Just in! Little gem of wisdom. Original calligraphy by Diane Copenhaver.


But, wait!  See here!  More little gems of wisdom by Diane Copenhaver.


“Observing Botany” table scape by D. Fairweather, gallerist and  allied member A. S. I. D.,  featuring one of Diane Copenhaver’s little gems of wisdom.

2018 Color Trends – Elle Decor
There’s a new minimalist color palette in town, and it doesn’t involve grey.



“Green is an omnipresent hue around the world, the natural hue of grass and foliage. It has been also widely used in architecture, graphics and design and once you start looking for it, you will start seeing it everywhere.”   –D. Fairweather, gallerist/ Allied Member, A.S.I.D. (1986-2018), American Society of Interior Designers  

A green paint palette


Bringing green into your life, in fresh greens or in color, brightens your outlook and sets your mind in a warm, welcoming mood.  More than anything, embracing the color green is about loving nature and growth. ”  –D. Fairweather, gallerist/ OSU  Master  Gardener (2006).




Favorite shades of greens, Kate Brodsky designer/ Elle Decor

  • Benjamin Moore’s Oak Grove: “Everything looks good against it.”
  • Benjamin Moore’s Ponderosa Pine:  “This is the color of everything in my library, on the bookcases and  in the trim. The perfect green to be cocooned in.”
  • Benjamin Moore’s Courtyard Green:  “About as blue as I go.  It is the color of much of the cabinetry in my kitchen.”


Many green colors projected for interior design in 2018! The trend is for more natural hues, with new interesting shades of sage, celery and artichoke greens. Love them!

Greenery is the symbol of new beginnings, a refreshing and revitalizing shade of green with a small dose of grey. This fresh and zesty sage-green shade evokes the first days of spring, talks about nature’s greens revive, and it is a call for people to take a deep breath and reinvigorate.

Tricorn Black


And, too, Sherwin-Williams’s Tricorn Black.  “A green so dark is it almost black.  It is the color of the Fairweather front door, a feature wall inside the gallery and the bookcases.” –D. Fairweather





Fairweather exhibition through March.

Grace quote by Penelope Culbertson, calligraphy artist.

To learn more about the artist, please visit http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com/ …artists/ …Penelope Culbertson.

Do you see bunnies? Look closely. Three on a pedestal. Photo by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.


Another bunny peek-a-boo.  Photo by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.


Origami  bunnies on birch platforms by artist Peggy Evans.







The Seaside First Saturday Art Walk, celebrating its 14th year in 2018, hosts local, regional, and nationally acclaimed artists in various businesses, galleries and locations along Broadway Street and Holloday in the historic Gilbert District.  Artists meet and greet art patrons during artist’s receptions.  Businesses often offer LIVE music, adult beverages and gourmet food.


Please visit http://www.facebook.com/ Seaside First Saturday Art Walk for more info

And, too, fabulous-fresh-as-a-spring-garden displays by Denise Fairweather, gallerist and allied member, A.S.I.D., American Society of Interior Designers.


Accredited as an Allied member with the American Society of Interior Designers, (A.S.I.D.), for more than thirty years, Denise  has invested her expertise as an adjunct college instructor (interior design and perspective drawing) and enjoyed significant success as a senior level Street of Dreams project designer with the Portland Home Builder Association in show after show, year after year.

Denise founded Fairweather House & Garden in 2006. With the formation of this company Denise acquired exclusive earth-friendly, high quality accessories, extraordinary lighting and fashionable home furnishings lines. This multi-dimensional company continues to offer imaginative interior design, with ever-changing new exhibitions each month and every month.

In 2010, the company became Fairweather House and Gallery. Today, the gallery represents more than 200 regional, local and emerging artists.

Although Denise could rest on her laurels she continues to push the boundaries of style, refining, reinventing and making it ever new. She possesses the curiosity, sensitivity, discipline and vision to show emerging design in a discerning shopping environment with great interest, intrigue and passion.

Beautiful things emphasizing tranquility, and timelessness, this is Fairweather.

Please visit http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com/ …about/ …artists/ …blog for more info






Encaustic angel by Gregory Bell, wood bowls by Daniel Harris,  wood vase by Mike Brown and  jewelry by Renee Hafeman.



“When you Search for Me” oil painting  by Lee Munsell, calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson, basket by Charles Schweigert and burl ornaments by Mike Brown.



“Winter’s Ocean” oil painting, by Ron Nicolaides,  oil pastels by Joanne Donaca and calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson.




Handmade boxes and books  by Christine Trexel, encaustic landscape by Kimberly Kent and bracelets by Mary Boitta.




Grace note received:

“I’m always enthralled when entering Fairweather House and Gallery! A feeling of peace and serenity fill my senses. The beautiful books, vases, natural decor and fabrics complement amazing artworks of every medium. Oils, watercolors, mixed media, wood carvings, photographs and jewelry are displayed in unique exhibit centers that meld peacefully one to another. The gallerist is an artist when it comes to decorating and showcasing beautiful objects and art!” –K. R. 


To read more about the gallery, please visit http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com/ …about/ …artists


Meticulous displays, like none other, with disciplined attention to design perspectives. Find harmony in exquisite materials, combined with the spirit of many artists who know how to apply the mark of being in the Northwest.



COLOR IT FALL,  an exhibition,

through September 30th.

Fairweather House and Gallery

Bamboo basket by  Charles Schweigert, pastels by Joanne Donaca, autumn original oil by Savvy Dani,  landscape plein air original by Lisa Wiser, abstracts by Renee Rowe, shell oils by Paul Brent, paper textiles  by Christine Trexel, photography by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.  Design by Denise Fairweather, allied member, A. S. I. D., American Society of Interior Designers.

For more about the artists, please visit http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com



Featured art on display  by Jo Pomeroy-Crockett and calligraphy by Penelope Culbertson.



Artist Lecture 


We see color thanks to the cones in our eyes. (The rods are for night vision.) Humans are trichromats, that is, we see red, green, and blue. . . and mixtures of all these.

Many birds and fish, on the other hand, are tetrochromats and see 4 colors including ultraviolet colors invisible to us. A small percentage of women, some 2% – 3%, are tetrachromats and see at least one additional ultraviolet color.

What is your favorite color?

Ask a few people around the room. Chances are, between 50 – 60% will favor blue.

What can color do? It can . . .
* attract attention. People see color before they see anything else.
* hold attention. People pay attention to black and white for about ½ second or less. They pay attention to color for 2 – 3 seconds.
* Color has power. Consider the colors of STOP, GO and CAUTION.
*Color increases memory.

*Color images are processed before black and white images, so they are remembered better.
*Color informs better than black and white.

Research shows color improves readership by 40%, learning by 55 – 78%, and comprehension by 73%.
*Colors have personality and meaning and personalities vary with one’s culture.
*Color combined with shape sends special messages.
*Color attracts attention to brands better than words. What colors are signs? What is on the background of a sign?
*The color of your clothing tells a lot about you, your profession, and your status.
*Color transmits messages without ever using a word.

Aren’t artists lucky?  We have free use of color which can to do and say so many different things! All we have to do is to learn to make use of the many meanings of color as we create our treasures. —Jo Pomeroy- Crockett, Ph.D, writer and artist.

To read more about the writer, please visit http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com/  …artists/ …Jo Pomeroy-Crockett




COLOR IT FALL, table display featuring art by Jo Pomeroy-Crockett. 

Lava vases by Emily Miller, pelican and buoy original art by Whelpsey Whelp, sea turtle original water-color by Rosemary Klein, hand-made journals and boxes by Christine Trexel, hammered copper and gold earrings by Steven Schankin and Natura shell series of original oil paintings by Paul Brent.


On the grass cloth wall: coral original oil by Paul Brent, coral wood cut series by Gregory Graham, Puffin on the Rock (facing left) original by Nick Brakel, Puffin fine art photograph (facing right) by Donna Geissler, and on the twig wall sculpture, Oregon myrtlewood earrings by Fred Lukens.

On the table scape: Puffin Portrait original pen and ink (facing right) by Britney Drumheller, Sea Star original pen and ink by Britney Drumheller, and  hand hemmed tie dyed silk scarves by Beth Collins.


Eel and pipe fish original pen and ink collage by emerging artist Whelpsey Welp (easel display), The Snorkler by Marga Stanley (on the circle table) rare CoCo Chanel vintage jewelry by Renee Hafeman,  spoons by Mike Morris and Oregon lighthouse watercolor series by Emily Miller.

Sea Within original shell art by Jan Shield, original water colors by Carolyn Macpherson, tclam style  carry all bags by textile artist Linda Ballard  and…ta! da! …grand piano found by a friendly neighbor for the Fairweather Gallery!!!

Displays by Denise Fairweather,  Allied Member, A.S.I.D., American Society of Interior Designers.


For more about  the accredited interior design work at the gallery , please visit http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com/ …about/ Denise Faiweather page

And, too,  questions to the audience at FINDINGS, the opening reception for the August exhibition, at Fairweather House and Gallery.

What is new?

What is bigger than a bread box?

What took one and 1/2 hours to install?

What took 5 men to move?

What has the number 88 to do with this piece?


And, the art patron who answered the question…is it the grand  piano?  The lovely lady in black.  She graciously called for a round of applause, after listening to the piano stories  (past, current and future musical lives).


For more info please go to http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com


Artist Patricia Clark-Finley.

Fairweather House and Gallery features an exhibition titled Works on Paper from artist Patricia Clark-Finley through the month of June. The exhibition consists of works on graphite and sennelier ink on yupo and depicts the subjects for which the artist is well known: sea life and shore life.

“Clark Finley’s work is remarkable for its subtlety, spontaneity, and tonal beauty. All of the artist’s work is infused the work with vitality, freshness, and uncommon luminosity,”
Denise Fairweather, gallery owner.


Patricia Clark-Finley
is a multi-media artist with an interest in narrative and mythology. Clark-Finley studied art and also business at the U.W. and U.C. Berkeley, and holds a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. A native of Washington State, she lived in the San Francisco Bay area for many years, where she developed her art and exhibition history. Her work was infl­uenced by Bay Area Figuration, activities around the Bay Area arts community and the San Francisco Art Institute. Continuing education has included the San Francisco Center for the Book, Carl Jung Institute, and Crown Point Press.

She has been included in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Gallery, numerous national juried and invitational exhibitions, solo and group shows.

Clark-Finley now resides in Whatcom County and has studio space by the beach in Ocean Park, Washington. Many pieces from the Clark-Finley portfolio are found on labels and graphics for Mount Baker Vineyards.


Patricia and randy

Randy Finley and Patricia Clark-Finley at Mount Baker Vineyards and Winery.


“Paper offers a shorter gap between the concept and the execution of an image. Since paper sits in a pile at the artist’s disposal, it is possible to take an image through several versions in the same studio session. In printmaking, it offers duplicate images in a series or edition. It costs less in time and materials than other mediums. Artists historically have created piles of drawings and work on paper for each master work produced. Often the drawings offer more insight into the artistic process than the final work,
” — Patricia Clark-Finley.


work in progress

Artist Patricia Clark-Finley with a work in progress.


Grace note received:

“Denise Fairweather is a gifted interior designer who shows artists’ work in the context of home interiors. Denise gathers artists from the various worlds of jewelry design, objects, including art books, found constructions, hand-crafted furniture, and unique wall treatments as a placement for art and sculpture in a stunning variety of mediums.

Her Fairweather House and Gallery Art Walk presentations include featured artists stationed around the gallery to answer questions and make personal contact. Small bites and wine tastings are a frequent offering. Near the end of the evening, the gallery is usually bursting at the seams as the artists explain their art process and background. With gifts to patrons, sales of artwork leaving the premises, and a lot of smiles all around, the evening comes to a close at around 7:00 p.m.…in the summer season her event is open late until eight.

Randy and I looked forward to the Works of Paper opening reception and saw a lot of patrons there on June 4th. We brought some Mount Baker Vineyards’ wines featuring labels from my portfolio to complement the work Denise featured for the show. “–Patricia Clark-Finely

For more information please visit http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com/artists/Patricia Clark-Finley .


To Patricia Clark-Finley and Randy Finley,

“Once again, thank you for your support!  Thank you for being part of  a special  and beautiful evening.” —Denise Fairweather

Fairweather House and Gallery is located at 612 Broadway, Seaside, Oregon. Since 2006 the gallery has represented more than 100 nationally known artists with ties to the North coast, as well as mentored emerging regional artists.  For more information go to: http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com