Wonderful news! Paul Brent is offering a series of master painting classes and an open studio  in downtown Seaside,  for visitors and residents alike, to be held throughout the 2017 summer season sponsored by the Fairweather Gallery, on selected weekdays! 

To register your interest in the painting classes, please go to fairweatherhouseandgarden@gmail.com or call 503-738-8899.




Paul Brent is an artist whose work has become internationally known to represent the coastal lifestyle. From his watercolors to his oil paintings, he captures nature in its best and most idyllic form. While being best known for his beach subjects, he has painted landscapes that are equally indicative of his talent to recreate all aspects of nature. He especially enjoys painting local scenes and beachscapes that he views near his two home studios in Panama City, Florida and Seaside, Oregon.




Some of my students painting sailboats in watercolor  at Panama City Center for the Arts.


Hours and Events for the Paul Brent Studio in Seaside, Oregon.

Open Studio: you are invited to come in, look at the artwork and watch Paul Brent paint on his latest painting.  Paintings may be purchased through the Fairweather Gallery next door.

***Sign up for Paul Brent painting classes at Fairweathers.  Classes will be kept to a maximum of 12 participants and no prior experience with painting is necessary.  A minimum of 5 participants is necessary for the class to make. All materials will be provided.

Wed.           July 5:  Open studio 11 am to 3pm

Thursday    July 6:  Open studio  11am to 3 pm

Tuesday      July 11:  Open studio  11am t0 3pm


***Wed.  Master Class at $45/person    July 12: Create a Painting in Watercolor Class 10am-12pm

Pre-registration required. Reserved seating available for 5-12 people. Call 503-738-8899 for more details.

Tuesday          July 18: Open studio 11 am to 3pm

***Wed. Master Class at $45/person  July 19: Create a Painting in Watercolor Class 10am-12pm

Pre-registration required. Reserved seating available for 5-12 people. Call 503-738-8899 for more details. 




Paul Brent was born in Oklahoma City and lived in rural Southwest Oklahoma with his family until he was thirteen. His parents, who were educators, moved their family to Long Beach, California, and Paul attended high school and California State College in Long Beach. He majored in art but in his junior year of college, he transferred to the University of California at Berkeley to study architecture. He completed his Bachelors of Architecture and joined the Air Force where he was stationed in Panama City, Florida. There he met his wife, Lana Jane and after they were married, he left the service and they returned to California where he completed his Master’s degree in Architecture at Cal Berkeley. He and Lana Jane have an art gallery in Panama City, Florida, where they live part of the year.


From June to October they live in Seaside, Oregon, where they have had a home and an artist’s studio for the past 10 years. Paul Brent exhibits his work in Seaside at Fairweather Home and Gallery located at 612 Broadway. 

Paul Brent has been profiled in many publications including the Wall Street Journal, Coastal Living, Florida Monthly and many more. He is a signature member of the National and Florida Watercolor Societies and a member of the Society of Illustrators. He had authored a book on watercolor instruction titled Wonderful Watercolors and illustrated the children’s book J. Rooker, Manatee. He has been active in arts and planning organizations both locally and in the state of Florida.

Please visit http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com/  …artists/ …Paul Brent

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To read more  about Paul Brent, go to:


Beach artist Paul Brent does just that, immortalizing the beauty of his home with a likeness only watercolor and oil paint can render.


https://books.google.com/books?isbn=1440318050 Wonderful Watercolors with Paul Brent: Great Designs for your Home



Paul Brent, an artist who exhibits nationally, has been known from the beginning of his career as a watercolorist.




Karen E. Lewis
“The picture of me painting is a little like Lemony Snicket, do you not agree?

Hmmm… who is Lemony Snicket, you ask? Lemony Snicket is the pen name of American novelist Daniel Handler, an author of several children’s books, also serving as the narrator of A Series of Unfortunate Events (his best-known work) and a character within it and All the Wrong Questions.

Painting the Many Moods of Water 

“If oil is my medium, then water is my element.  My attachment to water began when I was a kid, at a lake cabin in the Poconos, where I swam among the water lilies and Sunnies.  I graduated from the rowboat to a canoe and went rock hopping down the Monongahela.  Whitewater kayaking escalated to slalom racing in the Northwest, then nationally, then at pre-world championships in Bala, Wales.  With Northwest Outward Bound, I guided rafters down the Deschutes River.


 Cloud Cycle, 12 x 24, by Karen E. Lewis

When you spend that much time on rivers, you learn to read the water, looking at swirls for clues to what moves beneath. Which way is the river flowing? Which little ripples signify underwater rocks, and which are a disturbance of wind? Contemplating the sky, I notice that it has its own currents, and a radiance that comes from heat, atmosphere, and the intermixture of air masses.

Violet Sky and Waves, 36 x 36, by Karen E. Lewis

Water became a natural subject for me to paint. In addition, hey, I just like being there. For many contented hours, I paint from some special spot with sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors around me. River, lake, ocean, water of any kind is always my favorite. In the studio, these plein-air sketches expand into larger works, creating retreats that transport me to that special place.

Sand Makers, 9 x 12, by Karen E. Lewis

From intimate experience, I use oil paints to describe the natural world as color in motion: skies, waters, and even growing things in their relative stillness. Sweeping brushstrokes express the fluidity of air and water in richly colored shapes. The solidity of rock and earth give grounding to this motion, carved with form-defining marks. Connecting earth and sky are the reaching growths of grasses and trees. I have been out painting the many moods of water. In paintings, I share my journeys with you.


2017 Beaver Tales Art Sale and Exhibition
Honorable Mention, Pacific Northwest Plein Air Competition
2010 Poster Artist, Sunriver Music Festival
Featured Artist, Sunriver Arts Faire
Paint the Parks national competition, Second 100


Low Light and Waves, 12 x 16, by Karen E. Lewis

Save the date and time.

Seaside First Saturday Art Walk on July 1st, 5-7:pm.

Fairweather House and Gallery welcomes Karen E. Lewis.

Opening reception for WAVES, an exhibition, through July.

For more info please visit http://www.facebook.com/ Seaside First Saturday Art Walk


Fairweather House and Gallery had the wonderful opportunity to be a venue for the 2017 Beaver Tales Art Exhibition and Sale in Seaside.  And, now, Karen E. Lewis is the first Beaver Tales artist to show new art in the gallery. Her water work just perfect for the July WAVES exhibition. Now on our 11th year, Fairweather House and Gallery exhibits original work by a select group of NW artists. Welcome, Karen!


For more about the traveling Beaver Tales Art Exhibition and Sale, please visit http://www.the gilbert district wordpress.com/ …Beaver Tales…



Q: How do you find the artists to exhibit in the gallery, you ask?
A: We are very, very fortunate to have peeps that gather like souls to our house.

Finding Karen E. Lewis, the backstory.
When The Beaver Tales Art Sale and Exhibition opened in Seaside, Sara Vickerman, curator for the Beaver Tales venues, wrote about the work Fairweather’s did to support the traveling exhibit.

“Denise Fairweather did an incredible job of securing the pop-up space, furniture and accessories (even beaver sticks) for the display, which resulted in a lovely presentation. Her careful attention to detail and perfectionism are overwhelming. Even before it officially opened, visitors poured in to view the art. The exhibit is divided between the Fairweather Gallery at 612 Broadway and adjacent pop-up space Beaver Tales at 608 Broadway. Seaside First Saturday Art Walk was a great success, attracting quite a crowd of beaver art enthusiasts.” Sara Vickerman

And when The Beaver Tales Exhibition space in Seaside closed at the end of May, Sara Vickerman curator, wrote: “wrapping up the most successful showing to date. We sold 25 pieces of beaver art. The art was distributed between the Fairweather Gallery and adjacent pop-up space. The success of the show is likely attributable to the support of the three conservation organizational sponsors, consistent and effective promotion by Denise Fairweather, extensive local media coverage, and of course, outstanding contributions by the artists.”


Jim Young
Photographic Artist

I began my interest in art in high school in Fort Bragg, California, located on the spectacular Mendocino Coast, where I was fortunate to have as a teacher the renowned California watercolorist of the 1950s and 60s, Richard Yip. In college at Humboldt State in northern California, I majored in biology and minored in art. There I took my first and only class in photography, but the art training overall gave me a sense for composition that migrated into my photography.

Upon completion of a graduate degree, I became a fishery biologist for the National Marine Fisheries Service, then a research scientist for a US Department of Energy national laboratory, specializing in marine biology, groundwater chemistry, and electron microscopy.

Upon retirement in 2004, I moved to the Oregon coast and resumed art as a hobby, first drawing and painting, then with an early digital camera, photography. I displayed my early photos at a local art show, and to my surprise, people bought them. I expanded into other arts-&-craft shows, farmers markets, restaurants, and in 2011 the Wild Rain Gallery near Tillamook. What began as a hobby became a small business.

Why do I take pictures? One, I am still a biologist and volunteer for several non-profits involved in environmental education at schools and for the public. Here I use photography as documentation, illustrating articles I write for a website and publications. Two, and probably more important, I consider myself an artist with photography my medium and Nature my primary subject. There is art in Nature. My aim as a photographic artist is to capture images expressed in nature that would be fleeting and forgotten if not recorded permanently for people to enjoy after the events have passed. With this in mind, I combine my biology background, my love of Nature, and my desire to preserve those ephemeral moments that can be so moving, to spark our emotions and bring joy.

High Dynamic Range ( HDR) photos are three images combined, one correctly exposed, one over exposed, and one underexposed, to bring out detail in light and darkened areas that the eye can normally see but the camera cannot capture in a single image.

Save the date and time. July 1st, 5-7pm. WAVES opening reception.


Image titled:  Woody on Parade by Gearhart/ Seaside naturalist, biologist and scientist Neal Maine of PacificLight Images.

 Gallery proceeds to support NCLC, North Coast Land Conservancy.

Fun fact about the Wood Duck: The Wood Duck is the only North American duck that regularly produces two broods in one year. 

Male Wood Duck  photographed on West Lake  in April 2017.

Q: Where in the world is West Lake, you ask?

A: West Lake  is located is Gearhart, Oregon on Highway 101, just north of Hertig Fire Station near the cross road of Del Moore Loop Road.


For more about the artist, please visit http://www.fairweatherhouseangallery.com/ artists/ … Neal Maine



State of Conscious. Original abstract oil.

Carmela Newstead,  featured artist, June 2017.

For ICONIC, an exhibition.

Definition of iconic:

1: of, relating to, or having the characteristics of an icon

2: widely recognized and well-established •an iconic brand name

3: widely known and acknowledged especially for distinctive excellence •an iconic image  •an iconic vacation

Fairweather House and Gallery


For more information about the artist, please go to http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com/  artists tab/ Carmela Newstead


“Life’s challenges are like climbing mountains

Look ahead, to the sky, to the birds

Don’t fall back into the sea.”

In addition, showing at the Larson Gallery in Yakima, Washington, a gallery dedicated to supporting artists that are teachers and educators from the Yakima College, Carmela selected specific original works of art for her on-going exhibitions Fairweather House & Gallery.

She and her husband, Dr. Bob Newstead, had a summer home in Gearhart, Oregon and has been a frequent guest of honor during the Art Walk events at Fairweather’s.

Carmela’s family moved from Chicago from New York, leaving a huge Italian family from which they have never broken their deep ties. After earning a degree in Education and then teaching, she married and moved to many different states. She had already been studying art at the University of Iowa and continued with private instructors in California while living there. In Yakima, attending the Yakima College, she reaped life-long art benefits from R. K. Smith’s and Robert Fisher’s skilled instruction.

Later, Carmela attended Pratt School of Art in Seattle and numerous workshops including those of Margarette Olson Fletcher and Zolton Szabo.

Over the years she has been a visiting art professor in the Yakima School District and has had private students both children and adults. Carmela has received numerous awards in juried shows. She has been in many solo exhibits and group exhibits throughout Washington, Oregon and California.

About Carmela Newstead’s art in the LARSON GALLERY, Yakima, WA

In its 6oth year, the “Central Show” featured 113 artists, including Carmela Newstead. Juror, Greg Kucera, owner of the well-known Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle, welcomed artists from Benton, Chelan, Douglas, Kittitas, Walla Walla, and Yakima counties to the Larson Gallery. In his juror’s statement, Kucera states, “There was a pleasing level of well-made works that restores my confidence in artists who are getting their hands dirty to make this work.”

In addition, Carmela Newstead has shown work in the Oak Hollow Gallery in Yakima, as well.


Grace note received:



North Coast Beaver by Neal Maine


Necanicum Watershed Council and North Coast Land Conservancy and The Wetlands Conservancy, present Beaver Tales –Neal Maine, scientist and wildlife photographer to present a lecture on Beaver Ecology


Date: May 25
Time: 7 –8 PM
Location: Beaver Tales Exhibition Gallery, 608 Broadway, located in the historic Gilbert District of downtown Seaside
Next to Fairweather Gallery (612 Broadway)

To celebrate beavers and their contribution to the ecology of the North Coast, the nonprofit organizations have teamed up with local businesses to host the Beaver Tales Art Exhibit and Sale in Seaside. The purpose of the exhibit is to highlight the importance of beavers in creating wetlands and other aquatic habitat.

Neal Maine will explain how beavers engineer wetlands on the North Coast, and how people can learn to take advantage of their environmental benefits while protecting property from flooding and other damage. Maine’s vast experience in studying and photographing wildlife enables him to tell fascinating stories about these industrious little rodents that most people never see.

For more info please visit NCLC.org

The Wetlands Conservancy has posted information on the Beaver Tales art project. The link is below. Feel free to share it with your friends and contacts.



Here’s a link to an excellent short video, with great aerial depiction of the changes that beaver dams bring to meadows . . .

And for more inspiration, a video of beaver swimming on U-Tube. .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cwu_Wu5ONI

Image title: Hidden Gold.

Long-Billed Curlew.

On migration.

Location: Del Rey Beach, Oregon State Park.

Framed, matted and signed by Neal Maine/ PacificLight Images

Proceeds in support of NCLC, North Coast Land Conservancy

For more info please visit http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com/ … artists/ Neal Maine

This incredibly long-billed curlew is the largest of our shorebirds. It spends the summer on the grasslands of the arid west, appearing on coastal mudflats only in migration. It often occurs alongside the Marbled Godwit, which is very similar in size and color pattern; but the godwit’s bill curves up, not down.

Forages by walking rather quickly over coastal mudflats, using its long bill to probe just below the surface searching for crabs, ghost shrimps, and other creatures.


Tracking long-billed curlew | The Nature Conservancy

•North American Bird Conservation Initiative. 2016. The State of North America’s Birds 2016. Environment and Climate Change


Q: Where in the world is Del Rey Beach, you ask?


A: The largest ocean in the world, the Pacific Ocean  is a just a steps away walk from Del Rey Oregon State Park, just north of Gearhart on the Pacific Coast Highway 101.  There is a quiet, secluded parking area.  Each of the Oregon State Parks is an individual place where people play, picnic, rest, hike, renew, and everything in between.  They are an everyday reminder of the things that make Oregon great, and their very existence is a testament to what we collectively value.


Park History: The land was acquired in 1970 by gift from Clatsop County. Free annual day-use attendance: 98,318



For more info go to: http://www.traveloregon.com   See & Do …Del Rey Beach State Recreation Site | Travel Oregon