# 1 Image 2017: Beaver Tales  habitat lecture at Fairweather’s by biologist, naturalist, wildlife photographer Neal Maine. 



#2 Image from 2017: Kimberly Kent, artist and art broker  meets her art on display at Fairweather’s.



#3 Image from 2017: Most viewed  Linda Fenton-Mendenhall photo collage from a  Fairweather Art Walk.

Pictured top row/ left to right:  Reneé Hafeman; a round of applause from art patrons; Paul Brent artist talk. 

Middle row/ left to right: table top display;  Britney Drumheller  artist talk;  artist Emily Miller;  emerging artist Whelpsy Whelp. 

Bottom row/ left to right: marine debris artist Karynn Kozij;  Art Walk hostess Joan modeling art;  Fairweather sponsored Pop-Up Gallery and Studio with artist Paul Brent, Gail and Ellen, hostesses; Denise,  Kemy Kay, Joan and Saundra having fun.




#4 image from 2017:  Artist Carolyn Macpherson  offering a Seaside Painting LIVE ™ episode at Fairweather’s.  


#5 image from 2017: Michael Gilbert, wood artist, meets Mike Brown, wood artist at Fairweather’s.




#6 image from 2017:  Master calligrapher Penelope Culbertson offers a Seaside Scribing LIVE(tm) event at Faiweather’s.





#7 image from 2017:  Shirley 88 performs LIVE on the Fairweather grand.


#8 image from 2017:  Flynn, the most handsome American  Kestrel, assists Wildlife Center of the North Coast Executive Director Joshua Saranpaa, during a LIVE Doing Good Works ™ auction at Fairweather’s.



#9 image from 2017:  Artist Michael Muldoon offers a Seaside Painting LIVE  ™ episode at Fairweather’s.


#10 2017 image:  Irish Lands opening reception at Fairweather’s featured a family heirloom brought to America in the 1850’s.



Artists represent the heartbeat of the Fairweather Gallery.  What we strive to put out in the arts community is  the artist’s conversations.  We have been fortunate to experience the sharing and giving of many, many creative minds  for over 11 years.


So, for us,  in 2018, the opportunity to continue to present an arts platform forward  is all about shining a bright light on the reminder that we are all connected… artists, patrons and community.

Reneé Hafeman and her fabulous  jewelry. 

“Smile like I have just given you the checkbook.” –Mike Hafeman

(Side note: Yes, indeed, we were given  permission to share this quote.)




Just in a fabulous Marco Fabroso  exclusive design by Reneé Hafeman :

Fraboso Argento’ has been making Silver Jewelry Since 1985 Where Marco Fraboso’s father, Paolo Fraboso, passed on his passion to his Son for Silver, also serving as his expert guide and mentor. Marco Fraboso officially joined the family firm when he was 20 years old and has since expanded his knowledge handed down to him by his father which has proved crucial as it forms the foundations of Marco’s creative output today.



Signed Marco Fabroso.  Brought to Fairweather’s by vintage jewelry designer  Reneé Hafeman


About Reneé Hafeman jewelry designer:


“Growing up, my grandmother would pull out her jewelry box, take each piece out one-by-one and explain in detail what it was, where it came from and why it was so special to her. This developed my love of antique and vintage jewelry. I started to think of how many treasured pieces are sitting in drawers and jewelry boxes, many handed down, some outdated, some broken and others, just put away because they didn’t match anything you wore. I decided enough of that! Let’s dig out those pieces and give them new life. As I design, I pray over my work that whoever wears this piece, may be blessed in some way. I thank God for blessing me with this creativity and passion.”–Reneé Hafeman


Just in another of Reneé Hafeman  exclusive fabulous findings!


Vintage finding from France” Antique sterling silver filigree perfume bottle. red and green crystals, original Dauber perfume bottle, antique square faceted crystal. Dauber scent remains!  Fabulous find!



But wait here is another of Reneé Hafeman  exclusive fabulous findings! Just in! Louis Vuitton lock and key!





And, too, a personal favorite! A blue Chanel pendant necklace must have!

The most fabulous Reneé Hafeman exclusive findings! Just in!


SEEK opening remarks:


“As a company, we experienced first hand the destruction and loss during the Great Coastal Gale of Dec. 2, 2007.  Yet amid the crisis, friends and neighbors reached out seeking to help.  SEEK, as an exhibition, 10 years later, casts light on the beauty of art and artist stories that inspire. 

Yes, indeed, sometimes the world can feel dark with reports of loss, but it is also filled  with the pursuit of light, love and friendship. ” D. Fairweather  December 2, 2017


And, too, sharing the 10th anniversary articles that appeared in the local media in 2017.

The great coastal gale of 2007 brought neighbors together. For some people it was an adventure. For others it was horrific.. Date: 2017-12-09   Seaside Signal story/ http://www.dailyastorian.com/signal


How Seaside’s leaders faced the storm. Voices from the Great Coastal Gale of 2007.

Date: 2017-12-08 Seaside Signal story/ http://www.dailyastorian.com/signal


Column: Recalling parallels between the Great Coastal Gale and Hurricane Katrina. A tale of two storms

Date: 2017-12-01   Seaside Signal/ http://www.dailyastorian.com/signal




The first Fairweather House  business was located on Park Drive/ Highway 101. Building destroyed on Dec. 2, 2007 during the Great Coastal Gale.

Left to right: Sesame & Lillies, Romancing the Home, Fairweather House, Judith M Interiors, Gearhart Gallery, Northwest Natural Foods, Dr. Theodosia Woods Wellness Center and Coast Business.  The businesses  were destroyed in the building when the roof blew off.

One in five Clatsop County residents reported damage from the Great Coastal Gale. –State Farm Insurance/ 2007

Reprinting a thank you placed in the Daily Astorian. December   07, 2007

Thank you to the entire Gearhart Volunteer Fire Department, George Daggat and staff at Gearhart Fine Furniture, Walter Daggat at Walter Daggat Antiques, to the entire John and Tina Cook family of John Cook Glass Studio, Ned and Geri Malcolm, Cathie and Jack Cates and staff at the Natural Nook Flower Shop, Sheila Coleman, Jim and Terry Morrisey, Monica,  Hunter, Vickie Lawson, Joan and Sue of the Gearhart Angel Network, Cindy and Misty Fitzsimmons, Les Lyson, Marie and Allen Hofmann, Philomenia Lloyd, CC Carrow, Karen Wilson, Heidi Futon, Robert and Dianne Widdop, Bernie and Carol Komm, Louise Whitehead, Cherry Harris and many more neighbors and friends that weathered the storm to assist Fairweather House.–D. Fairweather



And, too, reprinting an article from 2008

The Power of Story

South Coast Coach

As coaches we are always attuned to the power and the meaning of story. Aside from being careful that our own story doesn’t dominate a conversation with one of our clients, we, by are nature pay close attention to the stories that unfold around us.

I recently had one such incident and with her permission I am going to share it. The small town of Gearhart was besieged with a tremendous damaging windstorm in early December of 2007. Denise Fairweather, being fairly new to the community, had not had her gallery open long when the storm hit. It tore her business apart and left her in the hospital with a serious knock on the noggin that she was lucky to survive with. The beautiful things she had marketed in her shop and even large parts of the shop were scattered all over the area.

While she lay recuperating, her new neighbors combed through the wreckage, scoured the area, and retrieved what they could of her inventory. They did what they could to clean up the area enough for Denise’s insurance company and for FEMA to assess the level of damage to her shop, her person, and her life in general. As she recuperated, her new neighbors carefully stored her things in their houses, garages, cars, anywhere they could find. Denise slowly made a recovery from what could have been life long disabling brain damage as the process of insurance and assistance rolled on.

Her insurance company decided her business was a total loss, and FEMA decided that Denise qualified for a small business loan with their assistance. She now had what was left of her former inventory to deal with. All the community brought forth what had survived and they had a large sale in the Seaside Community Center. What was not sold for pennies on the dollar was donated to anyone in the community. The result was that Denise was in her new location with new stock in time for what Seaside refers to as the Spring rush. She had been made whole by that strange blend of the kindness of fellow community members, her insurance company, the skill of her physicians, and her own will to survive. Each year they celebrate her survival and the strength of the community on the with a  sale called the Foulweather event.

Denise had been worried that she was losing her short-term memory as a result of her injury. Her doctor told her that the best thing she could do was to tell the story and gradually the pain and the victory would return to her. Jane and I were honored to hear this story as part of that process and to spend time with this wonderful woman in her amazing business known as Fairweather House & Gallery. It is located in the historic Gilbert district of Seaside Oregon. If you want to re-connect with why so many of us love what we do as coaches, stop by if you are in the area. Denise will remind you with every word she says. She only promotes local artists to the area, and the shop and Denise are an example of goal, focus, and overcoming the adversity that we are sometimes handed.

To read more about the 10th anniversary of the Great Coastal Gale, go to:



Q: How to you handle a severe high wind weather warning today? –Renee

A: “Whenever a wind storm arrives that sounds like a freight train overhead, I gather a cozy sleeping bag, a down comforter, a lot of feather pillows and spend the night sleeping in the Jacuzzi…using it as a personal safe haven.” –Denise

For more about the gallery and its history, please visit http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com




Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway

SEEK, an art exhibition, through December

Opening reception images

“As the hectic holiday season approaches, we seek beauty, in its solitude and silence, as well as seek time with family and friends.”


SEEK, Fairweather’s opening reception December art exhibition featured Duane Bolster, master harp builder and his harp petting zoo. For nearly 50 years, he worked in operating rooms and Intensive Care Units. He witnessed the wonderful healing and soothing effects that harp music had on the children he cared for, and on their parents. He won The Hero award from CCA “For Creating a Magnificent Harp for the Music Program”.


Featured December artist Renee Rowe offered an artist’s talk during the opening reception of SEEK. The artist, an Oregonian, spoke about being inspired by the beauty of nature.  She produces abstract art by following her heart. For the artist, celebrating art and life are inseparable.


An art patron appreciates the artist stories that are posted with the art on display.

  Fairweather’s represents 200 regional artists, showing original works of art through rotating exhibitions throughout the year. 


And, too, Fairweather’s welcomed new historic Gilbert District business owners of The Whet Spot during the opening reception of SEEK at Fairweather’s.


NW artist, Carolyn Macpherson offered a Painting Seaside LIVE ™ demonstration during  the opening reception of SEEK at Fairweather’s.


Vintage jewelry artist, Brigitte Willse, was introduced during the opening reception of SEEK at Fairweather’s.


And, too, Neal Maine, naturalist, biologist and wildlife photographer, lectured about the ecology of the local habitat at the Fairweather Gallery during the opening reception of SEEK.

Forever honored to show Neal Maine’s PacificLight Images in the Gallery in support of NCLC, North Coast Land Conservancy.



Seek, inquire, search for, pursue, long for, wish for, desire, look for, expect from…


Please visit http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com for more info about the gallery and the artists.


Photos by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall, photographer/ artist with Fairweather House and Gallery, as well as the photographer for Seaside First Saturday Art Walk.


Please visit http://www.facebook.com/ Seaside First Saturday Art Walk for more info about the event.

Made by hand. Knitted woolies.

Yes, indeedie, we do  local. Always have, always will.


“Must have this one!” 
Fun fact: To size woolies just right for you, place the hand-made cozy on top of your hair when it is damp.  As your hair dries, the hat sizes itself!



SEEK hostesses: Kemy K., Denise, Kathy, Joan and Saundra

In the background, Shirley 88 performance artist.


Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway

SEEK, an art exhibition, through December 2017

As the hectic holiday season approaches, we seek beauty.

We seek comfort in nature, in its solitude and silence, as well as seek time with family and friends.

SEEK, inquire, search for, pursue, long for, wish for, desire, look for, expect from…


Brigitte Willse, jewelry designer, introduced her beautiful designs during the opening reception of SEEK at Fairweather’s.

“Thank you for the opportunity to include my jewelry in your beautiful shop.” –Brigitte

“I have a passion for making vintage-inspired, romantic, and whimsical hand-crafted jewelry using relics of the past, including watch parts, hardware, rhinestone pieces and historical medallions It is truly inspiring to turn these treasures of the past into heirlooms of the future.” –Brigitte Willse

And, too, a question:

How are the regional artists selected to show in the Gallery?

After nearly 12 years, it has come to be artists referring artists to the Gallery!

Forever humbled and grateful for the recommendations.

For more info please go to http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com


Encaustic angel by Gregory Bell, wood bowls by Daniel Harris,  wood vase by Mike Brown and  jewelry by Renee Hafeman.



“When you Search for Me” oil painting  by Lee Munsell, calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson, basket by Charles Schweigert and burl ornaments by Mike Brown.



“Winter’s Ocean” oil painting, by Ron Nicolaides,  oil pastels by Joanne Donaca and calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson.




Handmade boxes and books  by Christine Trexel, encaustic landscape by Kimberly Kent and bracelets by Mary Boitta.




Grace note received:

“I’m always enthralled when entering Fairweather House and Gallery! A feeling of peace and serenity fill my senses. The beautiful books, vases, natural decor and fabrics complement amazing artworks of every medium. Oils, watercolors, mixed media, wood carvings, photographs and jewelry are displayed in unique exhibit centers that meld peacefully one to another. The gallerist is an artist when it comes to decorating and showcasing beautiful objects and art!” –K. R. 


To read more about the gallery, please visit http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com/ …about/ …artists


Meticulous displays, like none other, with disciplined attention to design perspectives. Find harmony in exquisite materials, combined with the spirit of many artists who know how to apply the mark of being in the Northwest.