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Celtic  couture heart pendant by Mary Hurst.



Vintage Chanel pendant by Reneé Hafeman.




Vintage Chanel  pendant by Reneé Hafeman.






Rhinestone heart pendant by Mary Bottita.


“These modern versions of heart pendants are meant to glimmer from the neck and are painstakingly handcrafted by NW jewelry designers.

With lustrous semi-precious gemstones, vintage one-of-kind hallmark pieces, glittering chains, gold and silver details…indeed, there’s a pendant for every taste.”  -D. Fairweather, gallerist

Complimentary “tickled pink” gift wrapping, just perfect for a pendant or two.

And, too, one-of-a-kind earrings worthy of a pendant.


End quote by Penelope Culbertson, Fairweather’s calligraphy artist.


Grace note received:

“It has been my joy to create Celtic jewelry for Fairweather House and Gallery. Thanks for showcasing it in time for Valentines and Saint Patrick’s Day.” –Mary Hurst


And, too,  Fairweather House and Gallery is pleased to represent Fran’s Chocolates.


Hand made glass in ocean hues.



Mouth blown glass bowl with marbled copper.


Glass created by the human touch. Signed.


Free blown fluted bowl with metallic band.


Strike off detail of a mouth blown coral design platter. Signed.



Along with an incredible amount of paintings, etchings and photography, Fairweather House and Gallery also displays  three-dimensional works, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry, wood,  hand blown glass, mouth blown glass and fused glass.



One-of-a-kind exquisite seeded bubbles glass bowl.

“Riding the seismic shift toward artisan-crafted goods, makers along the coast shake up home decor with pieces that are all about the human touch.”

“White Wings.”

Common white egret by Neal Maine, PacificLight Images.

November, 2018

Sunset Beach, Oregon


Read more about Herons and Egrets | Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife


After a thirty-year career as an award-winning biology teacher at Seaside High School, Neal Maine became the first executive director of North Coast Land Conservancy, which he co-founded in 1986. Since his retirement from the land trust in 2010, he has pursued his passion for nature photography through PacificLight Images, which is dedicated to raising awareness of coastal ecology and the wildlife with whom we share the region’s estuaries, freshwater wetlands and forests. The photography centers around coastal and Columbia River landscape, ecology and the rich estuary habitat with the surrounding wetlands and forest systems. Neal Maine focuses his imagery on exploring wildlife in the context of its habitat.


To view more of Neal Maine’s photography, please go to the  artists tab/ Neal Maine http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com

100% of profits from Neal Maine’s photography  are donated to NCLC,  North Coast Land Conservancy.




Q: “Would it be possible to share the poem that Kim Stafford dedicated to NCLC as a story for the “All is Calm” Art Walk at Fairweather’s?”

A:  “We’re so glad you were touched and appreciate you wanting to share it with others,”  NCLC/North Coast Land Conservancy.

For more about NCLC go to https://nclctrust.org/ North Coast Land Conservancy. Helping to conserve Oregon’s coastal lands, forever.

Mother Mountain
Heaven, the old proverb says, is at your mother’s feet—
and here we are at the forest hem watching fog climb
through trees toward the queen’s crown peak,
hidden harvester of rain, alpine realm of silence
and starlight, home to bear cave, elk wallow,
cougar range, rare flowers brimming from persistent
seeps, trees shaggy with centuries on their blue ridge
where sister peaks layer shadows far.
So close the gate, let the alders usher in young fir,
cedar, hemlock, spruce, let the road become a path
for pilgrims seeking myriad mysteries, magic
not yet known, the black petaltail dragonfly
born from fog-fed, moss-footed mud to soar
before our eyes from the time of legends.
Here we dwell at our mother’s feet, blessed
with bounty we protect, home to wild origin.
Kim Stafford


Kim Stafford named Oregon Poet Laureate | Oregon Cultural Trust


Please note another Fairweather blog post next week will present the entire back story to the poem created by Kim Stafford for NCLC with a letter by Katie Voelke, executive director.

Cranes with hand-made with  folded cloth paper,  feathers, dahlia flower crown and faceted glass beads by Peggy Evans.

Close up detail  of  dahlia flower crown  by Peggy Evans.


But, wait, there is another one!

One-of-a-kind feathered paper crane with a dahlia crown by Peggy Evans.

Here. Now.



“Beach Fresco” by Martha Lee. Oil impasto on canvas, framed in basswood.

Q: What is impasto painting, you ask?

A: Impasto is an art term used to describe thickly textured paint that is almost three-dimensional in appearance. Using an impasto technique often leaves visible brush strokes in the finished painting. Impasto is a type of sculpture—but for painters it is on a canvas.


Q: What is basswood, you ask?

A: A premier hardwood, basswood is a preferred species among high-end shutter manufacturers and framers. Basswood can be creamy white in color or pale to reddish-brown.


Martha Lee’s paintings are inspired by her passion for the natural world. She set up her first studio in Seattle in 1982 and has been creating in oil, pastel and mixed-media ever since.


Her work consists of textured surfaces, and her goal is the let the mysteries emerge, infusing each work with a sense of timelessness, universality and infinity.


She continually attempts to capture the changing light effects of dawn, dusk and twilight and the mysteries of nature.


Lee has studied in Seattle with several Northwest masters at the Factory of Visual Art. She has traveled to Italy several times, and much of her fresco work is influenced by those trips.





Ancient secret gardens, places and frescos, these are things of
antiquity that have inspired my paintings.

Organic forms, patterns, textures, changing light effects and rich,
luminous color of sea and bay are the subjects of my work.

Currently I am working on the “Bay Vistas”, surrounded by wild
beauty and spectacular sunrises that gild all with glowing gold.


Martha Lee grace note #1

“Thank you for agreeing to show my work in your lovely gallery. I’m excited to have my paintings exhibited on your walls.” — Martha Lee


Fairweather Gallery display featuring the golden  sunset kissed art of Martha Lee.

In the background, art by Agnes Field, Carmela Newstead, Diane Copenhaver and Barbara Martin.


Martha Lee note #2

“Thank you for so graciously welcoming me into your elegant gallery.  I feel privileged to be a part of it.  And how thoughtful your thank you notes are and deeply appreciated.  Peace to you and those you love.”  Martha Lee


“Web of Deceit” Mixed Media Mask by Jorjett Strumme



“Mid-Century Molecule” Mixed Media Mask by Jorjett Strumme




“Venetzia” Mixed Media Mask by Jorjett Strumme


Life for Seaside, Oregon native, Jorjett Strumme, has been an adventure echoing those on the big screen of old Hollywood. Jorjett’s lifelong dream of designing and creating glamorous fashion for the legends of Hollywood was a dream that came true. The glamorous, “Golden Age” of Hollywood, is still a source of inspiration for the artist and designer.



“I was so lucky to be in the right place at the right time. People ask me so often, how did you get from Seaside, Oregon to Hollywood, California? I had a lot of guts, a lot of determination and a lot of good luck. It was wonderful!”

Jorjett Strumme with Barbara Stanwyck, whose  nickname among co-workers was “Missy.”

“I got work with all of my favorites: Barbara Stanwyck, Lana Turner, Bette Davis, Ginger Rogers and Ann Miller, just to name a few. I was also featured in a full page photo in the April 1987 “Hollywood” edition of LIFE Magazine.”

What happened next was another dream comes true.


“For ten years, I traveled the world with Elizabeth Taylor, as her personal assistant and stylist. I gathered fabric, trim, beads and feathers along the way.”

In 1992 and 1993, Jorjett was a Contributing Editor to HARPER’S BAZAAR Magazine. After 24 years in Los Angeles and London, England, Jorjett, once again resides in Seaside, Oregon.

In 2009, Jorjett was inducted into the Seaside High School Hall of Fame for both her student and career achievements.

Copyright © 2011-2018 Jorjett Strumme. All Rights Reserved.



End notes:

“My masks are generally purchased as art. However, they are real, wearable masks.”  –Jorjett Strumme

“I am proud owner of 4 beautiful masks designed by Jorjett. They brighten my day.” –M.  Cohn


“Through the Door” by Barbara Rosbe Felisky. Miniature oil on linen.

Barbara Rosbe Felisky
is known for rich impressionist paintings of gardens and landscapes. The afternoon sun warming a wall or a glorious profusion of roses climbing over a gate, miniatures that impart a sense of tranquility and awe in an all-too-often hectic world.

Travel is an important facet of Felisky’s life. Her frequent trips provide inspiration and source material for her images of Provence, Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, Italy’s Lake District, the Pacific Coast, and, of course, many gardens. Felisky’s rich palette and vibrant colors capture the exhilarating hues of the flowers and shrubs, while the paths draw the viewer deep into the quiet tranquility of the vistas viewed through windows and doors.

“Looking Toward” by Barbara Rosbe Felisky. Miniature oil on linen.


Travel is an important facet of  Barbara Felisky’s life. Her frequent trips provide inspiration and source material for her images of Provence, Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, Italy’s Lake District, along the Pacific Coast, and, of course, many  gardens. Felisky’s rich palette and vibrant colors capture the exhilarating hues of the flowers and shrubs, while the paths draw the viewer deep into the quiet tranquility of the vistas viewed through windows and doors.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Felisky now resides in Southern California and the North Coast Oregon, painting daily at her studios. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art and Education from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. In order to further develop her skills, Felisky studied oil painting with a number of artists as well as drawing under Fredrick Odell.



Barbara Felisky, whose biography appears in Who’s Who in American Art, has also been featured in American Artist magazine on a number of occasions. Her work has been shown in a number of major juried exhibitions and featured in many gallery shows.


Annual One-Woman Show, Simic New Renaissance Galleries,      Carmel, CA (15 years)

Annual Exhibitor, Decor Expo Trade Show,       Atlanta GA (15 years)

Exhibitor, Art Expo, New York and Los Angeles      (three years)

Haystack Gallery, Cannon Beach, Oregon


Guggenheim Gallery, Chapman College, Orange, CA

Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club 81st National Exhibit,      National Arts Club, NYC

Miniature Art Society of Washington D.C., National Show

Miniature Art Society of Florida, National Show


First Place: National Miniature Show

First Place: National Western Small Paintings Show

First Place: Allegheny Small Paintings Show


Nordstrom’s Corporate Collection, Seattle

Bank of America, Los Angeles, CA (various locations)

The Park Hotel, Los Vegas, NV

Marriott Hotels, Newport Beach, and Los Angeles, CA

Marriott Hotels, New Orleans, LA

The Breakers Hotel, Long Beach, CA


City of Brea, California, Civic Center

City of Orange, California, Civic Center



Welcoming Barbara Felisky,  previously showing at Haystack Gallery in Cannon Beach, Oregon (closed),  now  showing at Fairweather Gallery.



Grace note! Thank you Paul Brent for the referral.

For more about the gallery, please visit www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com

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