was to look beyond the beauty of the coast, through the deep understory, colorful flora and fauna.

Keeping in mind the coastal landscape, Herren’s work is formed by color, texture and movement. Influenced by painters from Claude Monet and Mary Cassatt to Sam Francis, Jackson Pollock and Joan Miro, she’s since turned to modern influencers such as Martha Reisdorf, Eric Lee, George Perrou and Sergei Rei.




**Diptych (from the Greek di “two” and ptychē “fold”) is a pair of paintings.

**Herren writes…Indeed, this is THE Rebecca Herren who is a  well-known writer serving the north coast.

Lost at sea, buried in Seaside | Coastal Life | discoverourcoast …


https://www.discoverourcoast.com › coast-weekend › lost-at-sea-buried-in-se…
Lost at sea, buried in SeasideRebecca Herren; Mar 8, 2018;  The Grave of the Unknown Sailor in Seaside has long been a part of local lore.

Rebecca Herren’s  work has been shown in solo and juried shows, group exhibitions, and have received honorable mentions. Today, her work is featured in private collections, and a public installation in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Herren grew up in Nevada and attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she majored in psychology and art. She went on to graduate with honors from Ashford University with a Bachelor of Arts degree.




“Life on the Edge” by Mary Burgess watercolor 21×21


About Mary Burgess artist:

Drawing on her travel experience and interest in nature, Mary Burgess expresses herself through watercolor painting.  She is especially interested in the effect of light and shadow on her subjects.  Each painting is started with a colorful wash, which acts to provide unity in the paintings and masterful color shifts reflect the subtleties found in nature.  The paint is glazed, one lay over another to achieve a rich and complex color palette.

Burgess is a resident of Lake Oswego where she lives with her husband and a small flock of chickens.

Her work may be viewed a various regional shows in addition to the  Fairweather House and Gallery.  She is a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon and Lake Area Artists.  Burgess offers adult watercolor classes at the Village Gallery of Arts.




“Halfway Home” by Helen Brown  rice paper and watercolor 25×32 framed.


Q: Rice paper, you say?

A: Yes, indeed. Rice paper is a product made of paper-like materials from different plants. It has been used for centuries in China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam for writing, artwork, and architecture.  Rice Paper makes suitable support for drawing media like soft pastel. It can be used for drawing with subtle and well-developed tonal effects.



Helen Brown artist statement:

I enjoy the spontaneity of watercolor. When considering subjects to paint, I am attracted to those with interesting perspective, dramatic light and elements that are meaningful to me personally. Patterns and unique shapes are particularly interesting to me.

My watercolor in the Making Waves show is one in my solo 30-painting exhibit that occupied the Oregon Historical Society in Portland for four months in 2018 titled “My Journey with Lewis and Clark.” This painting is titled “Halfway Home” because when the explorers of the Corps of Discovery arrived at the Pacific Ocean, they were only halfway through their heroic journey. They had to retrace their steps back to St. Lewis, Missouri after finding that there was not a continuous water route to the sea from there. In Seaside, there are two reminders of this journey: the statue at the turnaround, and the salt works where they boiled salt out of seawater for their food.

The painting in this show is a watercolor batik; an age-old process normally used on silk, but I use ginwashi rice paper. As I paint each layer and let it dry, I protect colors and shapes by painting with molten wax. Since rice paper is very absorbant, the wax is needed to create a harder edge. I continue painting in this way until many layers of color have been applied. In the end, I iron out the wax so what is left is simply watercolor on rice paper.

Helen is a member of the Tumalo Art Co. (Bend’s Old Mill District), the High Desert Art League, Arts Central and the Watercolor Society of Oregon.



Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway


July 6- July 30

Fairweather’s July exhibition explores the deep, multifaceted relationship with the ocean.

Art for the exhibition, largely significant pieces include new original work, created entirely by North coast artists.

Featuring selected Fairweather artists: Blue Bond, Victoria Brooks, Paul Brent, Nick Brakel, Karen Doyle, Leah Kohlenberg, Karen Lewis, Emily Miller, Lee Munsell, Richard Newman, Ron Nicolaides, Jan Rimerman, Lisa Sofia Robinson, Peg Wells, Russell J. Young and Dale Veith. 

Introducing artists Sharon Abbott-Furze, Phil Juttelstad, Mary Burgess and Helen Brown.

The range in the show reveals the extraordinary impact of the sea and waves.

Grace note:

“I enjoyed meeting you with Mary Burgess, at your gallery this last week. You mentioned that your next exhibit is about waves, so I thought I would send you an image and see if it is not too late to participate in this show.”   Helen Brown



And, see, it was not too late to participate in Making Waves.  On exhibit July 6- July 20.

Helen Brown is the sister of Mary Burgess.

Mary Burgess participated in the Ode to the Tides Art Show and Sale, Seaside edition, as an artist and a volunteer for the installation May 30.




” Favorite Things” mixed media by Deirdra Doan


” Hope” mixed media by Deirdra Doan

Artist statement:

“Ten years ago after a lifelong love and practice of painting, a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and an Art teaching credential, I became fascinated with the “mixed media” artist community. I learned the new techniques and has used them with great joy to produce works that express themes of beauty that are so important to her.

Working in this new style explored my inner intuitive voice and spiritual truths. The freedoms of the mixed media process has allowed me to tap into my subconscious. Portraits and figurative paintings are perfect models to express my dreams, spiritual growth and emotions,” Deirdra Doan, artist.

“Woman with Bird” original art by Deirdra Doan.

Deirdra Doan has worked as a children’s book writer/illustrator and won various art awards including “Best of Show”, graphics and photography for national record label covers, video documentaries and home decor (featured in several magazines).

“Deirdra‘s passionate love for life and beauty has always driven her art.”


Basic Art Education K-12


Set Design Oregon Public Broadcasting: A Victorian Christmas

Photography for Hearts of Space Records – CD artwork/packaging and promotions

Illustrations for Hearts of Space Records Wayfarer – Ancient Paths to Sacred Places CD Booklet

Graphic Art and Photography for Tapestry productions: Posters, Tickets, CD and DVD covers

Videography for Shirley Bennett’s “Affordable Elegance” as well as “Creative Wardrobing”


John Doan’s video “In Search of the Harp Guitar” and “Celtic Pilgrimage” Ireland

Photography for John Doan’s “Into the Quiet”



Painting, writer, text, and graphics of ”Nikki Nisse and the Christmas Star” 2018


At the opening reception of ‘Portraiture’ Deirdra Doan, artist, spoke about her works of art.


Deirdra Doan with art on display.


Deirdra Doan self portrait, mixed media.

 “When We Were Young”

Bunny with friend

Original on panel by Marga Stanley


Fun Fact:

The Easter bunny has a long history, first appearing at least fifteen hundred years ago as the earthly representative of the Saxon fertility goddess “Eastre”.



“I feel like I should take some time and do some experimenting. Art is one of my great passions, giving me a lot of joy and sense of accomplishment. It’s also important for me to learn new techniques while studying ones of long ago. You have given me confidence and a sense of belonging that is truly invaluable.”  Marga



“First Snow” original oil on board by Blue Bond


“Winter visitors” original oil on canvas by Blue Bond

Fairweather House and Gallery exhibits selected oil paintings by Blue Bond, a well-known Northwest artist and fellow Seaside gallerist.



“Blue Bond paints with bold swaths of color, showing inner emotion and incredible talent.”


About the artist:

Blue was born in Kentucky and comes by his southern charm with grace and dignity. His father was a lifelong military man, so the family moved frequently, even to Panama. Blue has always loved to travel, see new and exciting places, and has based much of his art on the vibrancy of life itself.

Art has played an extremely important role in his life, from designing and painting signs, doing window displays, to producing thousands  of oil paintings over the span of fifty years. Blue is a self-taught artist.

Blue’s bold, colorful paintings can be found in art collections throughout the United States and Canada. He is best known for his Western art and portraits.


“In 2017, Blue and his wife Karen opened the Blue Bond Studio and Gallery in Seaside, Oregon.  He began teaching art to novices as well as accomplished painters. His ability to teach students to paint what they see is at the heart of his lessons.  They learn to view the world through the eyes of a painter, and gain real appreciation for all forms of art.  Accomplished artists learn from Blue how to paint fast, and wet on wet. Blue also teaches painting in oil and acrylic to students from 12 years old and up, in private or group classes.”  copyright Blue Bond Art Studio and Gallery.



Blue Bond self portrait

Blue Bond and Lou, a colorful local photographer, at a Fairweather Gallery event. Blue painted Lou’s portrait.


Blue Bond  excels at portraits, with the subject’s eyes being the gateway to their inner soul.



 “Thank you Fairweather’s for the glowing verbiage! Yes, Blue is an incredible artist, and definitely excels in portraits of people and animals.” Karen Bond


Since 2018, Blue Bond has selected original art to be sponsored at the Fairweather Gallery.

Blue Bond’s selected art is on display on our wall for the entire duration of an exhibit.

 Fairweather House and Gallery has 2,500 sq. ft. of exhibition space and features regional artists.

We rotate art monthly.



Celebrating 15 years in 2019.

 Seaside First Saturday Art Walk dates:

There are no Art Walks scheduled in January or February

March 2

April 6

May 4

June 1

July 6

August 3

September 7

October 5

November 2

December 7

Visitors meet artists, snag appetizers by favorite restaurants or personal chefs, view artist demonstrations and, oftentimes, enjoy live performances in music.

The event is free and is open to the public. The Art Walk is all about seeing art in the galleries and boutiques located between Holladay and Broadway in the historic district of downtown Seaside.

We participate in Seaside First Saturday Art Walk almost every month, which draws hundreds of people.

“Those that live for the arts, support the arts.”


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