A blank canvas is slightly daunting, so the sooner the process can be initiated the better.  —Diana Nadal


6 x 6 watercolor on board

I have disciplined myself to paint in a series or themes to create a body of work. –DN

6 x 6 watercolor on board

It doesn’t matter which subject to paint, the initial response to a blank canvas has to be strong enough to create a good theme, design, and composition.   –-Diana Nadal, watercolor artist

6 x 6 watercolor on board

This is a painting started at the beginning of a challenge as a background. Everyone needs a little color to brighten loving spirits.DN



From Diana Nadal

And, too, to complement her original watercolors… 

gift cards by Diana Nadal.

27 selected shoe images.

Here. Now. For 2022.

Thanks to JS, friend, for the above image. Here’s to a bright year for 2022. And, for the record, 2021 proved to be the most successful year in business thanks to those that live for the arts, who supported the arts.  Yet, too, 2020, the first year of COVID-19, was the most challenging year for many businesses. –FH&G



4 1/2 x 6 tent style desktop calendar

Available at Fairweather’s

 Fancy Footwork, an art series of pumps by Diana Nadal, are featured in a 2022 calendar. 

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway

Seaside, Oregon


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The infinite nature of making decisions makes it impossible to truly predict the future and what will truly happen.–FH&G

As for 2022 resolutions, well, they seem fitting for many of us.  “See more ocean, eat more desserts, and enter more galleries and museums.”